17 The Most Useful Wedding Website Ideas

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Wedding websites for couples are the thing right now and the must-have for intended couples. In particular, wedding website ideas will guide you on how to create the best website bios for weddings. Wedding pages, also known to some as websites may be seen as over the top, but trust me! It is helpful.

Website pages for wedding help manage information and guests by organizing and putting all wedding plans in one place. Therefore, we have put together a compilation of handy and beautiful website ideas for your special benefit.

What’s With the Wedding Website?

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These days, about everything is online. We shop, network, date, source information and lots more online! In general, the Internet is a bank of information that attracts people. So, why not take advantage of creating a wedding website? Wedding websites for couples have displaced formal invitation cards.

Moreover, it is also cost-effective and quick to use. Hence, we all need to know the basics of how to make a wedding website. There are lots of benefits to it and we will look at some.

Up to date itinerary

During the course of planning a wedding, a lot of things will change and many modifications will happen. Having a website will keep your guests informed about the current situation at the wedding. And this is much better than sending out tons of altered wedding card invites before the wedding.

Once the wedding pages are up to date; registered guest mails will receive alerts and get the information. You see? Fast and easy!

It’s free of charge

Couples often spend money and time choosing stationeries for a wedding and the whole place gets littered with paper. Wedding website pages are so easy to build, quick to use and very eco-friendly. Thus, you need to set up a website with your mail address and secure with a password.

Then upload as much or little info as necessary. Conclude by giving the guests some inspiration with quotes about love, and you’re good to go!

You can give it your personal touch

Many couples wedding websites allow the couple to give their personal touch to the website. For example, add your scheme, beautiful engagement photos and love story. A section where guests can interact will spice up the website. Who knows? Someone might begin a journey to his/her happily ever after with another guest from your website.

Guest list well managed

And no doubt, wedding sites are unique and flexible. The guest list can be set online and you can keep track of the number of guests who will attend your wedding. Different style of invites can also be sent out with ease.

Funny groomsmen invitations may be sent to the groomsmen while comic bridesmaid invites to the bridesmaids and formal invites to every other person. This is classier and doesn’t involve papers strewn everywhere.

With a virtual guest list, the caterer doesn’t need to check headcount with you. In addition, they can log on to the website and get all the info needed.

This way, it is a win-win for you, the vendors and the guests.

Wedding gift registry

Whether it’s a gift registry or money donation, a wedding website is the best bet. This way, you can register at selected stores or pick an online payment mode for the money gift collection.

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How To Structure And What Info To Include In A Wedding Website?

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Wedding websites are fast taking the place of saving date invites. Cards may only be used to refer guests to the wedding website. It can also serve to augment formal invitations. There are important things one must include so that when guests log in, they’d get the necessary information.

Below are some of what to include on the wedding website.
Easy URL
One of the most important wedding website ideas is to create a memorable and easy URL for wedding pages. Guests can only get information about your wedding if your URL is easy to remember and has easy to access pages.

To create URL that’s easy to remember, secure a domain with a combination of your names. i.e. “hillchris.com” for Hillary and Christian or “jennyed.com” for Jennifer and Edmund. This makes it easy for family and guests to remember. It is also special to both of you. The URL can be on display on announcement cards, to redirect guests to the website.
Venue Information
It will hurt knowing that guests either arrived late, did not make it to the wedding or got lost. Guests need to have detailed information and direction to the wedding venue. So that they can locate it with ease. All wedding websites, whether local or destination weddings must feature them.

Below is a destination wedding website examples of venue Information.

  • A google map or interactive voice map for direction. Make this map available for download by including a link. Some guests may prefer printing it out to memorize.
  • Phone contacts of selected people at the wedding venue.
  • Flight / transportation information.
  • Information on pick up points
  • The time the wedding begins.
  • More information and instructions necessary.

Hotel Information
Once your website has listings of hotels in the area, guests can make their bookings ahead of the wedding. This way, guests work within their budgets, and save cost while they stay close to other guests and the wedding venue.

Include the following in the wedding website bio:

  • Hotel locations in the area.
  • Contacts: phones, emails, and website addresses.
  • Special codes if any, to get discounts.

Event Details
These are details that are paramount. It will be unfair to have guests come all the way, ill-prepared and looking out of place.

The event details should include:

  • Guest rules.
  • Wedding theme and dress code.
  • Colors of the day.

Wedding invitations wording. This is important as guests would like to know the order of the day, as this will help them decide when to arrive.

– Who can come, how many people can tag along and if kids or pets can attend.

Be tactical but very clear when presenting this, to avoid confusion and embarrassment for anyone.
Menu Options
Posting the menu details on your wedding website will keep guests anticipating. Guests are also able to state food allergies and dietary preferences. A website wedding menu helps to determine how much food the wedding will need and the proportion of each food type.
Registry And Gift Info
It is a little uncomfortable telling your guests what you want for a wedding gift. The awkward discussion can be avoided by having wedding websites for couples. Guests will find your gift registry locations or other alternatives preferred on the website.

