Tips To Plan A Travel Themed Wedding


So you are a globetrotter at heart! Get set to plan a wedding that is sure to give flight to your fancies. Yeah! It’s going to be a travel themed wedding for you. Do rack your brains and recollect all the things that you had loved while journeying to far-flung lands; narrate them to your wedding planner and get ready to wed in style. You do not need to wait until your honeymoon to travel. You can do it as you walk down the aisle too. Here are some really quirky ideas to get you started. Do take a look…


1. The Venue

Feel free to recreate your wedding venue from the classic movie, “North by Northwest.” Have your wedding planner watch the movie endlessly until he/she gets every detail down pat from the dressy suit of the bridegroom to the oh-so-beautiful bridal gown that will flutter in the wind as you race downhill, hand in hand after the ceremony.


2. All your stationery

Let all your wedding stationary mimic the theme. Be sure to send a map of the venue along with your wedding invitation to all your friends and relatives. The invitations can be sent out on picture postcards too while you remember to mark each guest placing on the table with a passport stamp.

You can have even more fun by ordering a set of customized wedding stamps that look exactly like postage stamps. What else can spell ‘travel’ better? Don’t forget to exchange your stamps along with your wedding vows as you seal the momentous occasion with an ardent kiss.


3. Oh, the cake

Make sure that your wedding cake represents the theme as well. Take your pick from a piece of three-tier luggage shaped one to an airplane, a boat, a passport or a globe. Make your passions clear. It’s your wedding after all!

Get hold of a vintage globe or a world map that can double up as your wedding photo album. Remember to add the engagement and dating photographs to it too as your journey towards the wedding begun from that point.


4. Thank you notes

Send in a meticulously crafted ‘Thank You’ note to each guest in a miniature suitcase. After all, you do require remembering your luggage while traveling.


5. Wedding Favors

What about the wedding favors though? You need to have a hint of travel in them too. What about tiny gliders with a sweet message of “love is in the air” embossed on each? Hand them over to your guests or keep them alongside the place cards and watch them turn all emotional.

You can make the occasion even sweeter by gifting each guest with a quaint chocolate bar resembling the flag of a different country.

6. Honeymoon

Thinking off going away to an idyllic location right after the wedding? Do plan your honeymoon with care but don’t forget to dream of it every day by reminding yourself via a giant prop in the shape of a travel ticket with the details of your destination.