Weddings look very innocent and wonderful on the surface. Behind the scenes, though, all the trappings of a modern wedding can easily end up creating hundreds of pounds of trash and dozens of tons of carbon dioxide, the gas that is causing the planet’s atmosphere to become warmer. With somewhere between two and three million weddings taking place in any given year, that’s a lot of extra stuff dumped into the environment. Here are some eco-friendly wedding trends that will help you avoid being part of the wedding waste problem.

1. Sack The Balloons

It’s true that balloons make beautiful, cheap and easy wedding decorations; they’re actually really horrible for the environment. When they pop, they can leave small pieces of rubber that are exceptionally harmful for whatever may mistake them as food. If pieces escape and end up in the water system, eventually, they’ll be ingested by fish and birds, and may even contribute to the ever-growing ocean garbage patches.

Instead – Rent vintage umbrellas to hang around your venue. They’re bright and colorful, and rented items won’t be chucked in the trash after your wedding.


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