Many huge stores have Internet links to their registers, which guests can click on. Some of the biggest stores include

  • Bloomingdale,
  • Macey’s,
  • Williams-Sonoma,
  • Crate & barrel and lots more!

Proposal Story
Inspire people by sharing your love story. Everyone loves a great love story. This is an opportunity to tell it as no one else will. If you are aiming for a funny wedding website, don’t forget to add a lot of humor to your story. It can be “how you proposed and she only accepted you the fourth time, because you kept showing up at her dates”.

Get your readers feeling all starry-eyed by adding some romantic quotes to the story.
Get to know how many guests will be available for the wedding through your wedding website pages. Thus, let the guests RSVP from the website. This way, everything stays in one place and organized. In addition, the RSVP should be in a short form for guests to fill. i.e.

  • Will you be available to attend? ______accept with pleasure _____ apologetic decline.
  • List of attending and non-attending guests.
  • Email address.
  • Dietary Considerations.
  • Cute paragraphs for friends, where they can drop personalized messages and comments.

Your Special Touch

Regardless of who designed the website, you can personalize it. The style of the website is for sure yours. For instance, it may be comic or formal. A shout out to vendors or supportive friends showing appreciation. A public display at the comment section will sure add to the fun.

Thus, engaging the guests by giving them a section on the platform to interact. Do not forget to add some wedding quotes that symbolizes your commitment to each other, for the perfect finish!


Wedding Website Ideas And Helpers

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In order to create wedding websites for couples, a hosting platform is important. Now, why does this feel like going back to the dating pool? A place where you look out for priorities, as in this case… The specifications should have all you need. Its pros and cons should be within reasonable limits too.

Of course, this is not an easy task, so we have come up with the most important wedding pages options to look out for!
Check also our rating of the best wedding websites!


Ready Made Templates For Wedding Website

Generally speaking, these are the easiest, fastest, and cheapest wedding website helpers. Popular websites even offer free wedding website ideas templates for trials. First, you pick out your best wedding style, be it chick or traditional, quirky or playful. Next is to choose the right keywords, themes, and colors that suits you best. Once this is done, your wedding website ideas template is ready. Then fill in your information and design it to your taste.


  • Quick, easy to build and use.
  • Very little technical knowledge required.


  • Limited personalization options.
  • Less satisfaction for those who want something more unique.

Average Cost

$0 – $10 per month. This depends on if you want to access premium themes and features.


Contact Management Systems

In general, WordPress is one of the most popular platforms that offer many themes peculiar to wedding websites. This style is for couples who are sort of tech-savvy. However, this system is a bit harder to create than RMTs and costs more.

In addition, you can also buy a domain name and pay for hosting. If you want great themes, buy them and put your website together. Are you sort of tech-inclined with an idea of how you want your wedding webpages to be?

Achieve that by using the CMS systems.


  • Control of design procedure.
  • More personalization options


  • More advanced and complicated for tech beginners.
  • Troubleshooting issues may arise.

Average Cost

$10 – $100 dollars and more. This amount covers domain price, hosting, personalized themes and add-ons.

Custom Wedding Website Design

As much as you want to have total control over designs and functions. Hire a professional graphic designer unless you’re one. This is because it involves a lot of work and expertise. From buying a domain to hosting, customization, casting and lots more!

Moreover, a custom wedding website design is unique, and costly but the best so far.


  • Pay a designer, spend less time and get exactly what you want.
  • This allows for total personalization of the website with unlimited options at your disposal.


  • Very expensive.
  • Will cause a lot of trouble if the designer messes up the job.

Average Cost

$500 and above.


Dos and Don’ts Wedding Website Ideas

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It may not be obvious, but a wedding website is fundamental to the success of your wedding plans. And this is where guests are updated about the wedding and follow the fun. They also learn about you and your spouse to be on the website.

Leaving it until the last minute may create a lot of hitches that may ruin your big day. In order to keep your guests informed and to make planning easier, apply these Dos and Don’ts Wedding website ideas.

  • Do include only necessary information.
  • Don’t use acronyms which your guests will find to understand.
  • Do make provision and/or recommendation for lodging, especially for those out of town.
  • Don’t limit RSVP to your website alone. Although convenient, it’s advised to have it on wedding card invites.
  • Do make sure the guests understand the dress code, wedding theme, and any other necessary rules. Communicate the weather to them, so that they will dress to suit.
  • Don’t reveal events planned for the family. This will help avoid unexpected appearances by guests.
  • Do avail guests with the wedding gift registry detail.
  • Don’t forget to add some humor to your wedding bio.
  • Do secure the website with a password.
  • Don’t forget to share your love stories.

All in all, don’t forget, the aim of wedding website ideas is to help create great wedding website pages. Platforms that will keep your guests informed with important details. It will also prepare them for your marriage ceremony. Hence, the website should be informative, lovely, easy to understand, and guest friendly.

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