Romantic Barn Wedding Decorations

barn wedding decorations
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A barn wedding can be the perfect setting for a rustic and romantic weeding day. While it might not be the type of venue that appeals to most. If you want a boho or rustic theme for your wedding, then a barnyard location would be most suitable. Along with the charming venue, there are so many inspirational and warm barn wedding decorations to go with this type of space.
A few tasteful touches and you would have turned your simple barn wedding location into a little paradise. Say I do in the most romantic space with the right rustic barn wedding decorations. Scroll down for a few of our favorite barn wedding decor ideas to help you create the wedding of your dreams.


Barn Wedding Decorations

A barn wedding is definitely one that appreciates and lends itself to nature. If you are wondering how to decorate a barn for a wedding, one good idea would be to factor the natural aesthetics of the environment into your design. From incorporating elements like foliage, greenery and vines in your décor. To using bales for fun and comfortable seating for your guests. Cover the bales in burlap or blankets and you have the perfect rustic or farm wedding furniture.



Beautiful Lightning

Whether you need vintage barn wedding ideas or just general decorating ideas for barn wedding reception, lighting will always matter. It is one key element that can add the warmth to your environment and totally transform your space. Your barn wedding decorations would be incomplete without the right type of lighting to go with it. So, consider candles for your aisles, string lights in the trees for the evening, or antique chandeliers to hang from the ceiling for that cozy ambiance.



Barn Lounge Seating

For outside barn wedding ideas or indoors, it is a great idea to introduce barn lounge seating. Treat your guests to some plush and soft furniture in natural color tones for a stylish, albeit modern setting. If you are in need of elegant barn wedding reception ideas, this will definitely add the elegance you require in just the right amount for your rustic space. A great idea to use for cocktail hour. Your guests are sure to love it.



Breathtaking Suspensions For Barn Wedding

Have your guests look up to inspiring and beautiful ceiling suspensions as part of your barn wedding reception decorations. You can create a lavish installation of tulle draping the ceiling with flowers intertwined. You can also choose to have LED candle chandeliers to suspend just beneath them, casting a warm glow. This will add a dreamy and intimate feeling to your wedding space.



Rustic Chic Barn Decorations with Greenery

Use barn wedding decorations ideas such as this one to take your rustic décor one more step further. Greenery is just a part of nature that can well transform aspects of your space into a dream. Consider ditching the traditional table runners for lush and vibrant garlands of greenery. Set your wedding tables apart with strings of organic eucalyptus or olive leaves. Flowers and candles can be strung in as accents to give more depth and texture to the overall setting. If you’re looking for something unique, then this definitely will be.


Elegant Dreamy Barn Wedding Themes

Barn themed weddings don’t always need to have the typical rustic theme. You can switch things up and give your barn space a modern, minimalistic vibe. Use vintage boho centerpieces and floral arrangements in vintage vases to give it that modern, retro feel. Add candlesticks and perhaps a neon sign all within your neutral color palette. Something else that can give your barn wedding a youthful feel is balloons. Balloons are sure to brighten any space. Add a balloon installation to your ceiling for a completely new and fresh look that will be most unexpected for a barn wedding reception.

A barn wedding location can be transformed into anything you want it to be. With the right barn wedding decorations, you van achieve that cozy, intimate and comfy feel that most couples would love for their wedding. With these barn wedding theme ideas, you can be sure that your rustic barn wedding photos would be second to none.