Every decision you make about your wedding comes only after you’ve winnowed down hundreds of options into a single choice. The same is true of choosing a wedding caterer. There are literally hundreds of different styles and types of catering businesses to choose from for your wedding. Making a careful choice for your wedding caterer will help your wedding go more smoothly, making your whole theme more cohesive from the beginning of the ceremony through the end of the reception.

1. Decide On Your Style

Your style, both individually and as a couple, should determine the overall feel and ambiance of your wedding. Whether you go with a fully catered and served meal, a buffet of finger foods or some other option, your chosen caterer should be able to give you a good idea of what to expect during your reception. If you’re not very traditional or interested in a black-tie ambiance, it’s important that your caterer knows that. The single most important consideration for choosing a caterer is the quality of their food and service, but having a caterer who matches your overall style is nearly as important.


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