Unique Wedding Color Combos For Your Dreamy Day

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We know that you wish to have unique wedding color combos for your nuptials. But it’s an overwhelming task and you’re tempted to stall until the final minute. This is the fastest recipe for a disastrous wedding day.


Finalizing your color combination early enough helps you tie everything together in a neat fashion. It makes your vision clearer about what to wear, blooms to buy, cake, and venue décor. The order and tone of your wedding day begin with how cohesive your colors are.

Picking color combinations early also gives you time to create a unique color palette. Unique color palettes are trendy right now, an assemblage of unusual wedding colors that work. Dark, light, and rainbow hues are merged to give diverse tones, and we’re here for that. We’re here to help, and in this post, you’ll discover different wedding color ideas perfect for you.

Brides Often Ask

What is the most popular wedding color?

Popular wedding colors range from blue to green, pink, orange, cream, and dark blue, yellow, red, and aqua. We can’t exempt gold because it’s a standard color. Each color sets a mood and makes a statement when combined. We’ll see their stunning shades and combinations as we progress.

Popular color combinations

A stunning color combination is a way to give color schemes a face-lift. However, some are more popular than others. Taupe, black and red combo, peach, mint, and gold combo, jewel tones, and monochrome are some popular combinations to check out. In them, you’ll find brightness, romance, power, and depth.

Which color combinations go well together?

Analogous, complementary, and triad color combinations match. Analogous colors are along the same gradient on the color wheel, such as blue-green, yellow-orange, or blue-violet. Complementary colors such as red-green and blue-orange are opposite to each other and cause pleasant vibrations. Triads like yellow-green and blue-violet are well-spaced out but evenly balanced.

How to choose wedding colors?

It begins with you, your style, and your vision. Imagine your wedding layout and document what you see. Then choose your best shades or hues to form your base. Add complimentary colors and accents for the smaller details. Put it together and you’ll have cool wedding color combinations to work with.
We all know; the earlier we plan, the less stress there will be. And that’s why we’re here! To help you plan and relieve your wedding planning stress.


Unique Wedding Color Combos

Mint + gold + peach

Gold is a powerful statement color that goes with almost anything. Pair mint and peach for some class and depth.

Good for: These are the most unique wedding colors for the spring season. This combo is perfect for tented venue whimsical themes with minimalist style. Mint is cool and peach is warm. Both colors are pastels, making them complementary. Pair them with gold and you’ll be making a statement and setting a romantic mood.

Styling tips: Using mint as your base color, choose it for bridesmaid dresses, table cloth, and napkins. Your cake and bouquet can come in peach color with touches of mint and gold. Have your dinnerware in gold, while your place card is peach with gold trimmings. Extend the same style to other wedding stationery to create a cohesive suite. Light up tall candles to surround centerpieces, giving that warm ambiance. Floral arrangements should be in mint, peach, and greenery.


Emerald + jade + charcoal

Emerald and jade are overwhelming and underwhelming at the same time. Charcoal gives them an even balance which helps to make them pop.

Good for: These are unique colors for a summer wedding. Think of nature-themed outdoor rustic wedding style, and you’ll see these colors.

Styling tips: Jade and emerald are green shades that gravitate from the muted and calm to the deep and dark. Charcoal is the balance to these two colors, setting a mood that screams nature. Have the men wear charcoal suits, jade tie, and green shades boutonnières. Incorporate emerald in your bridesmaid’s dresses, tablecloths, napkins, and vases for centerpieces. Bring in jade candles and plates plus silver cutleries for your table settings.

Combine all three colors for your floral arrangements, bouquets, and centerpiece blooms. Adorn your dessert tables with jade, charcoal, and emerald. Make your wedding invites and place cards in Jade with charcoal lettering.


Red + black + taupe

Red and black are popular wedding colors which can be overwhelming on their own. A touch of taupe brings some cuteness and calm.

Good for: Thinking of the perfect winter color combination for weddings? Red, black, and taupe are some of the cool wedding color combinations. They come together to represent a formal wedding theme for grand ballrooms.

