Memorable Engagement Photo Ideas

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When taking engagement photos, it is a good idea to have direction, a theme to follow. It would also be great if the chosen theme is one that captures the true essence of the subject couple. Topics such as where and how you met, your hobbies, and things you enjoy doing together, come to mind. While the proposal is a very important stage in the relationship, that gap between the proposal and the wedding is an important period too. And a bit of that can be captured on camera. For memories, to share, and to use as engagement photos. With the right engagement photo ideas, getting the best angles of your relationship can be a walk in the park.


From the theme to the location, colors, and chemistry, all of these are elements that can work together to make some of the best engagement photos ever. Props can also be included in the shoots to help with creative poses, lighting, and encourage certain expressions. Scroll down for more information on taking engagement photos that would be true to you and your relationship.

When to do engagement photos?

Timing is very important when taking couple of engagement photos. Sunset is often known as the golden hour, a time that guarantees great lighting for photos. If you want to capture beautiful intimate photos, then this is good timing to consider.

Night-time pics can also be quite magical. Pretty lights from a ferry or Ferris wheel or a starry sky can serve as perfect backdrops for romantic engagement photos. Unexpected weather can also make for awesome engagement photos. You can use the weather to your advantage by using the snow as a background after a snowstorm or including a cute umbrella in the rain.

What should be the cost of engagement photos?

Though the price of an engagement photoshoot varies greatly by region, on average an engagement photographer charges $200 per hour. To capture your engagement day overall should cost between $150 and $300 per hour.



Classy Engagement Photos

Posing for shots doing some of the things that you enjoy doing together is one way of getting classy engagement photos. If you enjoy taking bike rides together, consider a photoshoot on the bike, with one of your favorite locations as the backdrop. You could also take your shoot to the skies if you enjoy helicopter or airplane rides. It doesn’t get classier than that.


Cute Engagement Photos

Do you enjoy taking trips together? Do you have a van or favorite spot for a picnic? You could turn one of your outings into a cute photoshoot. Since it is an environment you are used to, be it your van or picnic spot, it would be easy to relax and allow your feelings to show. This themed shoot will allow your personalities to shine through for a number of cute engagement photos.


Fun Engagement Photos

A good time to take fun engagement photos is when you are actually having fun, i.e., a lot of fun and laughter. This can be at a playful amusement park you love to go to. For poses, you can choose to flip your hair, hug, eat some ice cream. While at it consider the colors included in your background. Fun engagement photos would benefit well from a colorful background.


Sexy Engagement Photos

If you are looking to spice up your engagement photos, then consider heading to the beach or a water park. Bikinis, swimming shorts, and beach items are a great recipe for sexy engagement photos. Have your own sports illustrated photoshoot all on your own for sexy, fun, and romantic photos you will be glad to have captured loving memories.


Themed Engagement Photos

Your personality as a couple would definitely shine through in a themed engagement photoshoot. Choose a theme that best describes you, your relationship, and activities you enjoy together. It could be books, the movie universe, even shopping or traveling. Such a themed shoot can be fun and provide inspiration for numerous ideas. Incorporate your hobbies into your engagement photos for truly unique shots that will capture memories to last a lifetime.

Glamorous Engagement Photos

Travel for some glamour, to a destination you have both always dreamed of. It could be the foot of the Eiffel Tower in Paris or a sexy location such as Positano in Italy. Remember to dress stylishly to stand out from the crowd. Also, choose a background that is worth remembering. From a Cliffside to cobbled streets, each background has the potential to become a masterpiece.


Simple Engagement Photos

There is beauty in simplicity. And an engagement photoshoot doesn’t always have to be some complicated setup. You can choose to relax, do things that are normal in your everyday life, and take casual, fun photos of the two of you together. Simple activities like snuggling in bed, taking a casual walk, or playing a board game can all be sources of some of the most genuine, beautiful, and simple engagement photos.

Artistic Engagement Photos

Unusual and artistic photos are also an option for a couple of photos. If you are thrill-seekers, this might be the time to visit the no gravity room that you always wanted. If you’d much prefer a celestial shot, then consider the magic that is the starry sky for a romantic backdrop. Another one-of-a-kind option for artistic engagement photos can be something as simple as sitting together in the mouth of a bulldozer and discovering all of the poses possible with it.


Amazing Engagement Photos

Taking amazing engagement photos would mean going one step further in finding amazing and otherworldly locations. The swirling sandstone that can be found in Antelope Canyon be one of such locations. Truly amazing, it can be an inspiration for romantic and even sexy photos. An activity like parasailing dome together can also produce such amazing snaps that would be loved not only by you but by your loved ones as well.

Creative Engagement Photos

Sometimes the most adorable couple photos are taken in the most unusual places. Most couples do not plan their first meeting ever, and the very first location that you met could be the unusual place for your creative engagement photos. Did you meet at a bookstore, on the bus, or in a cave on a tour? These locations could be key to your shared interests and so, a great idea for your engagement photo shoot.


How to take engagement photos

Not everyone would be able to hire a photographer for their engagement photos. If you find yourself in this category, do not worry. With a few tips, you or a designated friend should be able to take near-professional couple photos that you will all love.

  • Colors: Colors are vital when shooting engagement photos. You could use colors on opposite ends of the spectrum to create a block or contrast, or you could work with the colors of your environment to produce stunning shots. Another option that could work in some, but definitely all of your photos would be the vintage look of black and white photos. Editing your photos in black and white could result in unexpected and glamorous photos.
  • Wardrobe: Your wardrobe will matter as well. While you don’t necessarily have to match as a couple, it would be nice if the colors and the overall style complement each other.

Numerous engagement photo ideas can ensure that you get the best engagement photos that you deserve for such a special period in your life. Create memories that you will love with either one of these great couple photo ideas to capture your engagement in the best way ever.