The Best Winter Engagement Photos To Inspire You

winter engagement photos brides kissing in the snow
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Getting engaged in the winter can result in some of the most amazing engagement photos. So, take advantage of the season and get a magical photoshoot in the snow. It can’t get any better than using the snow to your advantage and creating memories with winter engagement photos in a winter wonderland. If you want the romance between you and the enchantment of the season to shine through your photos, then consider a holiday-inspired winter engagement session.


Pictures such as hugging and kissing while wrapped in a blanket with stark white snow as a backdrop, or a proposal photo as snow falls all around you. These are a few of the options for couples seeking fun and enchanting winter engagement photo ideas. Although outdoor winter engagement photos come with challenges such as the cold or getting wet, we’ve listed here expert advice on the tips and tricks needed for the best winter engagement sessions.
Read on for more expert tips and inspiration to get some of the best engagement photos in the snow this winter season.

Brides Often Ask

What should I wear for winter engagement photos?

Considering the temperatures in the winter and the wet snow, it’s a great idea to have a few blankets, embrace comfy clothes, and textured, beautiful sweaters that go well with the scenery. It is also advisable to wear long underwear for extra comfort.


Making Your Winter Engagement Photo Shoot

Winter gives a special setting for your engagement pictures. Pick a place that matches how you feel – maybe it’s calm white snow spaces, old places for a warm feeling or busy city scenes if you like new ideas. Parks with lots of snow, icy shores by the lakes and cute city streets can make love feel even better. Think about the time of day for best light and like the winter charm it brings.

Lovely Ideas For Winter Engagement Photos

When scheduling engagement photos in the winter, it is a good idea to wait for the snow as this is a key element for your photos. Also pick a location that perfectly depicts winter, as a path with evergreen trees and mounds of snow. For the best light, go in the morning, or just before sunset. Also, for props, consider mugs for eggnog or gluhwein, cute, warm hats, and plaid blankets for snuggles and kisses.


Engagement Photos In The Snow

Allow your love to shine through your winter engagement shoot with poses that encourage you to hold each other close. So, lots of hugs and kisses, sometimes under mistletoe in a nod to the holiday season. If you are a playful couple, then consider letting loose and play in the snow, throw a few snowballs at each other. You could even make a heart-shaped snowball and hold it together for the camera.

Another option is shared activities, like snowboarding on the slopes or something as simple as enjoying the swings in the snow.


Romantic Winter Couple Photos

Sometimes the simplest things turn out to be the best, even with engagement photo ideas for winter. When considering a white winter engagement, don’t miss the magic of a simple kiss, a walk while holding hands, hugging each other, or even the emotion behind a loving and affectionate look from one partner to the other. Capture these with backdrops of a Christmas street in the city or an evergreen winter forest for some of the best winter engagement photos.

Winter Engagement Shoot With Your Dog

If you have a pet such as a dog, bring them along to be part of your engagement photos in the snow, after all, they’re family. Get some shots where they join in on the fun and all of the hugs and kisses, even the cuddles with the blankets. You are sure to capture some undeniably fun, romantic, and adorable winter engagement photos.


Time and Light Matters

Get the magical Golden Hour time in winter for gentle, warm light that makes your love feel special. The sun being low makes big shadows and a pretty shine, making your engagement photos in winter seem special.

Lovely Winter Looks

Make the winter look better by adding things that are popular in this season. Take a picture of the special shape of snowflakes and the magical appearance of snow as it falls. Love the beauty of winter trees and green plants, make a nice place that matches your love story.


Using Textures

Fight the cold by adding warm textures to your picture-taking. Cover yourselves in warm blankets or fake fur throws to feel close and cozy. Winter clothes can make you look classy and nice. They will help your engagement photos be both cool-looking and comfy.

Using Seasonal Items

Make your winter love pictures better by picking the right extra things. Think about using hot chocolate cups and winter snacks to make a warm feeling. Special flower decoration can be romantic, while putting the engagement ring in a snowy setting makes it very interesting to look at. Take soft kisses while the snow falls for a very magical moment.


Hold Each Other Close

Take on the cold weather by holding each other tight. Your love’s warmth in winter makes for a pretty picture when compared to the cold. Take pictures of lovely moments and real feelings, so your engagement photos show the true bond between you.

Do your Favorite Thing Together

Make your winter engagement photos special by adding personal details like activities you both enjoy during winter. If you’re ice skating, making a snowman or just going for a winter walk, showing your true self in the photos will make them special to you.


Play in the Snow

Enjoy the season by having fun in the snow. Photos of you laughing, having snow fights and happy moments in the winter wonderland make your engagement pictures fun and full of energy. Enjoy the happiness winter gives and let your love show through fun in the snow.

Get the best winter engagement photos with these examples and tips that will inspire you when you plan your own. One of the best seasons for a celebration, the winter produces such picturesque locations and ideas, that it would be a sin not to use the opportunity. Enjoy your winter wonderland and the most romantic snow engagement pictures.