Groomsmen Proposal Ideas & Gifts For 2024 Weddings

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The entire planning process is now an integral part of the wedding experience, and asking your closest friends and family members to be a groomsman is no exception.
To make the most of this specific wedding moment, here are some great groomsmen proposal ideas.


Frequently Asked Questions

When Do You Ask Your Groomsmen?

It’s a good idea to give your groomsmen at least 6 months’ notice when asking them to participate in your wedding.

Do You Have to Give Proposal Gifts to Your Groomsmen?

It’s not required, but a groomsman proposal gift is a great idea that’s growing in popularity.

What If You Don’t Have Anyone to Ask to be a Groomsman?

Groomsmen are traditional, but not an obligation. It’s also not a requirement that your groomsmen are men. Feel free to ask anyone you wish.


Who to ask to be your groomsman?

The first step in working out your groomsmen’s proposal ideas is to determine who they will be. Grooms traditionally start their search with best male friends and close family members. The next most common option includes your fiance’s male friends and relatives. The last option is growing in popularity and involves non-male friends and family.

Traditionally, the role of groomsmen is to support the groom and occasionally fill in as ushers. Any gender can fill this role. However, the best choice is typically a close personal relationship.


Simple groomsmen proposal ideas

Texting is the primary mode of communication for many friends, making text-based groomsmen proposal ideas fairly intuitive, but it should stand out. Consider an inside joke, a riddle, or some other clever way to make it special.

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Spend Time Together

Sometimes the best groomsmen proposal ideas are the most simple. Plan some time together. This can be as basic as heading to your old pool hall or as elaborate as a weekend vacation. All you really need is an activity and good company.



A set of groomsmen proposal stickers can transform any item into a meaningful moment. Place them on bottles of whiskey, articles of clothing, a custom PS5 controller, or anything else that can serve as a clever delivery method.

Unique Groomsmen Proposal Ideas

It’s becoming pretty common to include a gift while popping the question. Your groomsmen proposal gift can be an item or it can be an experience. Either way, it’s going to be memorable.

Have An Adventure

Organize a proper thrill. Test your mettle with a trip to the gun range, the race track, or strap yourself into a skydive. Anything that gets the blood pumping will make for a fantastic groomsmen proposal.

Making A Video Proposal

Prepare a script and bust out your best TikTok ring light. Even though shooting a video is one of the more cheap groomsmen proposal ideas, it should still be your best quality. Put some effort into adding music and edits. If that’s beyond your skills, you can always source a service or template.


That Question From A Celebrity

The best groomsmen proposal ideas is to hit up Cameo to get your groomsmen’s favorite celebrity to deliver the question for you! It’s both easy, impressive, and potentially wildly entertaining.

Funny groomsmen proposal ideas

Groomsmen proposals aren’t customary yet. To avoid the potential for awkward moments, inject a little humor. Funny groomsmen proposal ideas should be natural since many friendships include a lot of joking around.

Get Down On One Knee… Again!

Proposing to your future bride is romantic, but you don’t want to feel that way when proposing to your groomsmen. Make it funny by being melodramatic. Play some romantic music, get down on one knee, recite the speech you practiced, and make sure to get photos to capture this majestic moment.

Serenade Them

Many friendships involve shared musical experiences. To make a memorable groomsmen proposal, replace the lyrics with your own proposal lines. Or, create something completely unique. Bonus points if you play an instrument. If you don’t, your voice is the only instrument you need.


Funny Cards

A formal card is a common way to celebrate special occasions. We prefer the funny route for groomsmen proposals. There are a bunch of funny proposal cards online. You can choose from any of these ideas or, if you’re feeling creative, use them as inspiration to craft your own.

Groomsmen proposal ideas socks

Everyone loves socks, and the creative variety has been growing in popularity in the past few years. A custom set for all of your groomsmen is a great proposal idea. These days you can customize crew, dress, and even compression socks. You really can’t go wrong. Opt for something formal like your wedding date or have a little fun by getting their dogs printed on the pairs.


Groomsmen proposal ideas DIY

A hand crafted groomsmen proposal gift box is a little lighter on the wallet and allows the groom to flex his handyman muscles.
We suggest customizing the actual box with your favorite method. Choose a theme for the contents. This will make it easier to choose the items and make it feel more ‘complete’ when opened.

Your collection can be built around the outdoors, the kitchen, adult beverages, or sports, to name a few.. From there you can have fun selecting a utility knife, glasses, a flask, tickets, or whatever else fits the description.

Junior groomsmen proposal ideas

You’ll have to change your approach to the groomsmen proposal when a young man is involved. Usually this is when a groom wants to ask his son or younger relative the role of Best Man. In this case, you want him to understand the significance of being the best man.

You’ll also want to lead by example to teach him respect for love and romance. The proposal should be taken seriously with a well-planned note and a keepsake that will mean something to him for years to come.



His very own football is not just a meaningful gesture, it’s also a bonding opportunity. Tossing the ball around is the perfect opportunity to explain what marriage is and what it means to be the best man.

Baseball Bat

A custom baseball bat follows the same logic and provides the same opportunities as a football. Get clear of any windows and take the time to explain what’s expected of a best man. He may be nervous about being in the spotlight.

Cool Personalized Sunglasses

Personalized sunglasses may not be as engaging as a football or baseball bat, but they are more useful on a day-to-day basis. It’s a fun best-man proposal gift for a young man and will prove very handy for outdoor weddings.

Groomsmen proposal gift ideas

Groomsmen proposals always go best with a gift. A token of your appreciation adds to the moment, making it a memorable part of the wedding experience.
When choosing your groomsmen proposal gifts, think fun and practical.

It’s natural to want a gift that enhances the moment, but it should be useful after it’s opened. A common approach to these requirements is to either choose something that can be worn at the wedding, something that caters to their hobbies, or something that can be enjoyed together.

Personalized Men’s Cufflinks

A lot of men don’t have too many cufflinks in their collections. A brand new set of personalized cufflinks will be useful at the wedding and will be useful at future events.


Transforming your groomsmen into characters is great fun, especially when it’s the whole crew. Transpose of their funny avatars onto something useful like a set of steins, wine glasses, or high balls for future dinner parties.

Scented Groomswoman Candles

You know her best. If your grooms woman’s taste is on the ‘girlier’ side, you can’t go wrong with a clever scented candle. You can find plenty of options with ready-to-go messages.


Watches are always in fashion and incredibly convenient when both men and women are part of the crew. Treat your Groomsmen and groomswomen with a classy timepiece to immortalize this moment.

Windproof Lighters Custom

Lighters are useful in a million different scenarios. The windproof variety is more sophisticated, more reliable, lasts longer, and can be customized with etching.

Cards Lover

A custom poker or leather card case is perfect for the players in your life. This is a perfect groomsmen proposal idea for the card lovers in your life, and even better if the bachelor party will involve a little gambling!


Your groomsmen proposal ideas should be easy. Consider a theme, how you’ll deliver the question, and a gift that suits the moment. Follow these 3 simple rules and you’re sure to create an experience worth remembering.