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9 Real Stories Of Wedding Day Disasters


Planning a wedding is definitely no easy feat, and more than one bride has been paralyzed by the fact that not just one, but many things can go wrong during their wedding. No one wants a wedding day disaster, however there are numerous events we have no control over and so sometimes these disasters occur. What matters when they do is how we react and move forward when these disasters happen.


A few people have been able to recover from their weddings gone wrong, while some have not. Here we have detailed a list of real life wedding day disasters. While they might seem like horror stories, perhaps we can learn from them and consider what to avoid at our next event?
From wedding cakes disasters to cancelling a wedding at the last minute, there is just so much that can go wrong at an event like this one.

Freezing Guests and Bride with a Fever

An early October wedding in the Berks, Camp Becket specifically, which is usually a dream this time of year and the weather had been just so, gorgeous. There had been a whole weekend of oudoor activities and people planned to camp in the cabins. However, alas; temperatures suddenly dropped during the weekend of the wedding.

The main event buildings had no heating or insulation, and so guests had to cover up in their coats, hats and fleece blankets throughout the ceremony. Even though a generator was hired last minute, it conked out, and everyone had to warm up by the fireplace in the center of the room. To make things worse, lots of people had no cell service, including the wedding planner who showed up late, and the bride caught a fever the morning of the ceremony.


Groomsman in a Coma

This couple met online and apparently it was a whirlwind romance because they got engaged pretty quickly. The entire wedding was planned under six weeks and it was going to be a perfect, full and formal ballroom event. No alcohol was served at the rehearsal dinner so everyone could be in tip top shape the next day, but one of the groomsmen though otherwise. He took the guys out for drinks after dinner, and the unimaginable happened.

The groomsman had been out all night and ended up driving intoxicated, right into a boulder in someone’s driveway, after driving past a stop sign. His car flipped, and he ended up in a medically induced coma at the hospital for three months. The wedding still held as planned, but of course this unfortunate occurrence hung over the entire event.


Passed out Mother in Law

While this may not be one of the worst wedding stories, it was definitely a disaster in the making.
The mother of the bride, who was known to have a drinking problem, passed out when she was walking the bride down the aisle and an ambulance had to be called over. The bride who had been focused squarely on reaching her groom, didn’t notice her keel over quick enough to catch her before she reached the ground. It was truly a disastrous entrance.

They had to have a do over of the entire ceremony while she was with the EMTs and they had been assured she would be okay.


Hair Trial Disaster

Nobody wants any wedding accidents, and this is why most brides have hair trials long before their big day. Well, it would seem that this bride to be, dodged a bullet with this one.

She booked a hair trial with her usual hairstylist, only to discover she was no longer employed with the salon where she made the booking. The sent a different employee who ended up creating a disaster of a hairstyle. Or, in the words of the bride, “… It literally looked like there was a beehive on my head and in no way resembled my pictures. I sat in the chair and cried,”

With only a few weeks left before the wedding, she had to find a new salon. Luckily, this time she was left with much better results. And so, thankfully, this disaster was averted, and in time too.


Destination Wedding Venue Sold

You might not expect to hear this on a list of crazy wedding stories, but it did happen, and this couple did not see it coming. People hardly ever do with wedding disasters.

This couple had planned their dream destination wedding for over a year, only to suddenly learn that their resort, the wedding venue, had been sold. They were then offered a different but comparable resort to use, but they had changed their minds. In under three months, they reorganized their plans, and instead held their wedding in New York, where they lived. Talk about a complete change of plans.

Wedding Gown Scam

This bride had a style for her dream wedding dress, and found a designer that she liked to make it. She went to their only store in her area, found the style she was searching for and custom ordered her dress in ivory. It was explained to her that the dress would take a year to arrive as it was to be made by hand.

Over a year later, she went for her fitting three weeks before the wedding, only to discover the store owner was trying to pass off the sample dress as the new dress. The bride caught her in the act and realized that she had done this to other brides as well. It is unbelievable sometimes, the things people will do for money and to stay in business.
In the end she contacted the designer directly, who was more than willing to help, and ensured that the dream dress was made in just the nick of time.


Unaccommodating Venue and Planner

This experience here would be enough for any bride to declare. “I hated my wedding day”. Wedding planning should be fun and exciting, but for this couple it was difficult every step of the way.

This couple had their wedding planner switched on them after she left three months after they fixed the date for their wedding. Throughout the next stages of planning, it was difficult to get a hold of the new planner.

On the day of the wedding, the rooms at the hotel were unavailable and the bride and her bridal party had to use the lobby for hair and makeup. The reception space had been organized wrongly, and the food was served completely raw. They learned later that the planner they had been dealing with had quit. It is difficult to imagine how this disaster was managed.

Rented Dress Ruined Before Wedding

This bride found the perfect dress to rent for her wedding at a fraction of its retail price. This was a good deal since she was going to wear the dress only once anyway. When she went for a final fitting a week before her wedding however, she was appalled to find that a dr cleaner had ruined the silk and beading of the dress. The manager of the establishment wasn’t helpful either, and was instead rude about the incident.

The bride was saved by the saleswoman and the seamstress, who found a much similar dress and altered it to match the first dress she had picked out. She still got the dress that she wanted, and in the nick of time too.


Bitching About the Bride and Everyone Heard

This awful mistake was made by a guest who was asked to sing as the bride made her entrance into the church. He had been given a walkie talkie so he could be signalled for when she arrived, since he would be out of sight. However, while waiting, he started belting out a lot of very not nice things he had heard about the bride.

Thing is the walkie talkie had been mistakenly channelled to the priest’s microphone and he’d had no clue. He practically bitched about the bride to everyone in the room just before her grand entrance. The vicar had to physically walk over and shush him as everyone had heard all that he’d said. Suffice it to say, he tried his best to remain invisible for the rest of the ceremony.

It is almost impossible to stop disasters from happening when they do, although sometimes when we look back, we realize that perhaps we could have done a few things differently. While we can take precaution, undo any previous hexes and cross our fingers, wedding day disasters still occur. Unforeseen circumstances are just that, unforeseen and unexpected. However, we hope our list of real life wedding disasters stories could be helpful in showing people things they can avoid for a more successful day. And so we wish you a great day void of any wedding horror stories. Everyone deserves to have the time of their lives on their special day.