50 Clever Wedding Ideas Full Of Inspiration For Your Big Day

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One of the best ways to create your own stunning wedding look is to narrow down exactly what style and theme fit your ideal day. With many amazing wedding ideas out there we wanted to share some of the most exciting and beautiful ones to help you plan a special day. From wedding ceremony ideas and wedding food ideas to wedding reception ideas and unique wedding ideas we have something for everyone.


Take some time to jot down what your ideal wedding day looks and feels like and then find your perfect wedding ideas on our amazing list.

Newest Wedding Ideas For 2021

Ribbon Wands


Create a stylish sendoff by providing guests with a ribbon wand in a wedding color that matches your wedding theme.

Expert tip: Ribbon wands are perfect for any season but look especially good in the spring and summertime when more couples plan outdoor events. Ribbon wands can be used for a ceremony or reception send-off and can be a great accessory for flower girls.

Ordering Bridal Subscription


Bridal subscription boxes are perhaps the hottest trend in wedding planning right now. With many weddings being moved to 2021 and 2022 brides want to feel special and stay excited throughout their planning journey.

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Wedding Map


Make sure your guests know how to get to all of the wedding celebration events you have planned for your wedding by providing a wedding map. With easy online printing services, wedding maps can be created in almost any style and to fit most budgets.

Expert tip: Wedding maps are extremely popular for destination weddings since many guests will be coming in from out of town. Wedding maps are perfect to share locations and details for where the ceremony, reception, rehearsal dinner and more will take place. Many couples have their wedding maps completely customized.


Wedding Piñata


This is not the same pinata you remember from the childhood parties you attended. Wedding pinatas are being created in beautiful and stylish colors, designs, and themes perfect for almost any type of wedding event.

Expert tip: Fill your wedding pinata with small wedding favors, candy treats, or even small plastic alcohol bottles.

Repurposing Vintage Decor


Creating chic wedding decor can be easy when you find some vintage items to repurpose and bring to life in a new way. Couples are using everything from vintage suitcases as cardholders, church pews for outdoor seating, and windows for the seating chart to bring a vintage vibe to their wedding.

Expert tip: If you are planning a boho or vintage-inspired wedding you should definitely take a look at repurposing vintage decor. Consider items like vintage windows, books, china, chairs, benches, and doors.

Wedding Flowers Ideas

Mono-Floral Look


This fresh new floral look has taken over the wedding scene. The mono-floral look is centered around the idea of having your florist create floral arrangements for the wedding only using one type of flower.

Expert tip: The mono-floral look is perfect for couples who are trying to achieve a minimalist look but still want a major impact and to add some floral beauty.


Dried Flowers


Dried flowers are hitting the wedding market in a big way; and they might even be able to save your budget. Work with your florist to create a look of dried flowers and work in wheat and eucalyptus.

Expert tip: Perfect for fall weddings, outdoor weddings, and vintage-inspired events where couples want to add some unique decor and centerpieces.


Herb Centerpieces


Herbs can make for a beautiful and budget-friendly wedding centerpiece. Brides all over the world are getting in on this trend. Herb centerpieces can be made from a large variety of herbs and can be dressed up or dressed down depending on how formal the affair is.

Expert tip: Herb centerpieces work perfectly for a wedding that is trying to go with a more simple style, especially for their table decor. DIY brides will be willing to take on this task since it does not entail much experience.

Mismatched Bridesmaid Bouquets


No two bridesmaids are the same so who said their bouquet has to be the same as well? With the rise of mismatched bridesmaids dresses, we are also seeing the trend of mismatched bouquets.

Expert tip: Create one-of-a-kind bridesmaids bouquets that work with the specific dress, style, and personality for each bridesmaid. Florists can change up the type of flower, bouquet color, or arrangement style.

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Succulent Wedding Bouquet


Adding a succulent to your wedding bouquet or going for a complete succulent bouquet look is a wonderful way to add some drama and unexpected color to your wedding bouquet. Succulents come in a variety of colors and shapes allowing you to find just the right look for your bouquet.

Expert tip: This bouquet first became popular with boho wedding brides; but it seems now we are seeing it in rustic, country, and industrial style weddings.

Will your wedding be inside or outside?

