Be Prepared To Deal With 6 Most Common Wedding Emergencies


Take a deep breath and bask in the moment of waking up to the joy of becoming a new bride. Don’t sweat the small stuff and let us help you remain calm with these tips on handling those wedding emergencies that almost always occur.

Emergency #1

One or both of your flower girls are afraid to walk down the aisle.

What to do: This normally occurs with little girls between the ages of 3 and 5, and can often be easily addressed. Usually a nap or a break from the crowd and excitement will ease their nerves. Ask the mother to soothe her with a little one on one time or a quiet chat in another room. If this doesn’t help, enlist a bridesmaid or groomsman that she’s comfortable with to escort her down the aisle. If this doesn’t help, omit the flowers, there’s plenty of them in the décor anyway and the wedding will still be beautiful as ever.


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