Modern Wedding Etiquette Rules


Change is evident as time passes and the same is true in the dos and don’ts of wedding etiquette. There are some people who attend weddings often, while others may attend only occasionally and it can be difficult to keep up with what’s frowned upon and what isn’t these days.


Don’t worry.

We’ve got you covered and help you attend your next wedding with grace and poise.

Follow these suggestions to keep your wedding etiquette savvy.

1. The Social No-No

The engagement is almost as exciting as the wedding and many couples are eager to let the world know that he popped the question and she said YES! This is very common but remember to consider those closest to you when sharing the news. Avoid uploading those engagement pics to social media networks until the closest family is called or seen and told the good news. It’s an exciting time of course but take a deep breath and enjoy the moment before updating that relationship status.


2. Value The Small Circle

There is no need to send invites out to everyone you know when completing the guest list. Many couples are choosing to keep their ceremonies personal by limiting their guest list. This helps in many areas of the planning process and makes the ceremony much more intimate and easily enjoyed by all who attend. Don’t allow the feelings of others to affect your plans because you’re afraid of how they react. Nearest and dearest friends and family will be invited and others should understand your desires.


3. Nix The Seating Charts

Although seating charts are popular and somewhat a sense of formality for most weddings, it’s not mandatory that they exist. Many new age couples prefer the open seating arrangement. This goes especially well for small ceremonies with only a few guests. It also presents the perfect opportunity for guests to mingle and become acquainted with each other.


4. Rules Of Registration

Wedding registries are great to have but there are no rules on what goes on the registry list. This is especially the case with couples who have opted to live together prior to the wedding. Many of them already have items for the home and there is no need to add them to the registry. Towels, dishes, glassware and other household items may not be anything they need. Today’s couples benefit fore from gift cards and cash to help pay for things they may need.


5. Payment Etiquette

Remember the old adage that the bride family foots the wedding bill? Well, you can forget that one for the modern wedding plans. It is perfectly fine for the bride’s family to take on this obligation but not necessary. Many couples are choosing to allow the family to pay for a portion or none of the wedding, as well as the groom’s family. Many modern couples wish to pay for their own wedding and simply look to their families for emotional and moral support.

6. The Color Craze

The bride will be absolutely radiant and is sure to be the highlight of the affair. Guests should be welcomed to wear white, as long as it’s not bridal in any form. Black is also acceptable in a trendy and chic style of fashion.


7. Attendant Selection

There is no reason to assume that the bride’s attendants have to be female, as the groom’s must be male. This is very old age and doesn’t have to be enforced in the modern age weddings. Brothers of the bride or male best friends can absolutely serve as an attendant for the bride. Grooms are choosing to have their sisters or female friends stand with them during the ceremony. Select attendants based on closeness in the relationship not on gender.

8. Peep The Bride Before “I Do”

Many couples elect to have photos taken prior to the end of the ceremony. There is no need to be concerned with bad luck if the groom sees the bride before she walks down the aisle. The first look at the bride will still be the first glance and just as beautiful as seeing her walk down the aisle.


9. Rules Of Gifting

There was once a thought that giving guests one year to send a gift was acceptable. This too has changed. Three months following the wedding is the longest guests should wait before sending gifts to the newlyweds.