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  • Outside
  • Both

Will your wedding be inside or outside?

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20.51 %
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Wedding Decor Ideas

Superhero Themed Decor


This may not be one of the most popular wedding themes, but there is no reason you can’t have this as your wedding theme. From Batman to Superman to Wonder Woman and Captain America there is no shortage of creative ways to work in your favorite superhero to your super day!

Expert tip: Couples are adding in superhero apparel, flower arrangements, cake design, and even favors that play up and show off their favorite character.


Birthstone Decorations


Love the color of your birthstone? Why not take the idea of your birthstone color and add it to your wedding decor. You can add in your birthstone color to your floral displays, table linens, wedding invitations, and more.

Expert tip: Create a colorful theme or add your birthstone colors as an accent to your decor.

Fruits Wedding Decoration


Fruit wedding decorations make a major impact and can be easy on your budget. We love it when couples add apples or lemons to their wedding centerpieces or pears and limes.

Expert tip: Hosting a summer wedding? Add lemons and limes to your wedding decor. This creates a fresh look and helps to cut down on the floral budget. If you are looking to add something special to your fall wedding consider adding apples throughout the reception in centerpieces, place cards, and even candy apples for favors.


Golden Theme


Some of the most beautiful wedding themes we have seen are centered around a gold theme. Gold can be stunning at a wedding since it creates an easy elegant and formal vibe without being over the top dramatic.

Expert tip: Consider working in details like gold candle holders, gold linens, gold plates, and barware to complete this stunning wedding theme.

Tropical Themed Wedding


When getting married in a tropical setting why not draw inspiration from your location and add some tropical ideas to your wedding? From floral arrangements to the invitation design to table decor you can add in tons of amazing tropical ideas easily.

Expert tip: Perfect for a destination wedding or anywhere if you want to create a laid back tropical theme. This theme works best when planned for an outdoor warm-weather event or one where you can be close to a beach destination.


Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Pre-Ceremony Cocktails


Start the wedding ceremony off with a festive feeling. Many couples offer pre-ceremony cocktails as a way to get their guests celebrating upon arrival.

Expert tip: Perfect for warm weather weddings there has been a spike in couples offer a pre-ceremony glass of champagne or another cocktail that allows guests to kick off the celebration.

Unique Seating


Seating is a big part of the planning process but gone are the days when you have to seat everyone in a traditional manner. Couples today are mixing table sizes and shapes, offering unique seating such as lounge furniture and even covered hay bales for a rustic feel.

Expert tip: Get creative and start looking at ways you can play up a unique seating chart at your event. From long tables to a mix of square and round tables it seems tables are a fun way to mix and match a unique seating arrangement. If you want to play up other seating arrangements you can add in benches, vintage chairs, couches, and even a relaxed lounge area.


Canvas Wedding Ceremony Backdrop


Create some drama at your ceremony location by adding a canvas wedding backdrop. Adding a backdrop creates a special atmosphere and a great focal piece for your wedding ceremony.

Expert tip: The options are endless if you are looking for a stunning canvas backdrop. From floral designs to marble styles to bible quotes and monograms you can definitely find the right design to fit your style and location.

Non-Traditional Wedding Officiant


Getting married also means having someone officiate the wedding ceremony and believe it or not you have lots of choices when it comes to who will oversee the ceremony. If you are looking for a fun twist at the wedding ceremony consider having a friend, a special family member, or an important person in your life officiate.

Expert tip: You don’t need to have a specific person or a religious leader officiate your wedding. You can pick anyone and have them get the proper paperwork online. Couples who are having a wedding outside of a traditional religious location can consider having someone special officiate.


Blue Flower Girl Dresses


Make your youngest part of your bridal party stand out by wearing a blue flower girl dress. Not only will it add a great pop of color but it also can serve as your “something blue” which is super fun!

Expert tip: Flower girls add cuteness to the wedding ceremony that is something everyone loves to see. Having your flower girls dress in a lovely light blue color works perfectly for a spring or summer wedding while a darker blue works for fall and winter weddings.

Wedding Reception Ideas

Ladies’ Lounge


Offer a space for your bridesmaids and ladies to touch up their makeup, grab essential goodies, and take a moment of rest.

