6 Most Common Wedding Emergencies

Be Prepared To Deal With 6 Most Common Wedding Emergencies


Take a deep breath and bask in the moment of waking up to the joy of becoming a new bride. Don’t sweat the small stuff and let us help you remain calm with these tips on handling those wedding emergencies that almost always occur.


Emergency #1

One or both of your flower girls are afraid to walk down the aisle.

What to do: This normally occurs with little girls between the ages of 3 and 5, and can often be easily addressed. Usually a nap or a break from the crowd and excitement will ease their nerves. Ask the mother to soothe her with a little one on one time or a quiet chat in another room. If this doesn’t help, enlist a bridesmaid or groomsman that she’s comfortable with to escort her down the aisle. If this doesn’t help, omit the flowers, there’s plenty of them in the décor anyway and the wedding will still be beautiful as ever.


Emergency #2

A drunk uncle is saying all the wrong things during his speech

What to do: You can easily prepare ahead of time for occurrences of this nature by determining which family members may overindulge in spirits and then decide to toast your union. Next, do your best to keep the mic out of their hands. Consider asking the MC to introduce those people you’ve designated to speak and bring the DJ in on the list of anticipated speakers as well. If things don’t go as planned, it’s a good idea for the DJ to cue the music, while the MC politely retrieves the mic. (Hint: As a bridesmaid or groomsman, it’s appropriate to ask the DJ to bring up the music during a speech that isn’t going exactly as it should).


Emergency #3

The Flowers are Running Late

What to do: Communicate with your florists to determine how long they think it will take to get to the venue and if possible, delay the ceremony until then. If not possible, go ahead and get married without the flowers. There can always be an extension of the cocktail hour to give the florist time to set up once she arrives.


Emergency #4

Fighting between your divorced parents

What to do: The easiest thing to do is to separate them by enlisting your mom to help you while your dad is with the groomsmen. Find a way to keep them occupied and away from each other until the wedding is over.


Emergency #5

You’ve stained your dress

What to do: Prepare for this by making sure you have an emergency kit prior to the wedding and don’t forget the baby wipes, white chalk, and a stain-removal pen. Try covering the stain with a sash or other accessory if necessary.

Emergency #6

Rainy Day

What to do: First and foremost, always have a Plan B if the wedding is outdoors. Reserve a tent or check with the venue to see if they have indoor space available. If there is no plan, start calling in favors and if you know someone with a tent, call them first. Don’t let a little rain dampen your spirits, your day can still be beautiful.