Your wedding reception may be perfect in every respect, but if you make a poor choice for wedding music, a band or DJ can spell disaster if they’re not as great as you think. The music you choose is going to be an essential part of your wedding reception. Hiring someone to take care of the music at the reception can be much more complicated than just auditioning a few bands or looking for a DJ. A really great wedding music band or DJ can be booked up to twelve months in advance, so it’s important to get started making your choices as soon as you’ve got a date set.

1. Setting the Mood

The music at your reception should be something that goes with the overall theme and feel of your wedding. The music is going to be what your guests really remember about your reception and you want those to be good memories that tie in well with the ceremony and you and your partner. The type of music you choose will make or break your reception, so make sure you really researching your options for wedding music; band or DJ?  It can make a huge difference.


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