Choosing Between A House & A Wedding


Wanting to keep your wedding in the realm of affordability doesn’t mean that you don’t want a nice wedding or that you’re cynical in any way. It just means you have priorities beyond the beginning of the marriage. It means you’re thinking ahead to actually living your life after the wedding. Wanting an affordable wedding is nothing to be ashamed of; your life together goes far beyond your wedding day.

1. A Smaller Wedding Means Less Stress

One of the greatest things about having an affordable wedding is that a lot of the extraneous things are taken out of the equation. You won’t be freaking out over whether or not the favor bags are just right or if the thirty million tiny details all mesh together just so. An affordable wedding is a simpler wedding, one that is focused on your vows and the beginning of your life together, rather than a bunch of things no one will remember the next day anyway.


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