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Need some wedding guests advice? Any wedding, be it big or small, needs careful planning, and being a host can be quite a challenge! Here you will find everything you need to know about inviting and organizing your wedding guests. No need to worry. If you are in doubt about how to manage your guest list or how to choose the right seating arrangements at a wedding party. Take a look at our wedding guest advice section to learn everything about bride and groom relatives and friends attending a wedding. Get some expert tips, and much more!

In general, a guest book is paper or electronic means through which visitors acknowledge visit to places such as weddings, functions or websites. In particular, it is expected for every […]

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Inviting the wrong guests to your wedding is the best way to make sure your big day goes right off the tracks. There are certain people who should never be […]

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We know why you’re here. Either you really like planning ahead, or it’s the last minute and you’re desperate for inspiration! It’s really difficult to decide what to write in […]

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