24 Beatles Wedding Songs Everyone Will Adore

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The Beatle’s wedding songs are some of the most popular in the world, especially among rock and band lovers. These songs are crowd pleasers as they’ve got something for every aspect of weddings. From the Beatles’ dance songs to the romantic Beatles’ love songs for weddings, everyone swoons.


We don’t think you’re immune either as you’d want to feature them for the mother/son, father/daughter dance, and more. That being the case, see a list of our favorite selection of Beatles songs for weddings.

Beatles Songs To Walk Down The Aisle To

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Songs to walk down the aisle to set the mood for the rest of the ceremony. The Beatles have great music that not only makes the couple happy. But they will walk down the aisle listening to words that strengthen what they feel for their spouses. See song the samples below.

  1. All You Need Is Love
    A beautiful piece that talks about the perfection that is love. There’s nothing love cannot do, there’s nothing love cannot save, there’s nothing love cannot make. Only embrace love in your heart and everything else will work as you wish.
  2. Two of Us
    This song talks about the future and all the beautiful fun things you will do together. A song that tells of the beautiful memories you will create loving each other and being there for each other. A song of love.
  3. Here Comes The Sun
    As you walk down the aisle, you’re nothing but a goddess who can compare to the blazing sun. So, here comes the sun after the cold lonely winter. You’re about to light up someone’s life with your smile and sweetness.
  4. And I Love Her
    From the groom to the bride. He says he loves her because she gives him everything. And that their love will never die as long as they are together. What a great song to begin married life your married life.
  5. When I’m Sixty-Four
    This song is quite filled with questions about the future. When you’re old and grey, would you stay? Would you still be in love? The song says they will stay, loving you, helping you if you ask. So say your vows.


Beatles Wedding Ceremony Songs

During the ceremony, you’ll need songs for different stages. From the vows to the exchange of rings, readings, signing of the register, and more. Appropriate songs should be in your playlist. And the Beatles give us something to vibe to during the ceremony, from slow to slightly upbeat. Song samples are below.

  1. Something
    Perfect for when the bride walks down the aisle, this song just says it right. There’s something in the way you move which attracts him like no other. He never wants to leave her. So romantic, we can’t get enough.
  2. Eight Days A Week
    The song says “hold me, love me” all eight days of the week. This is simply a love that never stops or takes a break. He says he needs her love and that he also loves her. He’ll never stop.
  3. I Wanna Be Your Man
    This is a plea from a man to his lover. He wants to be her man and lover like no other. One of the best slow dance songs that’s all romance, love, and commitment. Spend your life with love unmatched.
  4. I Will
    This song in a way describes patience and commitment. A love that’s ready to stay the same forever. A love that is ready to wait in loneliness until they find the one. You found the one, so enjoy love pleasures.
  5. Oh! Darling
    This ceremony song is one of the promises appropriate for the wedding ring exchange. A promise that he’ll never hurt or do you wrong. A plea to never leave, and to stay by his side forever. This song draws a tear.


Beatles Songs For The First Dance

The first dance is always emotional and between the new couple. Romantic, sensual, and heartfelt the dance is and you need a song just right. The Beatle’s first dance songs celebrate the new couple. We’ve got some sweet slow top wedding songs samples for you to enjoy at your wedding.

  1. Do You Want to Know a Secret
    This song is like a love message from one spouse to another. A secret between the two of them confessing their love for each other. This romantic song will make hearts beat and cheeks blush on the dance floor.
  2. Till There Was You
    This song talks about how they were lost without each other. How they never appreciated the beauty around, the sun, sky, land, till they found each other. And now, they can’t do without each other, because they are in love.
  3. Here, There, and Everywhere
    Like a romantic ballad, this song appreciates the relevance of their beloved. They can’t move on or get anything right if their lover isn’t there. Their love for each other changes their lives and it’s a need they can’t ignore.
  4. I Saw Her Standing
    If you fell in love at first sight or you’ve been together since college, this is your song. He saw her for the first time at seventeen and he knew he wouldn’t dance with anyone else. He fell in love.
  5. PS I Love You
    This is a letter of love from one another. If you’re the laid-back conservative type of couple, this song takes you back. It says all the words and times are treasured, keep their love forever. We love it.


Beatles Father-Daughter Dance

A great father is his daughter’s first, love. He is her protector and her hero. The Beatles’ father-daughter dance songs emphasize this as the songs don’t only talk about love and happiness. But they remind the groom to take care of his bride even as she appreciates her dad.

  1. I’m Happy Just To Dance With You
    This is a fun Beatles father-daughter wedding dance song that talks about happiness. Dancing with her is everything he needs to be happy. This song is also perfect for the dancefloor.
  2. Take Good Care of My Baby
    A song so emotional, that it will draw a tear. It says the groom has taken his daughter away and it hurts. But all he’s got to say is that his baby should be well cared for. We love this beautiful song.


Beatles Wedding Songs For The Mother-Son Dance

The Beatle’s wedding songs for the mother-son dance are numbers to reminisce about the memories that sons hold with their mama. Beatles make it better with deep lyrics that don’t just appreciate but assure and advise. We found two of the best Beatles mother-son dance songs for you. See below.

  1. Hey Jude
    This is an emotional one filled with heartfelt lyrics of a mother talking to her son. She gives him courage and says to open his heart because loves makes everything alright. She says he found her, he should get her.
  2. In My Life
    The Beatle’s wedding songs in my life lyrics can be well described as romantic. But it says that no one compares to her son. Of all their memories he’s still the best and in her life, she will love him more.

Beatles Love Songs For Wedding

Looking for the perfect Beatles love songs for weddings? A few songs from our collection have you covered. These songs are perfect for cocktail hour, first dance, last dance, reception dance, cutting of make, and recession. Their lyrics pull at the heartstrings making you fall deeper. See the love song examples below.

  1. Hallelujah, I Love Her So
    If you call this song charming vintage, you won’t be wrong. Giving us flavor from the ’60s, this song talks about how much his woman loves him. You may not agree with the old love, but it’s worth listening to.
  2. Every Little Thing
    A song of love and sacrifice. A man recounts how lucky and blessed he is to have his woman. She died every little thing for him. and he’s most happy when he’s with her. The perfect last first and dance song.
  3. Got to Get You Into My Life
    This song talks about the many risks associated with love. But he took the books to move, not knowing what he’ll find. He found her and now he needs her in his life forever. A cake-cutting song that stays evergreen.
  4. Real Love
    He held off his plans and even forgot some of them because he was waiting for her. The assurance is that with her in his life, he knows just where he’s heading. All he needed to forge ahead was love.
  5. Love Me
    He found somebody to love, someone to cherish. He makes a promise to always be true. But all he asks in return is to love him because he will always love you. This song is a great first dance song.

The Beatle’s wedding songs are so romantic, sweetly lyrical, and deeply sensual. With over ten years of inactivity, the Beatle’s songs for weddings are still a hit. With your wedding in view and the Beatles on your mind, you’ll want an informed playlist.

So we’ve got you covered from the ceremony to the first dance wedding songs and the recessional. Get inspired by our selection, create your playlist and celebrate iconic romance with your beloved.