Rust Wedding Theme 2023 Guide & FAQs

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We are beginning to notice a growing trend of rust wedding themes and we are all for it this season. While certain weddings are happy to use rust accents, other wholly embrace this color scheme, showing us it’s potential as being a perfect choice for a wedding.



A rust palette includes colors such as orange terracotta, burgundy, rose, turquoise, rust and copper. All delightful colors with tones that look their best in the fall but really can be used in any season. Rust colors give off a retro vibe if you will, and the pair very well with neutral tones. They can be used for any type of wedding from modern, to rustic, contemporary or vintage.

If you are not sure how to get the best out of this color palette for your wedding, feast your eyes on some of our tips and rust wedding theme ideas.

Brides Often Ask

What wedding colors go with rust?

Rust wedding color palette is trending for fall weddings in 2022!  We just love this rich color which is so fancy but also so retro. Look through this gallery and get inspired with rust wedding decor ideas, beautiful floral compositions, wonderful ceremony décor, so romantic reception and any and other fresh boho style ideas.



Beautiful Rust Wedding Invitations

Create minimalist and romantic wedding invitations and other wedding related stationery in colors such as dusty pink, rust terracotta and gold. These rust wedding invitations will have a subtle soft feel that will be reflected in the choice of colors as well as the polygraphy. Accents of green could be added for pops of color as well as flower line art for more of that feminine feel.

Set the tone of your rust wedding theme with your wedding invitations. Create designs in colors that are just as timeless as their earthy hues.



Ideas For Rust Wedding Bouquet

A rust wedding bouquet is a most adorable thing for a bride to hold. And, there are so many fun and gorgeous ways to create this arrangement. For the most abundant and colorful clutch of flowers, you can consider orange and peachy blooms alongside some red and burgundy blooms. You could also add white roses for some contrast, and greenery for those pops of color.

Whether you are having an indoor or outdoor wedding, a rustic or classic one. Any wedding bouquet with this color palette is sure to be a winner.



Rust Wedding Ceremony Décor

While rust wedding invitations might set the tone for your wedding, it is necessary for other aspects of the wedding to live up to this theme too. If you are going for a retro vibe or just want this color palette for your wedding ceremony, there are lots of ways to design it from the wedding aisle all the way to the wedding arch or altar.

Line the sides of a terracotta or deep burgundy rug with white and rust floral bouquets for the most vibrant and romantic walkway. For the wedding arch, adorn with orange, blush and rust blooms or wildflowers combined with grasses and dried flowers to complete that unique effect. The chairs can be decorated similarly for that dreamy wedding ceremony.



Rust Colored Wedding Reception

There is a lot of room to be creative and even eclectic when decorating a rust colored wedding reception. Create a backdrop or flower wall with bountiful blooms of orange, white, rust, blush alongside swaths of pampas grass, baby’s breath and fronds. Such a breathtaking display will be inspiration for countless wedding photos.

You can also add natural elements to your wedding reception décor such as burlap, wood, seasonal fruits, moss and wildflowers for your tablescapes. Other such décor items that can bring your reception to life include colorful mason jars, rust colored lace and gingham fabrics.


Rust Wedding Table Decor Ideas

Tablescapes with a rust color theme look nothing short of inviting. Design your wedding reception tables in this color palette if you want your guests to fall in love with it all.

Lush burgundy table runners alongside rust linens and copper flower vases and candlesticks are all good ideas. If you plan for floral centerpieces, you could consider monochromatic bouquets of deep red, dusty pink, orange, and burgundy blooms in terracotta vases. Add dried flowers for added texture as well as rattan place mats. As long as you don’t overdo it, you’re sure to have the perfect table setting.



Rust Dresses For Wedding

Rust wedding themes are often used in rustic, boho, modern or even minimalist weddings. There are also used in summer and fall weddings most of the time, but really this color scheme would do well in any season.

Choosing rust dresses for a wedding mean dressing for the season, as well as the wedding theme. It doesn’t mean a bride would have to wear a wedding dress in the rust colors, but there are ways to accessorize your overall look in rust accents. This is why just like all other wedding dresses, those for a rust wedding theme can range from open back chiffon dresses, to figure hugging lace wedding dresses, to flowy spaghetti strap dresses or a full skirt dress with tulle layers.


Rust Wedding Suit

A groom’s suit for a rust wedding is often unconventional, definitely not the classic tuxedo. However, it is always an amazing and refined ensemble. A rust wedding suit can be a combination of any elegant choices of rust colored top jacket with a white shirt and matching pants, to a three piece suit of the same combination. For something more informal consider a black or burgundy turtleneck with a rust suit and black shoes or boots.

Choose between full monochromatic shades or find contrasts with black or white for that outstanding wedding look.



Rust Wedding Guest Dress

Wedding guests can also join in the fun with the rust colored theme extending to them. There are many varied dresses a wedding guest can consider in this color palette. Fun and unique dresses in rust or terracotta colors. These dresses can be in a wide range of silhouettes, styles and fabrics, from chiffon to silk, tulle or lace, depending on the season.

Rust colors are also a wonderful idea as the burnt orange and brown hues look great on all skin tones, flattering the wearer.


Centerpiece In Rust Color

Centerpieces are a major part of your wedding tablescape décor, and if you are having a rust wedding, you do not want these guys left out.

Copper vases for flower bouquets, copper candelabras, and votives for greenery, and copper lanterns for fairy lights would all make great rust centerpieces. Combine with some moss, foliage or pampas grass and you have amazing picturesque pieces. For floral blooms, think of such flowers as sunflowers, daisies, chamomile and other earthy, rust hued wildflowers. The natural hue of rust colors will add a warmth to any wedding décor.



Rust Wedding Cake

Rust wedding cakes can feature dark rust colors such as burgundy or the brighter ones such as orange. For some extra creativity, instead of having a full rust color cake, each tier could be a white or rust color for that color block effect. Another option would be rust tiers paired with naked ones, the type of cake you would love to see at a rustic or bohemian wedding, or any outdoor soiree.

Adorn the cake with florals, greenery, foliage or glittery accents such as gold leaves or glam toppers. You could also dig deep into those autumn vibes and get a cake painted in watercolor brushstrokes or a buttercream creation of white ruffles and rust hued sugar flowers cascading down the side.

Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to decorate every aspect of your big day in the rust wedding theme. With hues of dusty rose, burgundy, turquoise and orange terracotta, your wedding will be the most vibrant and picturesque location this season.  Enjoy the colors of a magical sunset.