Expert tip: Many wedding venues offer a lounge area that is separate from the restroom area are a little more elaborate in design and allows for the wedding party and ladies to grab a glass of water, reapply makeup or fix their hair and access items they may need.


Children Corner


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Keeping children happy at a wedding is a big task but one that can be fun as well.

Expert tip: Create a children’s corner filled with games, toys, special seating, snack food, and coloring pages to keep kids happy and busy at your reception. Many couples also provide a babysitter or two to watch over this area so parents can eat at their assigned table or dance without having to worry.

Surprise Wedding Dance


Sometimes it is fun to shake things up and ditch tradition. Many couples today decide to surprise their guests with a surprise wedding dance which sounds both fun and memorable.

Expert tip: Couples who decide to have a surprise wedding dance often start with a traditional first dance song and routine and then without notice break into something more upbeat with fun choreography.


Unique Guest Transportation


Moving guests from one location to another takes planning but no one says you have to transport guests in a traditional way. Couples are getting creative and offering local trolley cars, party buses, boats and ferries, and even golf carts.

Expert tip: Work with local transportation companies to see what options might be available in your area and don’t forget to think outside the box. Even if your ceremony and reception are at the same location you can still offer transportation to and from local hotels.

Live Music Band


There is nothing like dancing the night away to great music as you celebrate the newly married couple. You don’t have to stick to the traditional wedding DJ or music piped in when you can hire a live music band.

Expert tip: Live music certainly does create a fun and festive vibe and will get your guests up and moving. Work with your venue to see how couples in the past have managed the live music and dance areas in that specific location.


Wedding Menu Ideas

Cheese Wedding Cake


Wedding cakes have become a part of the wedding like never before. From elaborate designs to mini cakes and everything in between it has been fun to watch wedding cakes evolve. One amazing wedding cake idea that is trending is the idea of a cheese wedding cake.

Expert tip: Perfect for the couple who loves cheese and wants this passion to be part of their big day. Cheese wedding cakes look very much like a traditional wedding cake but of course, they are made from a variety of different cheeses.

Ice-cream Cart


Everyone loves ice cream so why not have an ice cream cart at your reception? Couples add an ice cream cart as either a replacement for the traditional cake dessert or as an extra bonus.

Expert tip: Of course, any wedding can have an ice cream cart but they do work perfectly for warm weather weddings. Many local ice cream vendors offer carts that you can have come to your reception and serve yummy treats to all of your guests.


Beer Tasting Bar


Beer has become a staple at weddings now that there are so many unique and interesting beer breweries. From local craft breweries to larger beer companies you can set up a beer station with several different options where guests can either serve themselves or have a bartender assist them.

Expert tip: Beer tasting bars are perfect for outdoor and rustic style events where you want to offer guests a fun treat and a little less formal bar. Many local breweries now offer beer bars that they will come and set up for your event.

Local Cuisine


The idea of adding local items to a wedding of course includes sourcing and serving local cuisine. Many catering and wedding venues will work to make sure the food they serve comes from the area. Not only is this a tasty treat but you will also be making sure your wedding supports the local economy.

Expert tip: Serving local cuisine works well at any wedding venue but it seems to work partially well at rustic and country venues since they often are set in areas where they can work with small local vendors to create a farm to table menu.


Trail Mix Snack Bar


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Allow your guests to munch in style and fill up a bag of treats at a trail mix snack bar. Offering a variety of options allows your guests to mix and match exactly what they want to make their ideal trail mix and as an added plus this can always serve as the perfect favor.

Expert tip: Trail mix bars can be created with little effort by shopping in bulk and displaying items in baskets and bins for your guests to sample. Some great ideas to add to your trail mix bar are nuts, seeds, fruit along with candies, pretzels, and chocolate chips.

Intimate And Small Wedding Ideas

Secret Garden Wedding


Invite guests to celebrate your wedding day with an enchanted garden wedding theme. Romantic flowers, intimate candlelight, and a beautiful location will create a truly one-of-a-kind garden wedding.

Expert tip: The secret garden wedding theme of course works the best in spring and summer when flowers are in full bloom and outdoor venues are available. Creating a full secret garden wedding theme can be achieved by adding dramatic candlelight, an abundance of flowers, and dazzling table decor. Venues such as botanical gardens, arboretums, and estates are all great options for planning a secret garden wedding.

