Top 5+ Wedding Decor Trends Guide For 2024

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A post pandemic year means that many restrictions have been lifted and people are motivated to celebrate life and their weddings like they were unable to before. While some are still cautious, holding smaller and intimate weddings, others want to party with bigger and more lavish celebrations. Certain wedding trends have also emerged, from wedding décor trends to entertainment and more.


If you are inclined to keep with the trends, then it would be helpful to stay on top of them. Find out the most popular and current wedding decor trends for this wedding season. Keep your celebrations with the times. Read on to discover all the unique and creative wedding trends 2022 has to offer.

What is the trend for weddings in 2024?

As trends for 2024, we can expect eco-friendly options, personalized touches, and intimate celebrations.

What is the trend color for weddings in 2024?

Trend colors for weddings in 2024 include soft pastels, earthy tones, and bold jewel tones. Metallics such as gold, rose gold, and copper are also popular.


With all of the sickness and changes in climate of the recent years, many couples are tending towards sustainability and a more circular economy. This means, less plastic and more biodegradable materials for wedding décor, such as paper.

With this idea in mind, many trends in wedding décor involve items such as paper lanterns, candles and more natural elements such as organic flowers, greenery and other sustainable elements. In keeping with the times, brides and grooms to be are even careful choosing wedding vendors and going for plastic free wedding planners and such. Wedding invitations and table numbers are made out of recyclable material and flowers are donated after the wedding.

For a greener and eco friendly wedding in 2023, any item that cannot be reused, recycled or upcycled would be discouraged.



The complete opposite of contemporary is the rustic style of things, and where rustic wedding decor trends are concerned, the wedding theme and wedding décor items tend to be more natural, organic and unpretentious.

Some popular trends with rustic wedding decor trends 2022 involve natural aesthetics, earthy colors and an overall comfortable ambiance. Rattan chairs and wedding décor, seasonal florals and décor items that are easily accessible such as Mason jars for flower holders and dessert. Centerpieces of greenery and earthy ceramic pieces, aisle décor of pampas grass, wishbone chairs, macrame tassel chandeliers and more.

Dive into the natural palette and soothing touches of the rustic wedding décor if you enjoy non conformity, a more laid back celebration and anything that brings you closer to nature.



2024 Wedding Decor Trends – Hanging and Tall Wedding Decorations

Some people have opted for much smaller celebrations in 2022 and in keeping with the time. However, there are those who want to celebrate bigger and better than ever before. To celebrate their love and life intentionally and with more reverence.

With this, the latest trends for wedding décor this season involve more of everything. Bigger wedding venues to decorate, castles when possible. Larger than life wedding lighting, arches, flower walls and so on.

Think about floral installations that draw the eyes to the ceiling because of how abundant and extensive they are. Champagne towers that are arranged as high as possible and even more interesting, like a cocktail or martini tower. Over the top design elements that use up lots and lots of tulle, and focal points such as oversized letters for the wedding hashtag, large and unique wedding signs and more.



Wedding Trend – Geometric Decor

A love for geometric décor is often goes well with minimalism and a similar love for art deco. This is another popular wedding décor trend in 2022 that continues to grow.

The minimalist and geometric wedding décor would be a design challenge many wedding planners would enjoy embracing. Wedding centerpieces, wedding furniture and rentals, and carefully selected pieces of wedding decoration all with straight and well-defined lines. Stylized forms that keep with the current times in their design.

Consider gold plated geometric hanging decorations along with votives as candle holders, gilded lanterns of twinkly lights, geometric shaped vases to hold white florals, abstract centerpieces and straight back chairs with well defined colors. For an even more interesting and creative design challenge, geometric décor can be customized to fit a rustic, classic or modern type wedding.



Wedding Decor Trends 2024 – Dark And Moody Flowers

Another 2022 wedding décor trend that is beginning to rear its head is dark and moody flowers as opposed to the popular white and pastel colored blooms. Couples are seeing a need more than ever to express themselves how they want to rather than keeping with tradition.

In breaking with tradition, brides to be are embracing the florals that they love, instead of the bouquets that are expected. Sometimes dark flowers can depict more passion, individuality and even enduring love. This new trend is welcome as long as it is loved by the celebrants.

These dark and moody florals can include such lush and melancholic blooms like dark delphiniums and roses, poppy-flowered anemone, hyacinths and violets, honeysuckles, lilies and more. Bouquets made from these dark beauties can be used to line the aisle, standing in tall vases as centerpieces for the tables, used to make wreaths as hanging installations, florals walls and so much more.  Will lend a passionate, unique and Gothic look to your wedding celebration.


Wedding table decor trends have evolved over the years, with couples looking for unique and personalized ways to decorate their reception tables. One popular trend is using vintage elements such as glassware, candle holders, vases, etc. Another trend is the incorporation of glass tubes, which add a touch of sophistication.

Minimalistic and modern designs are also gaining popularity, featuring clean lines, sheer and semi-sheer textures, and neutral color palettes. Also, a trendy option is to use natural elements such as greenery, floral arrangements, and wooden accents. This trend reflects a desire for simplicity and organic beauty, with a focus on sustainable and eco-friendly options.

Whatever the style, wedding table decor trends aim to create a memorable and visually stunning dining experience for guests.

With couples being more intentional than ever before and choosing to express themselves in more personal ways, wedding décor trends of 2022 are definitely unique. Personalized details and guest experiences are prioritized over numbers and for some weddings, the number count much more than before. As these trends continue to grow, so will the evolution of weddings and the unique experiences of wedding guests. We look forward to even more this wedding season.