You’ve found the perfect dress, the perfect place and the perfect guy, but have you found the perfect bridal accessories yet?  Your bridal accessories will put the finishing touches on your wedding day look, so it’s important they be just right. You don’t want accessories which are too ostentatious and showy; they might overpower your gorgeous dress. You don’t want them too understated, either, or they won’t draw any notice at all. Striking the right balance is the most important aspect of choosing your bridal accessories; here’s how to do it.

1. First Things First

The first step you should take in picking out bridal accessories is picking out the dress they’re going to be paired with. When you find your perfect dress, you’ll know. Your bridal accessories should be chosen afterward because you want to accent the dress with the accessories, and not the other way around.  Once you’ve found your dress, take a picture of yourself in it so that you can match your accessories more easily.


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