Wedding Cake Trends To Inspire Your Design


Your wedding day can be a unique reflection of your life together as a couple, and a big part of that is probably the wedding cake you choose. When you choose the design of your wedding cake, you may be inspired by things that have nothing to do with your wedding, but everything to do with your life together, or it could be drawn from your wedding dress, your flowers, your venue or even your childhood home. Whether you know it or not, you might even be inspired by the most popular wedding cake trends of the past and present.

1. Metallic Sheens

When you were choosing your wedding stationary, you might have noticed that metallic sheens were everywhere. Old Hollywood art-deco metallic sheens are very big when it comes to weddings, and wedding cake trends are no different. Fine, edible metallic dust provides a bit of shimmer and sparkle if an all-out metallic cake is too much for your taste.  Delicate gold details and stunning silver embellishments can give your wedding cake a glamorous, opulent feel or it can impart a very sleek and modern look.


2. Ruffled Ridges

If you want to follow one of the most elegant wedding cake trends, go for light and airy sugar ruffles all over your cake. When your cake has sugar ruffles, you don’t need a lot of extra embellishments; a few fresh blooms or sugar flowers will complete the look quite nicely. This style works well with a variety of themes, from old-style country themes to opulently elegant ceremonies.


3. Undressed

Undressed, or naked, wedding cakes are really getting a lot of attention from fashion-conscious brides. Naked cakes are deconstructed affairs that show off their insides instead of their outsides. Layers filled with seasonal fruits can provide an elegant, scrumptious wedding cake without all the added sugar that comes with frosting. This is currently one of the most popular wedding cake trends, and it’s being seen in weddings all across the nation.


4. Monochromatic Colors

While this trend is typically embodied in the white-on-white wedding cake, it can also work with a range of shades. From delicate pink to pastel green, monochromatic colors are an excellent option for the bride who loves simplicity. Add embellishments in the same shade to give your cake an extra touch of beauty.


5. Painted Cakes

There’s no law saying your wedding cake has to be just like all the others. Instead of a traditional cake with embellishments and sugar flowers, ask your baker about painted cakes with a stained glass look or marbleized colors. Your cake can even have your favorite painting on it; the sky is the limit with this inventive and unique style of wedding cake.

6. Lacey Looks

For a while now, wedding cake trends have been getting more and more realistic. Aside from the painted cakes, there are also cakes inspired by real fabric patterns and lace. Most popularly, wedding cakes are made to mimic the lace in the bride’s wedding dress, but can also be made to match any lace pattern you like. From the lace of your grandmother’s antique table cloth to the delicate tatting of your dress, lace cakes are a great option for beautiful wedding cake designs.


7. Geometric Designs

Geometric wedding cakes are an excellent option for more modern ceremonies. From squares to chevrons to stripes and beyond, geometric shapes are fun and fresh, and offer a great twist on traditional cake designs. Fondant is an outstanding medium for geometric shapes, giving your baker an excellent canvas to create your perfect geometric cake. Your color palette is especially important when it comes to geometric designs, though. It’s essential that your colors do not clash or cause too much confusion within the designs.

8. Sugar Flowers

Recently, sugar flower bouquets have become a very popular wedding cake trend. While sugar flowers have been part of wedding cakes for years beyond counting, sugar flower bouquets as cake toppers are relatively new. Sugar flowers give you the versatility to create the right cake for you, while allowing you to customize the colors and blossoms exactly to your specifications. They’re classy, elegant and impart a sophisticated air that’s tough to beat.