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30 Chic And Elegant Wedding Decor Ideas


Elegant decor is usually preferred by adherents of wedding ceremonies in the classical style. But over the past few years, we can see a tendency for more personalized celebrations. The definition of elegant is “pleasingly graceful and stylish in appearance or manner”, so if you want a truly elegant look for your wedding day, emphasize celebrations the personality and style of a bride and a groom. Take a look at these soft, romantic, and elegant wedding decor ideas and make sure!


Photo 1-3: Elegant Aisle Decor With Floral Petals

Source: Jamie Delaine Photography, Samuel Lippke Studios, Photography by Charise


Photo 4-6: Classic Wedding Arches That Full Of Elegance

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Photo 7-9: Elegant Garden Reception Ideas Under Airy Tent

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Photo 10-12: Indoor Receptions With Fabric Draping Decor

Source: Brooke Borough Photography, Figtree Wedding PhotographyMi Belle Photography


Photo 13-15: Charming And Elegant Floral Centerpieces

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Photo 16-18: Chic Centerpiece Ideas With Candles

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Photo 19-21: Lovely Escort Card Displays Ideas

Source: Catherine Gratwicke Photographer, aidenandgrace via InstagramKonstantin Semenikhin

Photo 22-24: Gorgeous Blooming Ideas For The Elegant Wedding Decor

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Photo 25-27: Elegant Ways To Use Greenery In Wedding Decor

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Photo 28-30: Timeless Wedding Decor Ideas With Candles

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