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12 Things You Should Know About What Guys Like


Beauty is a given, as it forms the bulk of what guys like. In fact, it is what women think men want, and I don’t fault. This is because lots of men confess that looks are the first point of attraction. Hence, women go above and beyond to fit into how guys think a woman should be and look.

But over time, we discovered that they want and need more, much more than looks. Looks can only attract and keep the man for a while but fades. And when it does, all the attraction dies along with it. So, what do guys like in a girl, enough to keep them beyond the looks?

What Guys Really Like?

We say confidence, spontaneity, and zest for life, independence, healthy self-esteem among others. Combine these with good looks, and you’d figure out how men think. We have a total of 12 things men like in this post.



Guys like it when girls are confident, as it gives them a sense of pride. Truth is that confidence is very sexy! It shows how much you can hold your own and are in control of your life. Ladies should always know what they want and how to go about it.

They should never get scared of speaking up or pursuing their dreams. Neither should they accept to be doormats to soothe anyone’s ego. Men like you when you show that you have a will and can stand up and hold your head high. It’s fulfilling and attractive. Any man will be proud of that.



Why do guys like girls who are intelligent? What guys like about an intelligent girl are the smart engagement. A lady who is intelligent is versatile about the world and can hold a lengthy conversation.

A girl who isn’t intelligent is only an airhead, a bimbo, an arm candy that never talks. This is because talking will bring embarrassment to him. But an intelligent one he will be proud to show off. He will even let her speak on his behalf.

But, it is important that you don’t use your intelligence to put down. It must never be competitive, but cooperative. In the reverse, it’s the fastest way to bruise ego and kill confidence. This pertains to insecure men, which you should never date.


Self-awareness And Character

True and unfading beauty comes from within, a popular phrase that’s so true. A lady’s inner beauty can make a man think of spending forever with her. We say this because, for every lady, you must love yourself first, before another can. When you do, it radiates a sense of peace and glows from within that attracts.

Again, guys like it when girls are kind, passionate, honest, and considerate. A lady’s inner beauty is a reflection of who she is. One cannot pretend on these things. One’s inner beauty or the lack of it is a determinant of their attractions. A guy will fall more in love with you if your inner beauty shines through. If it doesn’t, the attraction fades away, and at some point, he’ll walk.


Spontaneity And Zest For Life

What do guys like in a girl, enough to get with her? Lots of spontaneity and a healthy zest for life. A hard truth, because getting into a boring routine makes a lot of men develop commitment phobia. Hence, their reluctance to settle down with any girl.

But a lady who isn’t afraid to try new things will get a man’s attention all day. There’s something new to learn, new places to visit, and many things to experience. A lady who’s not adventurous will kill the man’s vibe. I’ll compare her to a couch potato. But a spontaneous woman will come up with things that can spice up the relationship. And she’s never afraid to live her best life with her lover beside her.


Guys like it when girls need them, as they love to protect and pamper. It’s a conditioning that’s been since time. Men are natural protectors and providers. But when does wanting a man to do go overboard? It does when she becomes clingy and always needy.

A man likes a woman who needs him but loves her, even more, when she’s self-reliant. He’s proud to know that he’s valuable when he’s around. But when he’s not, she can hold her own without waiting for him. He loves to know that she is very independent, not helpless and can do it all by herself.



What do guys like about girls that they can’t resist? You have it here ladies, femininity! Who opined that preserving your femininity is a weakness? That’s such a big like. You don’t need to go acting tough or sounding hard to get attention. You also don’t need to be all dolled up to exert how much of a woman you are.

Act like a lady, don’t be lousy and maintain decorum. Stand your ground without losing your cool. You can be a lady, and also be in control at the same time. You needn’t lose your marbles in order to prove a point.

Healthy Self Esteem

The only person a lady should ever compete with is herself. Recognize the place of self-awareness, self-worth, and self-respect. This is knowing who you are, how much you’ve got inside of you. And carrying yourself with dignity. These three sub traits influence how you see the world, and how they see you in return.

How guys think of girls who have healthy doses of self-esteem is admirable. They believe that girls who’ve come to such level of self-awareness can never get influenced. These kinds of girls lead, and can only become better versions of themselves. Be that girl!


Smell Appealing

Do you know the power of smell? It stays in the memory, it weakens the will and pulls people into you. It weaves a spell on people present that they stay glued to you. They never forget!

When you like a guy, invest in good fragrance. Don’t smell like heat and onions. Avoid changing it often, or wear a particular one around him. He knows when you’re around, even before he sees you, he thinks about you when he perceives your smell. And when you talk and gesticulate, he’s captured by you. They love this.


You can send energy to people and the environment. So what vibes do you bring with you? Are you playful and cheerful, or depressed and uptight? No man likes a woman who is strung up and serious all the time. It weighs down the whole atmosphere and brings on gloom.

Men like you when you’re cheerful, playful and light up the whole place. This is a reason why one must be in a relationship with their friends. Don’t be with anyone who kills your vibe, as it will rub off on you. Men are always attracted to a woman who is joyful as the sunshine. They bring a smile even on bad days.



Expressiveness is one of the things guys love about girls. They even tend to smile at the memories when you’re not there. Don’t turn your face into a hard and immovable slate like someone with bad Botox.

Smile often, when he does something beautiful. When he’s not making sense at all, roll your eyes (I do this a lot). And when he begins his recycled stories, give a lost look of “here we go again”. Make eye contact with him when he’s talking seriously. And when you say something naughty, give him that look to melt.

There are so many ways to be expressive that will melt his heart. You even do them subconsciously, you never know.


Loyalty is a trait that everyone needs, whether guy or girl. But in a lady, it’s worth all the precious stones. Staying loyal by saying and doing only things in their absence as you can in their presence is priceless. Holding them up when the going gets tough, and defending them even when the world is against them is precious.

Guys love it if they know that the woman in their lives has their backs through thick and thin. This is a virtue that lots of people cannot boast of today. But if you have it, they’d love you forever.



Guys like it when girls are passionate and they show it. It’s common knowledge that men make the first move when it comes to physical intimacy. But sometimes, take the initiative. Kill the shyness and dominate him.

Take off the pressure of being in control from him. And give him a good time, without making him ask for it. Guys love this, and they don’t mind to be on the receiving end of your passion. Be bold, and take control of your passion.

We’ve listed 12 things guys like in a girl. And as we can see, what guys like range from physical to character. Confidence, independence, passion, expressiveness and more are the real deal. Beauty isn’t all it takes to keep a real man, as this is not how men think. Looks only bring the attention, and other attributes keep it. You may think that men are well complicated but there isn’t much asked for. So, if you want your man to stay attracted to you today, tomorrow, forever and always, checkup this list. These traits project you to the world and attract the world to you.