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Top 6 Wedding Decor Trends For 2019 Brides


Can’t wait to see wedding decor trends for 2019? So we are too! First of all, it’s paper decoration, which quickly grew in popularity. Use paper for a gorgeous backdrop, cake decor and etc.


The rustic wedding becomes more and more popular. Greenery and wooden decorations perfectly fit for the rustic wedding. So the second trend is greenery or wooden decorations.

And the last is hanging decor. Elevate your wedding decor to the top or use tall flower or candles centerpieces, that creating cozy and comfortable for your reception. Here are some photos for your inspiration!

Source: Jay Studio Photography, Amber Phinisee, Shannon Collins Photography

Source: vaniya_gol via Instagram, PNM Weddings, Axioo Photography


Photo 7-12: Greenery & Wooden Rustic Decorations

Source: Amy and Jordan Photography, Onelove Photography, Matt Edge Photography

Source: Closer to Love Photography, Katie Harmsworth Photography, Pat Furey Photography


Photo 13-18: Hanging And Tall  Wedding Decorations

Source: Mindy Weiss, We Laugh, We Love Photography, Jodi Miller Photography

Source: Lindsey Orton Photography, Amy Burke DesignsPocket Ful Of Dreams


Photo 19-24: Greenery Trendy Wedding Decorations

Source: Becca Lea Photography, Kristine Marie Photography, Ben Q Photography

Source: Erica Velasco PhotographyAndrew Mark Photography, carrielaversphotography via Instagram