common wedding planning myths

Common Wedding Planning Myths


Weddings are an outstanding symbol of the love and devotion two people can share. They play an important role in families and communities and come with a lot of expectations that may not be entirely realistic. Your big day can be more of a headache than a celebration if you’re not careful, so here are a few tips on how to avoid falling into the trap of wedding planning myths.

1. It’s All About The Bride

Okay, yes, you’re the bride and a lot of the attention is going to be focused on you.  However, there are lots of people who see your wedding as a celebration for them, as well. This includes friends and family members who have supported your relationship and helped you two get to where you are now. It’s not just about you and your dress, no matter how wonderful it is. Wedding planning myths like this one can result in brides behaving very badly (think Bridezilla!), and that’s not helpful for anyone.  Understand that you’ll probably have to compromise a time or two, and try to handle it with grace.

2. Everything’s Exactly Right (and so Easy)

If you’re thinking that planning your wedding is going to be simple and easy, you might be in for a very rude awakening when it comes time to start getting things done.  It’s never as simple as the beautiful proposal that makes you cry with happiness, the perfect dress falling into your lap and your dream venue being open exactly when you want it. Wedding planning myths often center around how easy and effortless planning a wedding should be, when it’s really anything but!

3. Wedding Planning Makes Bonding Fast And Easy

No, no and no. Wedding planning isn’t going to make you become instant best friends with your aloof soon-to-be sister-in-law. Wedding planning myths like this can make brides feel as though there’s something wrong because personal issues naturally intrude on good feelings and happy wedding vibes. There may be resentment and unhappiness among different members of your wedding party, or you may find that some people just aren’t at their best when they’re jealous that you’re getting married first. Try not to pay attention to bad attitudes, and do your best to nip personal issues in the bud so that your wedding day isn’t marred by part of the family starting a food fight at the reception.

4. It’s Got To Be Perfect

The little details of your wedding are important, but not so important that they should derail your wedding planning. Not everything has to be personalized just for your big day; there’s no shame in choosing items with less personalization. Focus on the details that really matter to you and don’t get bogged down thinking everything has to be exactly perfect. News flash: it won’t be exactly perfect, no matter how much you stress about it!