Even though being a huge Bridezilla might get you on a reality TV show, it probably won’t endear you to your vendors. Many wedding vendors have a strict “dump ‘em” policy if you’re “one of those brides”. In order to avoid potential problems, it’s best not to upset vendors who are providing essential services for your big day. You might find that, once you’re dropped by one, others suddenly become “unavailable”. Here are some things to avoid doing so that you won’t be on your way to getting snubbed by the wedding vendors you need most.

1. Insisting Vendors Change Their Contracts for You

If you’re not happy with some provision of a vendor’s contract, feel free to try to negotiate and get it changed. However, you’re going to be dealing with upset vendors if you are insistent about making changes to their contracts. Ask if they’re willing to compromise on points you find problematic, but don’t lose it if your request is denied. You’ll have to decide whether you can live with the contract as is, or if you need to continue searching for a vendor who can accommodate your needs. Be polite and don’t lose your cool. You might be surprised at how far good manners will get you.


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