30 Wedding Ideas For Summer You’ll Want To Use

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The dependable weather, bright outdoors, and rush of colors are three of the advantages of having a summer wedding. But while basking in the joys of having an unforgettable bright summer wedding, the comfort of your guests comes to mind. We’ve come up with refreshing wedding ideas for summer that keeps your guests cool while setting up a stunning wedding.


Is it the use of greenery, flowers, and leaves, the unpacking of the summer color palette, or the creative decor styles? You can have the best indoor or outdoor summer wedding following 30 summer wedding ideas we’ll show you in this post.

30 Wedding Ideas For Summer


Floral Invitations

The wedding invites must be cohesive with other wedding themes for summer. Floral invites carry warmth and send a message to the guests. They’d know you’re having a summer wedding even before they open the invite.

Tip: Peonies, white roses, and shades of blush are perfect for your floral invites.



Floral Invitations

This simple lightweight silk is a summer wedding essential. They work great as table runners for country or rustic weddings. They can also be tied around the table as drop-down curtains, giving more finesse.

Tip: Add some life to chiffon by pairing then work colorful flowers or greenery.



Coffee track

For couples who are coffee lovers, create a coffee track at your wedding reception. This is an outdoor wedding idea that also works indoors. Put different blends of coffee into separate dispensers, plus stacks of biodegradable/Styrofoam cups.

Tip: Put signs by each dispenser to keep guests aware of each blend.


Gold colors

Give your wedding an opportunity to stand out in the summer, by infusing gold color. From flower headpieces to centerpieces and lighting, a touch of gold is classic. This sophisticated color stands alone or blends.

Tip: Gold’s best companion for summer is rose pink, cream, dark purple, and emerald green.



Flower ring

Do you know your summer wedding flowers? Summer gives a lot to work with, from pink bouquets to colorful centerpieces. At your disposal are succulents, peonies, stocks, garden roses, sweet peas, and other assortments.

Tip: Various summer flowers are quite suited for only specific aspects of décor. Use accordingly.


Flower ring

These flower fans are decorative and useful cheap wedding ideas for summer. They can be made into beautiful wedding programs or hanging decor. And to combat the heat, you can make then into hand fans cum favors.

Tip: You can DIY these fans with Smooth sticks, crafted paper or card stock.



Cocktails trailer

Instead of the traditional cocktail bars and bartenders, hire cocktail trailers for the day. This is one of the most practical cheap wedding ideas for summer. You’ll especially need this if you’re having an outdoor wedding. Great way to maximize space.

Tip: Place trailers strategically for the guest’s convenience.


Greenery table decor

Greenery transforms a bland table into lush and lavish. It’s one of the cheap wedding ideas for summer. They’re great as table runners, seat decor, table numbers, place card alternatives, tall centerpieces, and more.

Tip: Fern, ivy, Myrtle, and eucalyptus are the most sought-after greenery for table décor.



Bright accents

Enjoy the vibrant accents of summer. From the beauty of sweet taffy to the aqua and Caribbean blue ocean hues. You have your accents for invites, decor, wedding attire and more.

Tip: Orchid, majestic purple, bright yellow, deep fuchsia, and begonia are some of the most sought-after bright summer colors.


String lights

Thinking of evening backyard wedding ideas for summer? Go alfresco dining and string lights. This is one of the romantic outdoor wedding ideas for summer that has everyone dining under the stars. Beautify by running string lights over the whole wedding venue.

Tip: Perfect for intimate evening outdoor wedding.



Bohemian décor

Incorporate bohemian vibe to summer using wild meadow for venue decor. Use watercolor table runner for the table, and hanging dream catchers above. Set lounge with antique furniture, thick rugs, and feather-soft cushions.

Tip: The bohemian decor also makes one of the best vintage wedding ideas for summer.


The menu on the leaf

Printing up your wedding menu on a leaf is one of the most creative wedding reception ideas for summer. Place them at the guest’s tables or food stands.

Tip: We advise that you print your menu on palm leaves. They are quite known to be durable and the most popular leaves used.



Chairs décor with flowers

Floral decorated chairs are great outside wedding ideas for summer. Give your chairs a treat with summer wedding flowers. From stunning lush florals to DIY posies, add a touch of class to your seats.

Tip: The best flowers to use for chair decor are Zinnias, dahlias, peonies, and garden roses.


Neon sign

Think neon signs for ceremony and wedding reception ideas for summer. From floor lighting to ceremony backdrop, welcome signage and bar décor. There’s much to do with neon lights.

Tip: Do craft neon signs with simple chic cursive sentiments. It saves money and stays useful in the home.



Rustic decor

Make your venue dazzle in summer by incorporating some rustic flavor. Give your decor a rustic touch by dropping in burlap table runners. Include pinecones in the centerpieces, and add some refreshing foliage to your floral arrangements.