Styling tips: Red signifies romance and resilience, while black signifies power. Both are deep and contrasting colors that get a balance from the neutral calm taupe. Together, they make good wedding color combinations that set a mood of love and power. Choose black dresses for bridesmaids and a red one for the maid of honor. Pair with red, white, and taupe bouquets plus hot red stilettos. For the men, go with a black suit and red tie or boutonnières. Use black and white table clothes, deep red dinnerware, and taupe napkins for table settings.

Peacock Blue + Papaya + Sand

Papaya and sand are two calm shades of an earth tone. Throw in the arrogant peacock blue to give both colors some life.

Good for: Perfect for a summer or fall beachfront wedding with modern themes.

Styling tips: These are the wedding colors that set an elegant ambiance. Sand is a pale earth tone, while the papaya is a brighter shade. Peacock blue reminds us of the beautiful beach waves at sunset. Together, they make a stunning combo.

Get sand-colored or wooden chairs and decorate with peacock blue and papaya flowers. Set tables with peacock blue tablecloths, sand tone flatware, and papaya napkins. Ask the bridesmaids to wear peacock blue dresses and make bouquets in sand and papaya. Roll up the stalk of the bouquet with complimentary peacock blue ribbons. Decorate the sand iced cake with papaya and peacock blue. Finish off with a pair of papaya or sand tone pumps.


Gradient Monochrome

Do you love ombre and wondering how to fuse it into your wedding? Check out the unique wedding gradient monochrome color schemes below.

Good for: Gradient monochrome one color arrangement that fits any time of the year. This color is perfect for Field and lakeside wedding with a woodsy theme.

Styling tips: Gradient monochrome is simple colors moving along the same shades on the color wheel. It is otherwise known as ombre, giving us the whimsical and wanderlust mood. You can create your whole color palette out of one color by playing with shades.

You can incorporate your ombre progression in the following areas. Your table decor and napkins, cakes, flower vases for centerpieces. For the floral arrangements and bouquet, throw in some greenery to get an extra pop of color. You can also happy the gradient monochrome to your snacks, salads, parfait, and stationery. Finish with some white lights.

Jewel Tones

Jewel tones range from emerald to ruby, citrine, amethyst, jade, and more. Each has its energy, so you must choose based on how daring you are.

Good for: Jewel tones are unique wedding colors for winter and fall. These cool months work well with energetic colors that liven the romantic themes. With jewels tone, you’re ready for a wedding at the castle or winery.

Styling tips: Jewel tones are down for the perfect mystical romantic moods. The beautiful thing about them is that you will hardly ever go wrong when you mix them. Set your space alive with citrine yellow torches or lanterns. Pair up your chairs in different jewel tones.

Adorn your wedding arch with deep color florals and complement pale sprinkles. Have the bridesmaids wear ruby dresses with a bouquet of emerald, citrine, amethyst, and jade bouquets. Choose your best tone for your bridal jewelry.


Hazelnut + Island Paradise + Lapis + Copper

These are unusual colors for weddings, but their combo is a sublime bombshell. Let’s see how they work together.

Good for: Great combination for the modern Bohemian couple with the minimalistic theme. They’re summer season perfect and a creative way to bring the desert, sky, and water indoors.

Styling tips: Using this color palette will help set a hip mood for the day. It’s casual, earthy, and with some attitude. Use polished hazelnut tables and chairs so that decor will be minimalistic and complementary. Source for lapis colored dinnerware and copper napkins.

Decorate chairs with island Paradise and lapis ribbons and match with the same colored tablescapes. Get lapis vases and fill with copper, pink, and island Paradise blooms. Have the bridesmaids alternate between island Paradise and hazelnut dresses. The men will show up in copper or gray suits and hazelnut ties. Make bouquets from an island paradise, hazelnut, and copper blooms.

Greenery + Burgundy + Flame + Dogwood

This color palette is a mixture of brightness, sharpness, life, and calmness. Each color is complementary to the next and gives off cohesive energy.

Good for: This color combo is perfect for a casual-style museum wedding. It’s a great color combination for every season of the year.

