Wow Centerpiece Ideas For Your Reception Table


We all know the stereotypical focus points for planning the perfect wedding. Find the perfect dress, secure a beautiful venue, and pick a caterer and cake-maker who can bring your dreams to life. What we often forget to plan for, however, is one of the most important details – stunning centerpieces to pull the guests’ tables together. If you’re looking for centerpiece ideas to fit your theme, check out these great examples:

1. Candles & Electronic Lights

If you’re looking for romantic and beautiful centerpiece ideas, candles or other lights can add a flickering, glimmering beauty to the table that no other centerpiece can create. Placing lights in glassware and using mirrors as coasters can create extra depth and interest, and scattering glass gems or crystals around the table can further distribute the light and catch the eye.


2. Seashells

Even if your wedding isn’t nautically themed, you can incorporate seashells and other pieces of sea decor into beautiful centerpieces that look elegant and don’t cost too much money. You can spray paint seashells to match the color of your wedding, or use their natural colors on their own to add texture and charm to the event.


3. Natural Elements

Wild, natural centerpiece ideas can transform an indoor wedding into a magical affair, and can turn an outdoor wedding into a totally cohesive masterpiece. Scatter potted succulents and decorative bowls of leaves together with other elements such as sticks, metal bird cages, and flower petals to create a truly wild atmosphere. Pick fragrant items, such as fresh mosses and herbal leaves, to fill each table with its own unique scent.


4. Floral Arrangements

This traditional and beautiful centerpiece will never go out of fashion. With minimal effort, you can arrange small, slender bouquets in thin vases, or pile shorter vases high with billowing blooms to add some serious wow factor to your table. You can even grow your own blossoms to avoid spending too much money.


5. Photo Scattering

For a more family-oriented and personal centerpiece, you can make copies of your favorite photos and scatter them on the table, or frame them up and place them carefully on each table. Of all of the centerpiece ideas we have seen, this one is by far the most heart-warming.

6. Decorative Dishware

Clear dishes filled with decorative elements, or decorative stacks of opaque dishes in crisp white or your theme color, is a beautiful way to create a homespun feeling without sacrificing the beauty of the table. You can employ tiered cake stands to display other centerpiece ideas, such as flowers and photos, without overly cluttering the table.


7. Colored Bottles

Similarly to dishes, bottles carry their own inherent beauty, and by saving up your bottles you can create stunning centerpieces without spending any money at all. You can spray paint them to match your scheme or leave them unpainted, arranging them in decorative groupings and either filling them with flowers or scattering candles amid the bottles.


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