Ring Bearer Duties and How You Can Help Them in Their Role

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An adorable part of the wedding procession is when the ring bearer and flower girl make their way down the aisle after the rest of the bridal party. Due to the age of the ring bearer, sometimes things go inevitably wrong while carrying out his duties.


Find out all that is expected of this youngster on your big day and everything you can do to make things go perfectly.

Brides Often Ask

Who typically is the ring bearer?

The ring bearer is often a young boy dear to the heart of the bride or groom, a nephew or godson. His duty is often to transport the wedding rings in a box or on a cushion during the procession.

What age is a ring bearer?

The ring bearer is often below ten years old and at least four years old. These rules are not set in stone, however, as toddlers have carried out this role as well, and sometimes even infants.


How to Choose Your Ring Bearer

In choosing your ring bearer, you should find the one young man who will take his role seriously and guard your rings safely all the way down the aisle. If there is any fear of anxiety or stage fright, a bridesmaid or groomsman could walk down with him.


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While couples can choose ring bearers at any age, there are reasons why the age range of four to ten is ideal. For instance, toddlers or even infants would need closer supervision or even a parent to carry them, and there are more risks of tantrums or just an unwillingness to participate. Older children between the ages of four or five to ten would understand the assignment more, be protective of the pillow, and would even be able to stand for longer, until the end of the service.



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It is essential that your ring bearer is not a stranger. You can make a ring bearer proposal to your nephews, children of friends, or even godsons who would be more than happy to participate in your wedding. Acting as a ring bearer should not be an obligation. If you have kids of your own, then it would be a good idea for one of them to take the position.



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Traditionally, the ring bearer box is carried by a young boy, but so many events are going off tradition these days. And so, the rule to use a boy is flexible and not set in stone. A young girl can also play this role at your wedding. She could be dressed in the traditional tux or even wear a dress, whichever would be suitable to carry out her role.


Certain circumstances can make for choosing a special ring bearer or none at all. You might have twins that hate being separated and instead of one, choose two ring bearers to walk down the aisle. They could each carry one ring on a pillow.

Another unique situation could be a beloved pet. If it’s well-trained and your venue allows pets, then this could make for a most adorable, tux-wearing ring bearer. If you are unable to find someone to play the role or you’d be having an intimate wedding, then you could forego having a ring bearer completely.


Ring Bearer Duties

The duties at a wedding are simple, however, under special circumstances, they can extend to more than just the wedding ceremony. Below is a breakdown of duties.

Ceremony Duties

During the wedding ceremony, the ring bearer has the following duties:

  • Holding the ring box or ring pillow. Alternatively, he might hold a fun wedding sign.
  • Walk down the aisle after the rest of the wedding party alongside the flower girl or little bride.
  • Stand for a bit until the officiant has finished speaking before sitting in the pews with his parents.
  • Join the rest of the bridal party for the recessional.


Reception Duties

During the wedding reception, the ring bearer has the following duties:

  • Take his seat during the reception, this could be with his family at the VIPs table or at the head of the hall. Alternatively, he could be at a kid-only table.
  • Join the dance if he is required to.
  • The ring bearer usually has no real duties at the wedding reception, and if he’s exhausted, it would be okay for him to be taken home.

Ring Bearer Outfit

It is a popular trend for the outfit to be similar to that of the groomsmen, so a mini groomsman if you will. He could also don a more age-appropriate outfit, so perhaps shorts instead of long pants. Suits are usually paid for by the youngster’s parents. However, sometimes the couple chooses to pay for it as a gift or memento from their wedding.


Ring Bearer Gift Ideas

While getting gifts for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, it would be great to remember gifts for the young boy as he is part of the bridal party after all. Below are a few suggestions.

Bearer Gift Set

A gift set is always a good idea if you can’t settle on just one item for little one gifts. From personalized toys to accessories for his attire, or even gourmet sweets. There are so many options for a cute gift set they would adore.
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Bearer T-shirt

If you are having a themed wedding, then a shirt in the wedding theme would make a great gift. This could also be a shirt to change into after the wedding ceremony for a more relaxed day if he would be wearing a tux.
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Bearer Sunglasses

A summer wedding could do with sunglasses, and your young boy would definitely need a pair. This would make the perfect gift to shield his eyes as he makes his way down the aisle, and for sunny days after the wedding as well.
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A Special Tie or Bow

Your little groomsman would appreciate a cute bow tie or long tie to help fit his role in your bridal party better. You could choose a mini copy of what the groomsmen would have or any age-appropriate option that they would love.
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Personalized Cufflinks And Tie Clips

Cufflinks are an important accessory for a suit or tux, and a great gift for your little man. If your groomsmen would be getting cufflink gifts of their own, you shouldn’t leave the little man out.
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Ring Bearer Pillow Ideas

The rings are traditionally carried on a small pillow or cushion but can also be carried in a decorative box or other containers, which the ring bearer carries down the aisle.

Ring Bearer Box With Rustic Ribbon

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Ring Bearer Box With Velvet Pillow

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Ring Bearer Box With Two Pillows

Featuring two interior pillows and a square shape, this wedding ring box is a versatile accessory that suits different wedding styles. Its design makes it an excellent choice for traditional, formal, or classic weddings. Additionally, its soft texture and white color make it a perfect match for romantic or vintage wedding themes. Buy Here

Bonus: For the Fur-Baby Ring Bearer

If you are going with a pet ring bearer, then their gift can range from a cute and appropriate shirt to a bridal accessory or even a plush toy that would serve as a reward after their work is done.
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A wedding ring bearer is a member of the bridal party that ups the cuteness element of your train. From the duties of this youngster to what they would wear, it helps to understand their role and how you could help them achieve it. These ideas will guide you in deciding on the right ring bearer, or if you need one at all.