8 Wedding Planning Fights Engaged Couples Have


It is common to experience fighting during wedding planning because there is a lot of stress associated with planning a big event like a wedding. Many couples have spats now and then while they are in the process of planning their wedding. You may think that the fact that you and your fiancé are fighting all the time may be a sign you should not get married. This simply is not the case. It is completely normal to fight during the planning of a wedding.


Chock up your constant fighting to the stress that is involved in planning a wedding. You should be sure to address any miscommunication between you and your soon to be spouse. You want to start your marriage off on the right foot. The best way to do that is to communicate.

Top Things Couples Fight about while Planning a Wedding

Fighting before a wedding is a natural thing to go through. There are a lot of things to keep track off and it is easy to lose your cool with your spouse.

Do not let the stress get the best of you. Take some time to decompress and destress before trying to work things out with your mate. When you are fighting with fiancé before wedding, you are putting a lot of negative energy into your soon to be marriage.

The following are the top reasons couples fight when they are about to get married.

  1. Lack of Communication – Lack of communication is a reason that all couples fight, not just the ones that are getting married. You need to express yourself to your other half and give them a chance to understand how you are feeling. You also need to give your spouse the opportunity to express how they feel.
  2. Family Issues – Nothing can cause a fight faster than your in laws. Family matters can cause a lot of stress in a relationship. If you find yourself wondering why do couples fight, the answer more often than not is because of their family.
  3. Wedding Details – People tend to assume that men don’t care about wedding details, but that is not always the case. Your wedding is a big day in the life of your husband to be. Make sure his opinions are heard to prevent arguing.
  4. Lack of Compromise – Relationships are all about compromise. The same can be said about wedding planning. You can’t have everything exactly the way you want it. The world doesn’t revolve around you even if your wedding is approaching. Learn to compromise and you will experience fewer arguments.
  5. Financial Issues – Couples tend to fight about money right before their wedding. The best way to address this issue is for both parties to compromise about what they want for their wedding. You may wonder is it normal for couple to fight. The answer to your query is yes. It is completely normal for couples to argue. Avoid fight with fiancé by meeting him in the middle when it comes to a wedding budget.
  6. The Future – Many couples argue about what their future is going to be like after their wedding. One party in the relationship may want to travel while the other wants to settle down and have kids. Again, compromise comes into play. Make a list of what you are willing to sacrifice and what you must have to be happy. You and your partner can compare lists and find common ground to build your lives together.
  7. Not Enough Attention – During the wedding planning process, many relationships suffer because the people in them are not giving the other person enough attention. Be sure to take a few minutes out of your wedding planning routine to sit and talk to your mate. Listen to what they have to say.
  8. The Past – If you are fighting with fiancé before wedding about the past, the best advice to follow is to let it go. The past is gone and will never be again. There is no reason to dwell on it. Some partners tend to be jealous of ex lovers. You and your partner are together and the only thing that truly matters is your up and coming future together.


Couples Fights: Putting a Stop to Fighting during Wedding Planning

When trying to avoid fights with fiancé, try to remember to be compassionate. Getting married is a big step and it is natural to feel jittery or on edge.

Making wedding plans is stressful. Don’t be too hard on each other. Remember to compromise and listen to one another. Share your feelings and address major issues. When you are arguing with partner, take a few minutes apart to think about whether or not how you feel is rational. Once you both cool down, you can come back and continue the conversation you were having.


Deal With Your Issues Before You Get Married

Fighting during wedding planning is probably something you are going to have to deal with if you want to get married. Be sure to avoid arguing about silly things. Focus on what is important. The details of your wedding aren’t going to really matter in the end. Your day will be magical no matter what because you will be marrying your best friend. You must deal with your issues before you get married or you could be facing a rocky future. If you really feel like you and your fiancé are fighting too much, consider visiting a counselor before your big day to talk things out.

All in all, it is important to remember that it is natural to fight while you are planning your wedding. You and your partner are going to be under a great deal of stress and it is natural to lash out at one another at times. The important thing to remember is that you love one another and once your wedding is over, the stress will melt away. Then, you can start enjoying your life together as a married couple.