Hottest 2018 Wedding Trends


2014 was a big year for fun wedding trends and 2018 promises to continue some great 2017 trends and create a few new trends all its own. From wearing several different wedding day ensembles to adult versions of hot chocolate bars, the biggest 2018 wedding trends are sure to give you plenty of opportunities to add fun and frivolity to your festivities. Here are some of the hottest wedding trends for the upcoming year.

1. Multiple Wedding Day Ensembles

This trend began with a celebrity boost in 2017 and promises to remain one of the biggest and most popular 2018 wedding trends. From Solange Knowles to Amal Alamuddin, multiple wedding day ensembles gave celebrity brides a chance to show off all their fashion sense. Fashion-conscious brides will be sporting several wedding day outfits in 2018.


2. Outstanding Wedding Day Imagery

As cameras become easier to manipulate remotely, wedding videos will feature footage from drones and GoPro cameras in addition to traditional handheld and tripod footage. A viral video from 2017 featured a bottle’s eye view of wedding festivities and 2018 wedding trends promise even more imaginative ways to capture your big day. Your wedding video can be much more than just static frames of the ceremony; explore options with your photographer.


3. Classic Wedding Day Touches

Classic, traditional wedding touches are making a huge comeback. While 2017 saw a trend of naked cakes, 2015 promises to be the year of subtlety in texture and wholesome white innocence; traditional wedding cake designs that are minimalistic in their own way, providing understated elegance. Natural foliage and delicate blossoms will be one of the hottest 2018 wedding trends, giving white, subtly textured cakes a gorgeous dollop of color.

Grand floral displays will once again reign for brides taking their walk down the aisle in 2018. Luxurious bouquets made of romantic blossoms have been carried recently by celebrity brides and the trend seems set to be one of 2018’s biggest.

More traditional wedding touches will be one of the overarching wedding trends of 2018, so you can be sure you’ll be seeing veils, runners in the aisles, and classic ceremonies featuring unity and other traditional themes.


4. Monogrammed Wedding Day Treats

2017 saw a rise in the popularity of tiny wedding macaroons; 2018 promises to be the year of personally-designed and monogrammed macaroons. Prepare for your guests wanting to take some home to show off; if you’re going to have outstanding, gorgeous macaroons, make sure you order enough.


5. Hot Wedding Day Drinks

Hot chocolate is a favorite of nearly everyone; add a little adult spice to the mix and watch your guests go nuts over your warm beverage offerings. Make sure you include favorite alcoholic flavorings like peppermint and coffee and offer your guests an adult version of time-honored comfort food that makes a huge splash at winter weddings.