15 Glamorous Black And Red Wedding Invitations + FAQs

gold black red wedding invitations
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Apart from the fact that wedding invitations set the tone for the entire wedding, it is important that they match the theme for the day. Black and red wedding invitations can create aesthetics that work for all types of weddings, from casual to formal, whimsical, or vintage.


If you are leaning towards this color scheme, it might also be a great way to show of bold or even muted personalities. Have a look at our list of black and red wedding invitation ideas to inspire you.

Brides Often Ask

What season are black and red invitations?

While black and red invitations are a great idea for a wedding in the winter, they could also do for a late fall event. With the right shade of burgundy, invites would be great for a fall theme.

How long before my wedding should I send out invitations?

You should send out your wedding invitations at least six weeks in advance. Guests need to have details such as the date, venue, your names, the time and RSVP options well in advance.


Wedding Invitations: Red And Black Colors

Using a red and black color theme can give a special warm and intense vibe to your wedding. This is especially true for:

  • The mood and the style of the wedding: the tone for a winter celebration can be set with black red and gold wedding invitations; just as red black and white invites could set the mood for a wedding in late fall. Create an intimate and romantic feel with these warm and all-embracing colors.
  • Wedding decor: If you want a warm and inviting ambiance from your wedding decor, then this color palette could be a good idea. A romantic and dreamy setting with intense colors that can be used for all types of weddings.
  • Seasons and locations: From a garden wedding, to a rustic barn wedding or even a black-tie event. There are many ways and styles you could use a red and black palette to fit with your wedding location or even the season of your celebration.


Black And Red Wedding Invitations: Trendy Ideas

Floral Black And Red Invitations

Flowers are always a great idea for decorating wedding invitation suites. Since flowers will most likely be part of your wedding decor, they wouldn’t be out of place on your invitations. Black and red florals in particular present countless opportunities for a variety of wedding invitation designs.


  • Vintage wedding invitations red and black, designed creatively with touches of pink and white. A luxury wedding invitation suite with still life floral designs. Great for a summer or even winter wedding.
  • Burgundy peonies adorn this wedding invitation suite. Dark black invitations with gold font against red box envelopes with moody dark floral inserts. Blooming bouquets in a vintage design for wedding invitations that would suit any season.

With ribbons

  • Get into the spirit of the holidays with this wedding invitation suite that would be great for a Christmas or winter wedding. Designs of white and black with bold gold fonts and a vintage gold seal. Perfect for a backdrop of snow.
  • Luxurious red white black wedding invitation suite that would set the tone for a formal, black-tie wedding. The dramatic calligraphy, moody floral design, and wax seal give it a most unique look guests are sure to love.
  • Gorgeous wedding menus with dark and moody floral design. Etched dark acrylic place cards further decorated with black silk ribbons. Modern wedding menus for that modern couple.
  • Exquisite letterpress save the dates with a moody floral design. White cards with dark boundary, burgundy silk ribbon, and black box envelope with floral inlay. Stylish white calligraphy, complete with black wax seal.

With Watercolor Flowers

  • Pastel watercolor flowers of fuchsia and dusty rose adorn these attractive and creative wedding invitations. Breathtaking painting against a dark navy background. Creates a contrast for simple and yet outstanding black and red wedding invitations.


Minimalistic Red And Black Wedding Invitations

Minimalistic wedding invitations display the beauty that lies in simplicity. They are often perfect for modern, formal, contemporary or minimalist weddings.

  • Gorgeous black and white monochrome wedding suite. Cool concrete jungle theme wedding stationery that could set the tone for a contemporary wedding. Complete with modern calligraphy, perfect for the modern couple.

Black, Red And Gold Wedding Invitations

The aesthetics of black, red, and gold wedding invitations make them a good choice for winter weddings. Those bold colors and metallics against white snow and all the other accents of Christmas. Recipe for a fairytale wedding.

  • Stunning marsala wedding design for this wedding invitation suite. Romantic hues of black and burgundy with the bold gold font on elegant wedding stationery. Elaborate gold detailing for a glamorous wedding invitation that cannot be ignored.
  • If you love floral designs, then this should put a smile on your face. The combination of marsala and peonies create an enchanting wedding invitation suite. Black wedding invitation cards adorned with moody peonies. Burgundy box envelopes deliver these inspiring creations.
  • Red and black with bold floral designs. Red and black box envelopes deliver the components of this enchanting wedding invitation suite complete with a wax seal. Cards adorned with metallic gold calligraphy and floral decorations.


Black, Red, White Wedding Invitations Styles

Black, red, and white for wedding invitations are the perfect color base for a winter wedding. A glamorous way to set the tone whether you are having a contemporary, vintage, or even a bohemian wedding.

  • A favorite option for black, white, red wedding invitations. This wedding invitation is made in burgundy with a floral design around a creative and stylish pocket. Glamorous marsala wedding invitation with a wax seal stamp.
  • Modern wedding invitation suite in pink, marsala, and peach with an elegant geometric design. Handmade creations complete with vintage wax seal.

Only the best black and red wedding invitations to inspire you, whether you’re having a classic and contemporary wedding or an intriguing vintage affair.