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50 Unique Wedding Ideas You Will Want To Steal


One of the best days of a couple’s lives is the wedding day, and you must make it memorable. It is all in the little wedding ideas you embrace and introduce to your wedding ceremony and reception. Away with the cliché centerpieces, traditional laterns, décor, and basic wedding reception ideas.


The more inventive and creative unique wedding ideas you embrace, the better your wedding turns out. Whether in spring, summer or fall, we’ve brought to you refreshing wedding ideas to make your day one of a kind!

1. Black And White Wedding Decorations

Thinking black and white wedding ideas for spring? Black and white balloons are it. They are quite sophisticated for the perfect monochromatic décor. They’re great at the venue entrance and dessert tables. Also, stylish black table setting is a beauty to see.

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2. Minimalistic Bouquet

The statement “less is more” hasn’t been truer! There’s no better way to make a classic statement than with a minimalistic bouquet. A single bloom bouquet is subtle, allowing you and all the beauty that you are to shine through. Yet is very present, giving you a touch of class.

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3. Bridal Subscription Box

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4. Wedding Monogram

Looking for unique wedding party ideas? Wedding monogram is your bet. It’s the perfect way to leave your personal touch on your wedding as a couple. Peg or inscribe you and your partner’s initials on everything. From signage to place cards, favors. A constant reminder to guests about your day.

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5. Wedding Hashtag

The wedding hashtag ideas is one filled with so much fun. Get friends, and family to celebrate your big day by creating a wedding hashtag. When guests want to put your wedding pictures on social media, they get to use the hashtag. A cute combination of your names will do.

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6. Cloche Centerpiece

Beauty and the beast wedding ideas remain incomplete without a cloche centerpiece. To push the story of the enchanted rose, get single sturdy roses and put them in vials of water. Add some rose petals to your cloche. Cover with a glass dome. It’s subtle, dramatic and romantic.

Source:  disney fineart photographyValentin Design via Etsy, Valentin Design via Etsy


7. Cheese And Prosciutto Station

The perfect appetizers anyone?! Set up a station of goat cheese and prosciutto-wrapped persimmons. The guests will have fun warming up their appetites before the main meal. Couples are saying yes to letting guests pick their appetizers themselves rather than serving round. Gives them a great opportunity to mingle.

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8. Unique Wedding Cake Topper

What’s your style as a couple? Show that through one of the most unique wedding ideas — cake topper. The “just married” cake topper banner is one we love. A perfect way to remind guests what’s going on. Hang with two edible poles at the cake top and you’re good.

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9. Minimalistic Wedding Arch

For wedding arch ideas, go minimal. Add a personal touch and make it go with your wedding theme. Beautiful designs like the cove, circle, and square are fabulous. Decide to leave them naked, adorned with greenery, floral arrangements, or drape with tulle. It’s symbolic.

Source:  Further Still Artistrymyonelovemyonelove

10. Trail Mix Snack Bar

The trail snack bar is one of the most awesome wedding buffet ideas. If you don’t intend for a buffet on the wedding menu, create a trail mix snack bar. Send guests home with your fav snacks they mixed themselves. From pretzels to raisins, peanuts to chocolate candies and more.

Source:  partyideas.craftgossip


11. Jenga Guest Book

Are you a couple into games? Get your guests to sign on a Jenga guest book. They’re allowed to sign on both sides. If they don’t sigh all the blocks, write your best wedding memories on the rest. Reminisce and smile as you play the game of Jenga years later.

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12. Thank You Sign

Thank you’s keep you grateful and the guests important. Add color to your day by sporting perfect calligraphy on wooden or acrylic signage. Mention everyone that you need to appreciate. From family to friends, colleagues, and everyone who made your day a success. It will surely warm their hearts.

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13. Circular Seating

You don’t want anyone left out in the fun and proceedings of the day. Cool wedding seating ideas is to arrange seats in circular patterns. This way, the guests surround the couple and can see from wherever they sit. Circular rows are also beautiful, modern and refreshing from straight

Source:  samuel lippke studioschardphoto, chardphoto

14. Pre-Ceremony Cocktails

Something to calm the thirst before the reception, especially if we’re thinking wedding ideas for summer. Subtle alcohol, nothing strong at all. Fruit-infused iced tea, chilled lemonade, mimosas, etc. Have some non-alcoholic beverages handy too. Be sure to have staff move around the venue to keep the place tidy.

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15. Welcome Bags

They are not just guests, they mean a lot to you, so make them feel so. The perfect idea is a welcome bag that goes beyond basics. Add personalized items like your fave coffee blends, a ticket to the snack shop, or fave drinks. Don’t forget to include a handwritten welcome note.

Source:  kate headley weddings

16. Useful Wedding Favors

The perfect guest favors are souvenirs they can use. A fabulous idea is to think ahead of the guests. Inexpensive flip flops for the long day ahead, straw hat, sunglasses and sunscreen for a summer wedding. And scented soap after a long day of dancing, for out of town guests.

