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Your Ultimate Guide To Bridesmaid Etiquette


Congratulations! You were asked to be a bridesmaid! This is an immense honor as it means that you are an important part of the bride’s life. She wants you to take part in her special day. But are there any rules for bridesmaids? Is there any bridesmaids etiquette you need to follow?


The answer is yes. There are certain guidelines you must adhere to as part of your bridesmaid duties from helping the bride plan the wedding to taking part in the bridal party. In the following article we shall touch upon the main roles and responsibilities for bridesmaids to ease your mind.

Bridesmaid Etiquette: Expectations for Bridesmaids

What do bridesmaids do? The traditional role of a bridesmaid is to help the bride get ready on her wedding day. In addition, bridesmaids take part in the wedding procession. A bridesmaid is typically a family member or close friend of the bride. The grooms sister may also be asked to be a bridesmaid as well.

Today, the bridesmaid role has expanded to assisting the bride with planning her wedding. As well, you will be responsible for helping the maid of honor plan and host both the bridal shower and bachelorette parties.

Following are some expectations for bridesmaid etiquette:


Be a Team Player

In most cases, there will be more than one bridesmaid in the wedding party. Therefore, you need to be able to get along amicably with the other bridesmaids. Keep in mind that you are there first and foremost to assist the bride. If you do not get along with one of the others, put aside your differences for the time. You may not agree 100% on everything, but it is important that you coexist while planning the wedding. The ability to be a team player in one of the foremost qualities a bridesmaid must possess.



The bride will be asking for your opinion and advice quite often during the wedding planning. Honesty is always the best policy, but you do not want to cause any drama. Be honest but gentle with your opinions. However, if the bride you sense that that bride is becoming unsettled, take a deep breath and tell her that the final decision is ultimately hers.



No matter what else is going on, your loyalty belongs to the bride. You will be helping her make some major decision for her wedding. You might not be in exact agreement with her plans. But you need to remember that it is her wedding, not yours. Be available to assist her as much as time permits and be patient with her every step of the way.


Anticipate the Bride’s Needs

One of the most important bridesmaid responsibilities is to know the needs of the bride. Chances are, you are pretty close to the bride so you have some insight into her personality already. Anticipate her needs as much as possible and be willing to assist her in any way. If you are unsure of something, just ask her for clarification.

Bridesmaid Etiquette: Roles & Responsibilities for Bridesmaids

What are the duties of a bridesmaid? How much do you need to do and where do you draw the line? How much are you expected to spend of your own money?

Following we shall discuss the duties of a bridesmaid from who buys the bridesmaid dresses to how to assist the bride the day of her wedding.

  1. Help the bride address her wedding invitations.
  2. Accompany the bride when she shops for her wedding gown.
  3. Help the maid of honor plan the bridal shower.
  4. Help plan the bachelorette party.
  5. Help the bride record her gifts and assist with thank you cards.
  6. Pay for your bridesmaids gown and accessories.
  7. Make travel plans the wedding (for yourself and plus one, if included).
  8. Help make the wedding favors.
  9. Attend any events for the upcoming wedding.
  10. Assist with decorating the wedding and reception venues.
  11. Attend the rehearsal dinner.
  12. Assist the maid of honor when needed.
  13. Participate in the wedding rehearsal.
  14. Chip in for gift for bride on wedding day from bridesmaid attendants.
  15. Assist the bride in getting dressed on her wedding day.
  16. Take part in the wedding processional.
  17. Contribute to any necessary costs.
  18. Dance with your assigned groomsman at the wedding reception.
  19. Assist the maid of honor as hostesses during the reception.


Bridesmaid Etiquette: Maid of Honor Duties

What is the role of the maid of honor? As the maid of honor, you are essentially the brides right hand. You assist her with everything from choosing her bridal gown to signing the wedding certificate.

Here is a list of the maid of honor duties:

  1. Help address and mail the invitations.
  2. Help the bride choose her dress.
  3. Attend dress fittings with the bride.
  4. Be “on call” for the bride every step of the way.
  5. Oversee the bridesmaids duties and make sure they are carrying them out properly.
  6. Keep the bride calm at all times.
  7. Organize the bridal shower and assist with expenses.
  8. Plan the bachelorette party along with the bridesmaids.
  9. Help make the wedding favors and/or decorations.
  10. Run errands for the bride.
  11. Keep a record of any gifts received and assist with thank you cards.
  12. Oversee decorations for events such a bridal party, bachelorette party and the wedding/reception venues, if needed.
  13. Help the bride get dressed on her wedding day.
  14. Oversee the bridesmaids during the wedding day.
  15. Hold the bridal bouquet during the wedding ceremony.
  16. Assist the bride with her veil, train, etc. during the wedding, photo shoot and reception.
  17. Sign the marriage certificate as an official witness.
  18. Dance with the best man at the reception.
  19. Give the toast at the reception.
  20. Act as the main hostess at the reception venue.
  21. Help the bride change and get ready to depart for her honeymoon.
  22. Have the wedding gown cleaned/preserved for the bride before she returns from her honeymoon.

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Now that we have given you some tips for proper bridesmaid etiquette, you are all set! Remember that you are there to support the bride, but you should also enjoy yourself as well!

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