Where would your dream reception take place?

  • On the beach
  • At a historic landmark
  • Inside a barn or countryside retreat
  • At the restaurant or hotel
  • At the backyard

Where would your dream reception take place?

On the beach
61.11 %
At a historic landmark
16.67 %
Inside a barn or countryside retreat
0.00 %
At the restaurant or hotel
11.11 %
At the backyard
11.11 %
Voted : 18


Candles Decor


Nothing sets a romantic mood like candlelight so why not create this look at your wedding ceremony and reception. From large oversized candles to small delicate candles the options are endless for creating your own special style.

Expert tip: Couples are really taking the idea of candlelight to the next level and adding large lanterns filled with candles to create a focal point at their ceremony and reception along with breaking traditions and mixing and matching candle sizes and containers on their wedding tables. If you are looking to cut down on your flower budget think about adding more candles to your tables!

Minimalistic Wedding Arch


From simple metal frame arches to swags of greenery to a simple wood arch you can really find the perfect match for your venue and taste.

Expert tip: Wedding arches really work best when couples are having their ceremony at a venue or location that needs to create a focal point and backdrop. Outdoor ceremonies, barn, and garden venues along with loft spaces and beaches are ideal locations for a minimalistic wedding arch.


Creative Unity Ceremony


When a couple gets married, they are becoming one, so many couples want to spotlight that importance with a unity ceremony at their wedding. There are a number of creative ways couples can signify this coming together as one. Consider lighting one candle together, pouring sand together into one large container, braiding a rope together, blending paint, pouring beer or wine in one glass, and even planting a small tree in a pot.

Expert tip: Creating a moment to showcase the unity at your ceremony is an important one and often couples can find a unity ceremony that reflects who they are as a couple. If you are hoping to make this work at your wedding make sure you decide the appropriate amount of time for it at your ceremony.

Intimate Vow Exchange


The one trend that is on the rise is couples deciding to exchange vows before the actual ceremony in a more private and intimate way.

Expert tip: An intimate vow exchange is perfect for any wedding where the couple wants to say their intimate words privately and perhaps recite more traditional vows at the ceremony when surrounded by family and friends. Anyone who feels slightly shy about saying their personal vows in front of a large crowd should definitely consider this trend.


Unconventional Wedding Ideas

Cotton Candy


Who doesn’t love cotton candy? Remember being a kid and loving the look, smell, and taste of cotton candy well many couples are finding fun and unique ways to work in cotton candy on their big day.

Expert tip: Setting up a cotton candy station for guests to snack on for dessert is just one way we are seeing couples work in this classic favorite to their big day. Other fun options are cotton candy bridesmaid bouquets (yes, that’s right), cotton candy machine stations, and pre-packaged cotton candy as a wedding favor.

Ask For Song Requests


Create the perfect wedding playlist by getting your guests to help and request songs.

Expert tip: Many couples are getting their guests involved early in the wedding planning process by asking them for song requests to then have the band of DJ play. Couples can request this type of information by adding fill in space on the RSVP card, on the couple’s website, or via email.


Change Your Wedding Dress


No one said you could only wear one dress on your wedding day so have fun and have two…or three!

Expert tip: Many brides decide to change their wedding dress into a more fun and easy reception dress for dancing and for ending the evening. Brides are getting comfy and changing out of their ceremony dress and sporting a short reception dress, a jumpsuit, or just something a little easier to move and groove in.

Parade Ceremony Exit


Exiting your wedding ceremony in style is a great way to kick off the celebration.

Expert tip: Have musicians in the exit area of your ceremony and have them play upbeat music as you and your partner exit the ceremony and get ready to celebrate.


Interactive Wedding Ideas

Photo Booth


Capturing the fun and celebration of a wedding is important and a great way to do this is to have a photo booth available for guests to participate in. There is no shortage of photo booth vendors who can make this fun and interactive addition come to life for you.

Expert tip: There are many different styles of photo booths from simple ones that just print out images to more tech-savvy ones where you can have images sent to your smartphone so make sure you find the one that you want and will work best for your guests and event.