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17. Mini Alcohol Bottles

What’s your favorite couple brew? Get different blends of your couple favorite mini microbrew and send guests off with them. Order custom made labels to make it more personalized. Guests will either enjoy it at your wedding reception or take the party home with them. Either way, it’s all fun.

Source:  jevents

18. Children Corner

Will your wedding allow children? Create a space close to the wedding venue to keep them comfy for when they get tired. Hire a sitter and kit the place with blankets, mattresses, DVD and wedding games for kids. Everyone gets to catch their fun, and parents can check the kids.

Source:  beth moseley photography


19. Ring Bearer Sign

The ring bearer does an important job, put some respect on the young man. Get him a board sign, flag or banner that tells his duty. Or create a custom made shirt which states “ring bearer” for the Lad. Gives an air of importance and adds color to your day.

Source: aziccardi

20. Bio-Degradable Confetti

Couples who are conscious of the environment can have an eco-friendly wedding always. Instead of rice, glitters and synthetic flowers to litter the place, use biodegradable confetti. There are biodegradable seeds that are perfect for confetti throwing. They are not harmful to the soil. They degrade after a short while.

Source:  confetti-cones


21. Parade Ceremony Exit

Your ceremony exit can only be as dramatic as you make it. Fire up your guests by sharing over parasols, balloon curves, and noisemakers. With these, they will walk you through to the reception venue, or getaway car as the case may be. Time for guests to whip out their phones and snap away!

Source:  lauren fair photography

22. Garter To A Football

Is your groom a football fan? Then garter to a football toss is a fun wedding idea. The groom will hitch the garter to a football, and throw it to the boys. An alternative is a garter inscribed with your fave football club. Remember to play the perfect garter toss song.

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23. Change Your Wedding Dress

An alluring wedding reception idea is the new look. Don’t just let your hair down, or touch your make up. You’re the belle of the ball, so change up your clothes. You’ve got the perfect excuse to wear that turquoise dress that’s too flirty for a walk down the aisle.

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24. Surprise Dance At Your Wedding Party

A bride should keep it graceful yeah? Surprise your guests with a high energy routine dance, as you take the stage with your wedding party. Take some dance lessons before the wedding and pull off a perfectly choreographed number. One more thing to make your wedding a memorable one.


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25. Late-Night Snacks

And after you’ve gyrated into the night, show the guests that the party isn’t over. Roll out a late-night snack for their enjoyment. Keep it to your favorites like milk shooters, doughnuts, French fries, tacos and more. They’d go to bed knowing they had the best day in a while.

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26. Flowers On The Wood Tree Slab

Cute flowers on a wood tree slab are perfect wedding ideas for spring and summer. They pass for outdoor nature-inspired centerpieces. Use colorful flowers that merge into the surroundings, rather than compete with it. This type of centerpiece is also perfect for rustic-inspired weddings and backyard weddings too.


27. Greenery Table Runner

From greenery garlands to cascading peonies, they easily form a replacement to centerpieces. They’re a refreshing switch from the norm. These are simple wedding reception ideas that bring all the brightness to your big day. You can purchase or DIY, and they are very relevant even after the wedding day.

28. Floral Wreath

If you’ve got a black and white wedding theme idea in mind, floral wreaths are great additions. Weave black orchids and white roses into wreaths for the wedding. Great adornment for the getaway car, wedding entrance, pews, buffet table, wedding arch, etc. This is one of the best western wedding ideas.


29. Unique Table Number Decor

Away from the conventional card numbers, use glass for the table number. From mercury glass to acrylic, they’re refreshing and fun wedding reception ideas to try. For rustic, vintage and cowboy wedding ideas, the wine cork is perfect. It brings an element of nature and something old to your wedding. It’s unconventional and creative.

30. Mason Jars With Flowers

Mason jars with flowers are beautiful spring wedding ideas. At the ceremony, line the altar or pews with several flowers filled mason jars. For the reception, they’re beautiful for the guest tables, bar, buffet stands, etc. If used in summer, fill the mason jars with water to keep flowers alive.


31. Unique Centerpieces

Unique centerpieces are cool wedding reception centerpiece ideas that you don’t see every day. You have options if recycling a light bulb into a vase. Work overtime with your vegetables by lining them into glass bowls. For summer wedding ideas, use vintage oil lamps as they’re aesthetic and functional. For an instant art piece, place flowers under a glass dome on a moss runner.

32. Vintage Decor

Light up old case with dried flowers for an immediate vintage feel. Use teacups, pots and tea tins as candle holders. For wedding favors, tea tins filled with tea make great vintage additions. Don’t forget the lace! There’s no vintage without lace. From table runner to arch, use lace.


33. Sweet Favors

Macaroons are becoming a toast for all weddings, as they’re the perfect wedding treat. Donuts is another one that puts a smile on everyone’s face. Nougat is very chic and easy to carry for guests. Try out artisan popcorn and rock candies that can be served at any time of the day.

34. Lemonade Station

Beautify your lemonade station by putting up chalkboard signs draped with greenery garland. You can also use a reclaimed vintage dressing table styled with green leaves and lemons, or rustic look from wood. Style lemonade table with white and yellow flowers or feature a rustic cabinet that has multilayers.


