Planning a wedding can become quite challenging when you and your mate both have great but different ideas regarding how and where to spend the money for the wedding. Regardless of the size of the wedding, creating a budget and sticking to it can be a great challenge but there are many decisions to be made. How much to spend on the venue? Will there be more than one course at the reception? Should guest favors be elaborate or simple? These are all very important questions that must be answered but don’t allow them to cause unnecessary chaos. Follow these tips to create a wedding budget that helps bring your dream day to life and save your bank account from the stress of it all.

1. Determine The Source Of The Money

Is the plan to pay for every expense on your own or will parents and grandparents contribute? Prior to setting a budget, know exactly where the money will come from and exactly how much is available to you. Don’t make plans based on the belief that parents are obligated to contribute and you can’t assume that grandparents have the means to finance the wedding. Speak with any party that you think will contribute to gain commitments and make sure the amount of contribution is disclosed and not simply assumed or understood. It sometimes works best to have the couple and the parents contribute to the cost of the wedding.


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