Time Capsule


Mark your special occasion by creating a time capsule to open at a future time. You can fill your time capsule with anything that is important to you and marks the time you wed. Here are a few ideas of what to add include: your wedding invitation, a picture from your engagement, a note to each other, wedding favor, a small wine bottle, honeymoon memorabilia, and your wedding cake topper.

Expert tip: The idea of creating a wedding time capsule and opening it on a future date is nothing exactly new but it is something that couples are doing more and more. Not only are the ideas of what you can add endlessly but there is a large variety of containers you can purchase and even customize.


Wedding Hashtag


Hashtags are a new type of language that has taken over our world thanks to social platforms like Twitter and Instagram. A hashtag will make sure you and your guests find all of the images or text shared on social media outlets by using a specific hashtag.

Expert tip: Get creative with your hashtag and make it unique to you and your big day. Couples are finding ways to combine their names, event location, or play on words to make their hashtag unique for the day. Can’t think of something interesting for your hashtag? You can now get a hashtag generated for you by using the Wedding Wire’s hashtag generator.

Jenga Guest Book


Unique guestbook ideas are something we always see as a trend and now you can take it to the next level with a personalized Jenga set where your guests can sign each piece and it allows for hours of future fun.

Expert tip: Create a dedicated area at your reception for guests to be able to sign your Jenga set and you can even purchase a personalized box to keep your special Jenga set in.


Table Games


Everyone loves having something fun to do at their table as they mingle so why not have some fun table games that your wedding guests can enjoy. Couples are having fun by setting out on their tables trivia games, eye spy games, tic tac toe, and more.

Expert tip: Table games are perfect for any wedding and help your guests start conversations with one another as well. You can buy premade games online or you can create your own.

Wedding Ideas On A Budget

Alternative Boutonnieres


Floral boutonnieres are always in style but many grooms are opting for something a little more interesting and that represents their style. Consider going in a new direction and sporting a button, feather, leaf, pinecone, ribbon, or even shell made boutonniere.

Expert tip: If you want to get crafty this is a perfect DIY project to take on for your wedding day. Create something that showcases the groom’s personality or favorite hobby like using golf tees, fly fishing gear, or colors from their favorite sports team.


Elegant Calligraphy


Nothing screams elegance more than beautiful calligraphy. Make a statement on your wedding invitations, escort cards, and wedding stationery with this classic wedding writing.

Expert tip: Calligraphy now has become popular for all types of weddings and not just reserved for the most formal of events. Couples are using a variety of calligraphy fonts and colors for their wedding making it perfect for everything from a rustic style event to a black-tie evening wedding.

Eclectic Table Decor


Eclectic table decor mixes together different styles to create one cohesive focus. Many times couples will use cultural influences or pull together different elements that have a common characteristic such as color, shape, pattern, or motifs. Eclectic table decor really allows a wedding couple to showcase their personality and a style that truly reflects who they are.

Expert tip: Unique wedding venues such as loft space, museums, libraries, barns, and vineyards are the perfect spot to host your wedding and create an eclectic table decor since the venue itself is nontraditional.


Creative Escort Cards


Traditionally an escort card is a small tented card that tells you which table you will be seated at; but it seems couples are going to great lengths to make their escort cards unique. A simple online search will show just how many amazing ideas there are out there for making your escort cards totally one-of-a-kind but some of our favorites are using shells, glass, stones, luggage tags, ribbon and more!

Expert tip: Perfect for any wedding but we especially see couples who are hosting their wedding at a destination spot get creative with their escort cards since they can draw inspiration from their location.

Blankets For Guests


No one wants their guests to get cold especially if you are hosting an outdoor wedding so providing cozy blankets is a chic way to keep guests warm and happy.

Expert tip: Blankets are ideal for a fall wedding or any event that might be outdoors. As the evening starts to get late guests might get a little chilly so allowing them to add a warm blanket to their shoulders or lap ensures your party will continue and your guests will be happy. Want to get creative for the big day? Adding your monogram or wedding theme to the blankets is an awesome idea and then displays the blankets in cute baskets close to the seating, ceremony, or reception spaces.

Making your wedding unique and adding creative details is a fun part of the planning process. There are thousands of wedding ideas you can add to your wedding to make the day one-of-a-kind and special for you, your partner, and your guests.


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