Black and white wedding cakes are never go out of style. It is always exquisitely and yet timeless. White and black wedding cakes can be performed in many different ways. Wedding cake with black ribbon or bow and white or red flowers is a classical idea. Add dark lace for vintage look. For modern and semi-formal wedding suitable black, white and gold colors. Enjoy these gorgeous photos and be inspired!

Photo 1-3: Luxurious Wedding Cakes With Gold

Source: Katenielen, Lauraloukaidescakes, Kneadtomake

Photo 4-6: Lovely Black And White Small Cakes

Source: Alice Broadway Cake Design, Kurt Boomer PhotoThe Confetti Cakery

Photo 7-9: Elegant Black And White Wedding Cakes

Source: Blossomtreecakeco, Tortikannuchka, Beatrici Photography

Photo 10-12: Modern Black And White Cakes

Source: Aelizabethcakes, Sweetfix, Jasmineraecakes

Photo 13-15: Charming Wedding Cakes With Flower

Source: Kneadtomake, Heartsweetcakes, Victoriamade

Photo 16-18: Total Black Wedding Cakes

Source: Theconfetticakery, Tortikannuchka, Tortik Annushka

Photo 19-21: Stylish Wedding Cakes

Source: Heart Sweet Cakes , hey there, cupcake!, CJ Williams Photography

Photo 22-24: Cakes With Color Accents

Source: Cake Heart, Betsi Ewing Studio, Alice Broadway Cake Design

Photo 25-27: Delicate White Wedding Cakes

Source: Gooch&Gawler, Jasmineraecakes, hey there, cupcake!

Photo 28-30: Unusual Black And White Wedding Cakes

Source: Erica OBrien Cake Design, Lovin Oven Cakery, heartsweetcakes via Instagram