On the shallowest level, it may seem that all men are interested in is bra size and a nice butt.  Fortunately, that’s not really all they’re interested in, even if it seems that way at first glance. Yes, physical appearance is important to men; physical attraction is, after all, what provides the initial impulse to get to know someone. However, when it comes to looking for the one they want to marry, men have just as many considerations as do women about what they want in their mate.  About 90% of it has absolutely nothing to do with appearance. What most men like in women is very similar to what women like in men; here are some of the top things most men want in the women they’re going to marry.

1. Attentive & Sympathetic

When a guy vents about things that have gone wrong, it’s usually not so that you can help them fix it. They just want to get it off their chest; and they want the woman they love to actually listen to them. When you’re really listening, it shows.  What men like in women is an attentive listener who isn’t going to try to fix everything, but instead is going to be there to listen and support him at the end of the day. Give him real attention; and offer sympathy, not suggestions.


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