When you’re planning a wedding, it can feel like suddenly a whole new world opens up to you, and this world can be overwhelming without proper support. There are hundreds of choices to make for the invitations alone, and it can be very easy for brides-to-be to find themselves confused and frustrated by how quickly new questions pop up every day.

It is at this point that a majority of women turn to Google for the answers, desperately searching the internet for ideas and hoping that someone out there has an easy answer. We have the statistics on what brides have Googled the most, and have some answers for your most common questions:

1. What Is The Purpose Of A Garter?

Answer: This remnant of the past is used in modern weddings for symbolic purposes, but the actual meaning of this accessory has been lost to time. Garters were originally designed to hold up stockings and were an essential and functional element of the bride’s outfit.


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