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18 Stylish Groom Attire For Bohemian Wedding


If you are planning a themed wedding, you must pay attention to your groom attire! His suit should represent the style and features of your celebration. Nowdays bohemian weddings are one of the most trendy wedding style. There are many variants of what kind of attire can be. It can be blue suits, casual, with vest or suspenders, with boutonnieres or bow ties. To start with, look at the list that we have prepared for you. Here you find of the most charming and stylish boho groom attires.


Photo 1-3: Boho Groom Attire With Suspenders

Source: Chris and Ruth Photography, Zatrzymaj CzasNathan Lapham


Photo 4-6: Bow Ties Ideas For Groom And Groomsmen

Source: Jordan Voth PhotographyTali PhotographyNicole Ashley


Photo 7-9: Vest Groom Suits To Be Handsome

Source: Jane Iskra PhotographyLa Donna HochzeitsatelierAneta Lehotska Photography


Photo 10-12: Bohemian Blue Suits For Grooms

Source: Mindy Coe Photography, Haywood and Honey PhotographyJULIA UND GIL


Photo 13-15: Casual Groom Attire For Boho Wedding

Source: Elizabeth Large Photography, Maggie SotteroShane Shepherd

Photo 16-18: Boho Groom Attire With Boutonnieres

Source: Jamie B. PhotographyShauna & Jordon PhotographyCarola Michaela Fotografie

Main photo: Nhiya Kaye Photography