Bridal Accessories Guide: Veil, Tiara Or Diadem


Looking perfect on your big day is something of which every bride dreams. The good news is, you could wear a flour sack dress and your future husband would still think you were the most gorgeous and amazing bride ever! However, a flour sack dress might not be your idea of high wedding fashion. In that case, you’re going to have to choose your bridal accessories carefully to bring out the true beauty of your wedding gown.

1. First Things First

The first thing you need to do in choosing which bridal accessories you want is…pick out your dress!  Don’t even think of trying to decide which accessories you need without first knowing the dress with which you’ll be pairing them. One of the worst mistakes you can make with your wedding clothes is picking your bridal accessories before you’ve finalized your choice of dress.

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2. Choosing a Veil Length

When choosing a veil, you need to know which length will look best with your dress. Veils are available in various lengths; these are cathedral length, shoulder length, elbow length and fingertip length. Some bridal veils have a “front veil” as well; it is shoulder-length, no matter which length of veil you choose.

  • Cathedral-length veils pair well with long-trained dresses and are more regal than some of the shorter veil lengths
  • Shoulder-length veils can be paired with nearly any style of wedding dress.
  • Elbow-length veils work well with dresses that have their ornamentation starting at the waist, as well as dresses with no train and where the skirts are not overly luscious. Nearly any dress can be paired with an elbow-length veil.
  • Fingertip-length veils fall to the tips of the bride’s fingers and can be paired with any wedding dress except those which are fairly short.
  • The front veil is an included part of many veils and is considered very romantic. If you’re pining for a traditional wedding, you’ll probably want to opt for a veil with a front veil, regardless of the veil length.


3. Choosing A Tiara Or Diadem

Deciding to go with a diadem or a tiara is entirely your choice. It’s important that it complement both your dress and your veil. For weddings which are more formal, more highly decorated bridal accessories should be worn. If the wedding is less formal and more casual, your bridal accessories should be correspondingly less highly decorated.

The biggest factor in choosing a diadem over a tiara or vice versa will be your needs. Choosing one or the other is nearly solely predicated on how you’re going to wear your veil and hair, which one you like best and how well it complements your other bridal accessories. Keep in mind that anything you choose will have to be attached by means of clips and bobby pins.


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