Add A Touch Of Whimsy To Your Wedding With These Lace Wedding Decor Ideas

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When most people think about lace in relation to a wedding, they consider the fabric for the wedding dress and perhaps even for the bridal party. However, lace can be used for that and more to produce the most romantic and nostalgia-inspired wedding celebrations. If you are having a vintage wedding, then lace wedding decor ideas can help you bring your dreams to life. But lace wedding décor can also be used in all kinds of weddings, from the most casual to formal, classic, or minimalist.


Do not limit your options. Explore the world of lace for your wedding décor from your wedding cake, to wedding favors, tablescapes, backdrops, and more. A fall wedding would benefit greatly from a chic lace theme. However, it can work with other wedding seasons as well. Read on for more inspiration to create the vintage, whimsy, laid-back, or elegant wedding of your dreams with the best lace wedding decorations.

Ceremony Wedding Decor

For vintage wedding decoration or any other type of lace décor for that matter, combine burlap and lace to create fantastic aisle décor. Tie cute bows on the arms of the aisle chairs with both materials and adorn them with flowers for an adorable finish.


Wedding Arches Lace Decor

A rustic, whimsy, or garden wedding event would benefit greatly from a wedding arch of streaming lace. You could go for white, ivory, or even silver, depending on your wedding color theme. Create an enchanting backdrop by attaching butterfly appliques to the fabric. Adorn the corners of the arches with blooming flower bouquets to complete a magical fairytale look.



Wedding Chairs Decor with Lace

A lovely way to decorate your chairs for an outdoor lace-themed wedding would be to switch silk and linen covers with lace. Find lace fabrics in the colors you desire and use them as chair covers and tablecloths. This will add a soft and romantic touch to your celebration.


Wedding Reception Decor Ideas

Something fun and pretty to add to an outdoor lace-themed wedding would be to hang sun catchers in strategic locations throughout the venue. If you have heard of dream catchers, these aren’t so different, but just as beautiful. These shell chandeliers are cute and lace-like. You could DIY them out of the sweetest lace fabrics or simply purchase them to add something unique to your big day.


Lace Centerpieces


Wrap mason jars filled with flower bouquets, your glass vases, or votives with cute, white lace fabric for that magical ambiance where everything seems possible. Create enchanting tablescapes with these beauties standing side by side in a variety of sizes. You can wrap scented candles as well in similar lace in line with the theme. Consider crochet napkins instead of regular ones to add that vintage feel to your wedding reception.


Table Runners Ideas

Don’t leave your table runners out of lace wedding decor ideas. Create the most fascinating runners out of building paper placed under Chantilly lace. Cut out the sides of the paper to fit with the scalloped edges of the lace and you have a winner.

Wedding Bouquets and Boutonnieres

Some lace wedding ideas that would make your bouquet unique would include adding features such as bits of shiny ribbon, lace trimmings, and even silver rosettes. In the same vein, your bouquet is designed for a classic, vintage or casual wedding, this is sure to make it even more beautiful and lace wedding theme-appropriate. A tiny replica of the bouquet complete with one or two flowers, lace trimming, and even ribbon, would be perfect as a boutonniere for such a wedding. If you are having a whimsical, rustic, or any outdoor type wedding, this would be totally perfect.


Wedding Cake Decor Ideas

Your lace wedding décor would not be complete without adding the wedding cake to the mix. Have your cake maker use tiers or fondant cutouts to create a lace effect on your wedding cake. For example, this would look especially magnificent on a sparkling white cake. Each tier can have a different type of lace design inspired by the lace fabrics used throughout your wedding. Decorate the cake with a garland of flowers or add sugar fondant flowers to the design.

Even though the design for this cake might evoke feelings of summer, it can be used in weddings of every type of season.

A lace-themed wedding would be spectacular in any season, but especially in the fall. For example, combine material such as burlap in your lace wedding decor ideas. And you have unique and distinctive wedding decor that would be perfect for any outdoor or even indoor wedding. Give a bow to creativity and the unconventional with these unique ideas.