5 Things Men Want But Would Never Ask For


Your guy may not be the greatest at communicating what it is that he needs to be happy. There can be many reasons for this, but the most common is probably that they simply think women already know. After all, the things men want are not so different from the things women want. Here are some things your guy needs that you may never have considered.

1. Your Respect

One of the most important things you can give your guy is your respect. He’ll feel much safer if you have respect for him and give his thoughts and feelings of serious consideration and merit. If you can see that there is merit in his ideas and actions, he will know that he’s important to you. Giving him your respect means making sure he knows that you consider him an equal and appreciate his contributions to your relationship and the life you’re building together.

2. Your Admiration

It’s hard to respect someone without admiring them, especially if you’re in love with them. One of the things men want is to be sincerely admired and recognized for their efforts. Men love compliments just as much as women do, even if they don’t react in the same way. Appreciate what he does and let him know that you do; you might be surprised at how pleased he is to hear your compliments.

3. Your Companionship

Just as you enjoy spending time with him, he also enjoys spending time with you. At the top of the list of things men want is your companionship. Your guy wants to have you by his side, and he enjoys your presence, even if you’re just sitting quietly and watching a movie together. Companionship is important and it’s essential to the longevity of your relationship.

4. Your Encouragement

It’s nice to be encouraged by the people you care about, and that’s no less true for your guy. He may seem like he walks through the world without letting any doubts get him down, but just like you, he gets discouraged, too. Let him know that you truly believe in him and encourage him to strive for his dreams; whatever obstacles pop up, have the courage to face them together and always be there for him.

5. Your Appreciation

Along with respect and admiration, appreciation is one of the main things men want. Just as you probably often feel unrecognized for all the things you do in a day, he probably feels unappreciated sometimes, too. Giving him a heartfelt “thank you” can go a long way toward boosting his spirits and strengthening your bond. Men fill lots of roles in their lives, as fathers, brothers, boyfriends, sons and friends; letting him know that you really see everything he does and that you sincerely appreciate it will give him a big boost of confidence and help him feel better.

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