Guys Want These Bad Girl Traits


You might think you know exactly what guys want in a woman, but if you don’t think there are a few “bad girl” traits mixed in there, you might want to think again. Guys say they want lots of things in a woman, but sometimes they leave out the most important attributes; and are disappointed to find that women don’t have them.  Here are a few things that are sure to make you more attractive to your guy, even if he’s not sure exactly why you’re suddenly so much more alluring.

Seductive Charms

While men are usually the instigators when it comes to physical intimacy, it’s a real turn-on for some of them when they don’t have to be. If you’re the one looking to seduce him, it takes the pressure off his performance, while giving you the chance to be predator instead of prey. Don’t be shy or embarrassed to take the more dominant role; your guy will be very pleasantly surprised!


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