Tip: Keep it simple, unless you’re having a full-blown rustic-themed wedding.


Water station

For the summer weather, especially an outdoor wedding, a water station is necessary. Place jars of pure or infused water at these stations. To make water chilled, complement with barrels of ice cubes.

Tip: Custom water containers with striped straws are a hit. They make drinking easier and less messy.



Pampas grass

The legendary pampas grass is a darling of outside wedding ideas for summer decoration. You can use them for your stunning backdrops, arch and venue decor, table runners, and centerpieces. Only experts can work with this grass.

Tip: Pampas grass pairs perfectly with reeds, king protea eucalyptus, ranunculus, and orchids.


Mini Champange Bottles

Bring some action to the taste buds of your guests by putting together mini bottles. For the sake of summer, keep them chilled and pour in bite-sized tumblers. This helps guests combat hotness and heat.

Tip: Frozen blueberries, grapefruit bitters, lemonade, and blood orange margaritas are perfect summer choices.



Fresh pink boutonnieres

Without looking all queasy, keep the groom in colors for the season with fresh pink boutonnieres. This is one wedding idea for summer where you leave your personal touch. You can use flowers, dried fruits or succulents.

Tip: The best choices for fresh pink boutonnieres are pink roses and calla lilies.


Lemon tree décor

Lemon tree decor are simple wedding ideas for summer decoration. Dazzling with so much uniqueness, it adds a pop of color to your venue decor. Fruits are perfect elements for summer.

Tip: Lemon tree decor works best with floral arrangements. Blend them together for a stunning effect.



Leaf décor

The trend of non-flower greenery is on. For summer wedding decor, you can use the leaf for place cards, escort cards, seating charts, table runners, and even wedding cakes.

Tip: Look out for the beautiful magnolia, pumpkin and palm leaves. Engaging an expert decorator will do you a world of good.


Blush colors

The summer season is full of brightness. Work with tons of subtle blush colors for your wedding. From bridesmaid dresses to menu cards, boutonnieres, bouquets, place cards, and décor; you can never go wrong.

Tip: Source as many tones of blush possible. Add touches of white for perfection.



Smoke bombs

Is confetti still a thing? Lend some beauty to a summer wedding by switching confetti for smoke bombs. While they are non-toxic and beautify the environment, they also form a stunning photo backdrop.

Tip: Dusty pink, orange, and the coral-colored smoke bomb is the best color choice for summer.


Wooden signage

The wooden wedding signage is one of the noteworthy country wedding ideas for summer. You have you out space and stunning view. So, why not complete with wooden wedding signage to show guests where to get cocktails, go dancing, enjoy a buffet and pick wedding favors.

Tip: Name every venue signage.



Pink and white colors

Take advantage of the season, maximizing the use of these wedding colors ideas for summer. Your wedding theme will get a total facelift. Going through the shades of pink and for decor, menu, floral arrangements, bouquet, and attires. Your wedding would be unforgettable.

Tip: More pink and expert touches of white.


Flower headpiece

Going whimsical, bohemian, and romantic, a bridal flower headpiece is a hit. This is one of the best DIY wedding ideas for summer which blends with the season’s calm and warmth. Make a flower headpiece using whimsical gypsophila, eucalyptus, pink roses, or pastel petals.

Tip: Pair seasonal colors with greens.



Chic centerpieces

Chic centerpieces are a hit if you’re thinking wedding ideas for summer on a budget. Use roses and ice cream cones for creative wedding centerpieces. You can also go green by using mini potted succulents for tables.

Tip: These centerpieces can double as meaningful wedding favors at the end of the day.


Summer wedding attire

What to wear is one of the most important wedding ideas for summer, couple and guests alike. The weather is hot, so everyone needs a lot of air. Short wedding attires or long flowing fabrics are the way forward. Stay classy and comfortable.

Tip: Do more of cotton, organza, and tulle.



Succulent wedding favor

Succulents are by far some of the best wedding favor ideas for summer. Succulents like sunflowers, calla lilies, garden roses, and orchids can stand high temperatures and stays through the wedding. Discuss options with your horticulturist.

Tip: Hydrangeas in the summer are wrong investments. They’d wilt under the summer heat.


Summer wedding cake

Fruity-adorned naked cakes are wedding cake ideas for summer that we love. Bring summer beauty to your cake with pastel colors. You can also opt for naked cake dusted with pastel-colored buttercream, and decorated with berries.

Tip: Keep refrigerated to enable buttercream stay firm for a reasonable while.

It doesn’t matter whether you have your wedding in the early or late summer, you’re still in luck. You’re offered an opportunity to explore timeless wedding ideas for summer, without blowing your budget. Find ways to incorporate succulents, bright accents, greenery, and leaf into your decor as they trend. If you’re in the Bohemian or rustic spirit, put an antique or woodsy touch on your decor, It’s your big, so work with summer colors that bring life to your wedding and blend with your bright personality.