Styling tips: The base color is dogwood which helps render a laid-back mood for the other lively colors. Use flowing dogwood table clothes for the reception table setting. Run greenery along with the tables and complement with flame accents. Set silverware, burgundy napkins, and flame place cards.

Create floral arrangements and centerpieces using more greenery with the addition of flame, burgundy, and dogwood. Make bridesmaid’s dresses in Burgundy and the groomsmen in the dogwood. Make tiered cake iced with dogwood and use greenery and flame for decorative accents. Finish up with this assortment of colors in your food and drink options.


Ivory + Silver + Green

This color combo for weddings is very popular and easy to work with. Although they can be overwhelming when combining wrongly, they are beauties in reverse.

Good for: Cozy outdoor or indoor intimate spring weddings are hits with this palette. Perfect for weddings in halls, lofts, backyards, and homes with nature-inspired themes.

Styling tips: Set the mood for a playful and romantic wedding with these colors. They are bright and easy to find in nature. Men can dare to wear deep green suits and ivory ties. You can also opt for green bridesmaid dresses and silver shoes. Match them with green and ivory bloom bouquets with silver accents. Extend the same arrangements to your centerpieces in transparent vases.

Set the table with silver ivory clothes, polished silver dinnerware, and green napkins. Complement with silver candle holders and ivory candles. Make stationery and cake in ivory color and decorate with green.

Apricot + Sage + Greige + Navy

The edible apricot brings nature to this color combination, while Greige is the balance. See how to style them below.

Good for: Awaken the rustic theme with these unique wedding colors for the fall season. The combination of these colors gives a sophisticated theme for terraces and restaurant weddings.

Styling tips: Apricot is a warm color and sage is cool. Navy gives depth and greige balances them. Together, they create a formal, yet romantic mood. Make Greige your base and complement with the three other colors. Ask your girls to wear a navy or sage dress.

Create garlands with apricot, sage, and navy colors for your crown and arch decor. Put the men in navy suits and greige boutonnières. Use Greige curtains with apricot and navy accents for venue decor. Make stationery and napkins in Greige with Navy lettering. Make centerpieces and desserts with a combination of these colors.


Mint + Pink + Coral + Magenta

Warmth and nature are the vibes brought by these unique colors for a wedding. Let’s show you how to work with them.

Good for: This color palette is made for whimsical themed rustic style weddings. They’re great summer colors for villa, conservatory, or barn weddings.

Styling tips: Mint is alive, pink is warm, coral is serene, magenta is bright. These four colors come together to give a lighthearted and merry mood.
Have the bridesmaids wear mint dresses to match with coral, pink, and magenta bouquets. Put the guys in coral suits and mint ties or magenta boutonnières. Make mint stationery with pink accents. Flood the reception tables with mint clothes, coral dinnerware, and clear flutes and vases. Fill vases with vibrant coral poppies, pink roses, and mint blooms. Complement with floating candles to catch some attention. Design coral favor bags with magenta accents. Finish up with mint cakes and combo designs.

Blush + Gold + Blue + Navy

We love the balance that gold brings to the warm blush, dramatic blue, and proper navy. Check out how to combine them to perfection.

Good for: This color combo is perfect for a full-blown cruise wedding with a vintage theme. This combination is evergreen and suits every season of the year.

Styling tips: With this unique wedding color combination, you’ll set the mood for elegance and romance. Guests will also have the feel of luxury with the strategic touches of gold.

Use navy color as a base absorber for the dramatic blue, sparkly gold, and warm blush. Choose navy suits with blush or gold ties and navy bridesmaid’s dresses. Make corsages, bouquets, and boutonnières with blush, navy, and gold accents; held together by blue ribbons.

Flood tables with blue tablecloths, gold flatware, and blush napkins. Use navy color for stationery with gold edges and lettering. Finish with blush tiered cake.

We’ve put together so many unique wedding color combos for you to choose from. Each color palette has its own flavor, personality, and unique feel. It’s truly hard to make a pick, but pick you must. Look through them, get inspired, and create your own collection. Remember, it’s your big day and you must make it all about you.