Essentials All Bridesmaids Should Know


As the wedding day approaches, you’re probably learning that there was a lot of small print in the offer to be a bridesmaid. To make it easier (and less of a surprise!), here are a few essential truths all bridesmaids should know.


By the time the big day arrives, you are almost guaranteed to be absolutely sick to death of talking about the wedding! If you’ve already had your own wedding, you’ll probably maintain that you were never so obsessed with the details of your own wedding. If you’re still single, you’ll likely be vowing that you’ll never, ever, in a million years, ask your own bridesmaids to endure the indignities that have been visited upon you during the run-up to your friend’s wedding day.


2. Absolutely Awful Dresses</

If your bride has chosen a particularly hideous taffeta creation in some outlandish shade (tangerine, anyone?), you might bemoan your decision to become a bridesmaid. All bridesmaids should know that, even with very broad hints that you’d like to have a hand in picking your dress, it is ultimately the bride’s decision as to what you’ll wear as part of the wedding party. If she chooses something absolutely atrocious, grin and bear it as best you can.


From subtle differences in cake flavors to the font on the invitations, all bridesmaids should know the bride is likely to be seeking input for her friends as she plans her big day. At the end of the day, it’s nice to be consulted; but it’s not always the greatest fun to debate about every detail.


4. Considering Unethical Behavior To Avoid Planning Meetings

Once the fun wears off on the planning sessions, meetings about the wedding can seem like a great excuse to fake a headache to get out of it. However, because you’re a wonderful friend and you legitimately fear the bride’s reaction should she become aware of your ruse, you certainly wouldn’t do that…right? Right.


5. Sensible Shoes (and Tissues) Are Indispensable

Wearing sensible shoes on the day of the wedding is essential. Choose something in a flat that is similar to the shoe you’ll wear for the ceremony, but that won’t make you scream bloody murder after you’ve been standing around for a few hours. Also, you need tissues. There is no doubt whatsoever that, at some point during the day, tissues will come in handy; carry some with you for this eventuality.

6. Relief When All Is Said & Done

When the wedding day is over, you’ll feel a sense of relief. You’ve survived the tangerine taffeta and avoided the groping hands of a few pervy uncles; you’ve made it! All bridesmaids should know that, at the end of the wedding festivities, a glass of wine and a relaxing bath are both well-deserved.