You have finally managed to drag your fiancé to the department store and slog through all the requirements of starting your registry. You grab your fiancé by the hand and head off into the depths of the store to start scanning things with your nifty registry scanner.  Just as you head down the aisle of small appliances, you are suddenly struck with the thought that you have no idea what you’re doing!  You’re not sure exactly what you should be adding to your list. Can you ask for your heart’s desire, or do you need to stick to more traditional requests? Here are some wedding registry myths you can just ignore altogether.

1. The Formal China Myth

You don’t have to register for a formal set of china unless you just have your heart set on having a beautiful formal set for special occasions. For lots of families these days, a formal set of china is not necessary because not everyone has a need for such an extravagance. If your style is more casual and laid back, an everyday set of china (or any nice set of dishes) will suffice. Wedding registry myths like this one end up with couples having a very nice set of something they don’t need and really didn’t want.


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