35. Golden Theme

Gold is a classic wedding color. Use timeless gold flatware for an elegant feel. Include a foil feel on your cake. Make gold-lettered stationery to go with your theme, or choose a gold ruffled cake. Keep your table elements gold metallic, from vases to agate-slice, cups and napkin rings.

36. Beach Wedding Arbor Decor

For beach wedding arbor decor, go with natural elements like driftwood, tropical leaves such as palm fronds and monstera. You can also use florals as they’re fantastic ways to sneak in your wedding color palette. Get creative and aesthetic by incorporating geometrics. Use shapes like triangles and hexagons for structure.


37. Beach Wedding Reception

For beach reception, keep things very natural by incorporating candlelit lanterns. Choose enchanting hanging star ornaments like starfish. Introduce a tropical flair by creating an arch using palm leaves. Create a destination map out of your seating chart. Finish off the chairs with ribbons, organic beach grass or seashells.

38. Flower Crowns

Flower crowns are very beautiful for both whimsical and bohemian weddings. Rather than a veil, weave white ranunculus, porcelain spray roses, and baby’s breath for a crown. This is perfect for simple backyard wedding ideas. For chic-bohemian and tropics, make greenery weathers with some sparks of wedding destination colors.


39. Backyard Wedding Reception

Backyard wedding receptions ideas include a chill and intimate lounge area, or an outdoor Genaro bar. You can also create a forest vibe by bringing trees inside your tented reception. Use rattan chairs worked in macramé for the new couple. Make entrance curtains elegantly pulled back by foliage and topiaries.

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40. Blush Wedding Dresses

Beach wedding ideas don’t get better than blush wedding dresses. The color — like dawn blends with the colors of the sea. And when the wave billows, the beauty of a blush dress shows. Blush wedding dresses are also perfect for whimsical weddings. A perfect show of subtlety and total freedom.


41. Cowboy Wedding Ideas

Make your wedding entirely rustic with these cowboy wedding ideas. For seating ditch the chairs and use hay bales. Wear cowboy boots together with your wedding party. You and your beloved can arrive on a horse. Add more fun to the event by using a pickup truck as a getaway vehicle.

42. Rustic Wedding Decor

Beautify your chairs with burlap and chair lace decor, hang Mason jar along the aisle. Fill out the reception with rustic twine and lace candles to give soothing ambiance. Tell the guests whose getting married with a rustic twig letter banner, and could your drinks in a wooden flower box, maden from wine barrels.


43. Basket With Flowers

Take your baskets, fill them with blooms, moss, greenery, succulents, etc. Add ribbon bows or just ribbons for that unique look. You could use real flowers or faux flowers. But faux flowers are more durable than the former. For a rustic wedding, a mini wire or see-through basket is perfect.

44. Non-Traditional Wedding Cakes

Having a simple wedding? While traditional wedding cakes won’t go out of style, try something non-traditional. Options include pumpkin pie, personalized individual cakes, a doughnut tower, white meringue cake or coconut cupcakes. Cut into these beauties at your wedding and take a breath of fresh air at your creativity.


45. Tall Flower Centerpieces

Tall flower centerpieces are simple beach wedding ideas to try out. They are also great ideas for the wedding reception. They will act as both aesthetic and partitions for guests at a table. Pampas grass, wildflowers, elephant grass, willows are some of the best flowers for tall centerpieces plus transparent vases.

46. Wedding Cake With Flowers

Thinking of the best garden, farm or backyard wedding ideas to incorporate to your wedding? Try a wedding cake with flowers. You can either go natural or artificial. Use 3D printed sugar flowers for the garden if you wish. For the backyard, work with wildflowers that complement the natural setting.


47. Dessert Tables

To feed your guests to satisfaction, try one of the best wedding buffet ideas. Create some dessert tables with some of the most mouthwatering desserts. Categorize into vegan, small chops, finger foods and sweet treats that guests will love. With such, you may not need wedding favors.

48. Wedding Cupcakes

Ditch the conventional tiered cakes and go for wedding cupcakes. Get your local bakery to make as much as it takes to make as many tiers. Stack them up and use them as your wedding cake. This will serve the guests at the wedding and can also double as wedding favors.


49. Candles Decor

Candles are beautiful ideas for wedding decor. They can be used at both ceremony and reception. They add more color and give a soothing ambiance. Choose votive candles with fanciful candle holders that will match different areas of your wedding. From the road down the aisle to the reception tables.

50. Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses are one of the cool wedding ideas a modern couple can come up with. Just give the girls your wedding theme and style. Then ask them to wear any color of dress they like. Having the girls pick out their dresses is a hit and refreshing.

Source: My One Love, My One Love

Wedding ideas these days have gone cliché with couples recycling them endlessly. Up here we’ve got a long list of fun wedding ideas to give you a memorable special day. Whatever your wedding style, there’s something to suit you here. It doesn’t have to be anything huge, that’s why it’s a spice. Something new, something refreshing, something creative to make your wedding a unique one.

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