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16 Tips To Giving Good Wedding Speeches


Wedding speeches are an essential part of every wedding. They let all the members of the bridal party and guests share their overwhelming emotions of the big day. Best wedding speeches stay in our memory forever, marking the significance of the wedding day for everyone involved. It can be quite challenging to fit all the feelings you want to share into a single toast. Let us give you a hand and share some tips.


Essential Wedding Speeches Tips You Need To Know

  1. If you feel out of ideas how to write a wedding speech, here’s a great idea for a start: talk to the couple’s nearest and dearest first. It might give you some ideas for the speech. You are going to need several positive qualities and one or two funny stories.
  2. Start your speech with your relationship to the couple. Don’t forget to thank all the guests for being here. Praise the couple, and share several stories, that show their best qualities. Ask guests to raise the glasses. Voila!
  3. Make your speech as personal, as possible – after all, this event is all about relationships and emotions
  4. Add some humour (but not too much)!
  5. Practice your speech! It will help you to deliver the speech more smoothly.

Check out this amazing wedding speech and get the inspiration!


Wedding Speeches Schedule

You might nor be aware of this fact, but wedding speeches have their own logistics. It is important to keep to the order. Traditionally, a wedding reception starts with the groom’s speech. Next person to deliver a toast is the father of the bride. Best man wedding speeches are usually reserved until after that, and the last, but not least, is the maid of honor. Another option you can see goes like this: best man, maid of honour, father of the bride, parents of the groom, the groom, the bride, any guest of honor.


Groom Wedding Speech

The groom’s wedding speech starts the reception. On behalf of himself and his bride he expresses his gratitude to everyone involved in the wedding preparations. He toasts his parents, bridesmaids and the groom’s party, and mentions their help and support. His speech is often quite sentimental, as he shares some personal memories. He also mentions how his life has changed since he met his bride.

Here is a great example how you can put your emotions into words.

  • “I would like to thank my parents for all the help they have given me over the years, if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be here now.
    I would also like to thank (my wife’s) parents for making me feel like the son they never wanted, sorry the son the never had, right from day 2. Day 1 was a bit rough, but hey, they’re over it now.
    I would also like to thank them for having such a beautiful, intelligent, kind and caring daughter. I hope to do you both proud and thank you both for everything you have done today and to make today happen.”


Wedding Speech Father Of The Bride

There’s hardly anything more touching, than wedding speeches father of the bride deliver. The father of the bride may talk about his feelings and relationship with his daughter. It is also a great idea to acknowledge the two families becoming one. Usually, father of the bride speech is loving and supportive, with a bit of humor. It usually has wishes for the couple’s happy future together.

Here’s an example of a touching speech.

  • “I would like to begin by welcoming you all, and thank you for coming to this very special occasion. Time flies by so quickly, it seems like yesterday when she was born, and here I am today trying to toast her wedding.
    Every father knows that one day his daughter will leave the nest, and find her love. Every father also wishes his daughter the best of luck and worries about her finding the right man, one that will make her happy, cherish, and look after her for ever. And today, seeing my daughter looking so radiant, I understand that she has done the right choice.”
  • “The secret of a successful marriage lies in one popular wisdom: you do not need to love as much as possible, but as long as possible! So go quietly, you will continue! So, let’s drink to the leisure of the young!”
  • “Today we wish you happiness. May the Lord protect you from the storm and bad weather, the language of people, from pain and illness, from hard years, from a vicious circle. And God grant you a lot of passion, ardor and love! And a lot of happiness!”


Wedding Best Man Speech

Wedding speeches best man deliver are usually the most humorous of all the others. Thank you’s are also appropriate, especially to the bridesmaids and fellow groomsman. Some anecdotes about the groom would be also much anticipated. People expect wedding best man speeches to be memorable, funny, with well wishes to the couple. Humor is a must.

Take a look at this great example of a witty speech, presented by a best man.

  • “There comes a time in everyone’s life when they meet their one true love, their sole mate, the person that’s going to know and love them for the rest of their life. That moment came for the groom…3 years ago when he met me.
    Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, for those of you that don’t know me my name is Dan, What-would-you-like-to-drink. I hope you’ll come and say hello at the bar later, but please…call me by my full name.
    On behalf of bride and groom I’d like to thank you all for coming. And I want to give special thanks to parents of the bride and groom… it’s amazing how far some people are willing to travel, just for some free food and drink.
    And finally I’d like to thank my best friend (the groom), for giving me the first EVER opportunity…. to be able to speak for five minutes without him interrupting!”
  • “They say, in a good marriage the husband is the head, and the wife is the heart. So let us drink to the fact that our young people did not know in life either headaches or heartaches!”
  • “Love is not a fire, it will catch fire, you will not put out. In the hearts of our young people, the fire of love burns. This is a sacred fire. So, fill our glasses and amicably drink to ensure that it never goes out in their hearts!”
  • “I drink to ensure that our newly married and in 10 years and 20 years of family life, looking at his charming wife, lost his head, but not reason.”
  • “Friends! I offer a drink for a kiss! After all, he came up with a man, because he did not find any other way to close a mouth to a woman.”

Maid Of Honor Speech Outline

There is one thing all wedding speeches maid of honor make have in common: they boost the bride. As any other wedding speech, the maid of honor’s speech can be witty and humorous, but the most important feature of this category is love and sentimentality. Add a couple of memorable stories you have of the newlyweds. Don’t forget well wishes!

If you are looking for some maid of honor speech ideas, here is an example you could get inspired by.

  • “Before I go any further, I just want to say, Bride you look absolutely beautiful and Groom, you’ve never looked more handsome.
    For those of you who don’t know me and for those who can’t tell, I’m Bride’s sister. Thank you Bride for the honour of being your bridesmaid.
    Obviously I’ve known Bride all of my life and we know more about each other than we would probably care to. We’ve laughed together, cried together and laughed until we’ve cried. We’ve also had the odd fight! We also have so many inside jokes that only we find funny.”
  • “A real woman can make a man who surrendered to her, always think that he is the winner. Look at our groom. He looks like a winner. Therefore, let us drink to his beautiful victory and the woman who allowed herself to be defeated, the bride.”
  • “What is the difference between the fairy tale and the reality? A fairy tale is when he married a snake, and she became a princess. A reality when it on the contrary. Let the life of our newlyweds be like a fairy tale!”


What Makes A Perfect Wedding Speech?

So what makes a great wedding speech? First of all, wedding is a celebration of love. So make it sentimental and all about the newlyweds.

Funny wedding speeches are very popular among the guests. Don’t be afraid to get personal – it is a celebration for nearest and dearest only. Do share your memories of good ol’ days you had together. Keep in short and sweet, but at the same time not too short. Well wishing for the lucky couple is a must.

Wedding speeches is the right time for the childhood memories, sweet dreams and all things nice.

Things You’d Better Exclude From Any Wedding Speech

At the same time, there are things great wedding speeches avoid.

  • Do not include any embarassing information.
  • Do not mention previous boyfriends or girlfriends of the newlyweds.
  • Do not say rude things like ‘We thought that day would never come’.
  • Do not include any crude language, there are all sorts of guests around, and what is totally appropriate in a group of friends is inappropriate at the celebration.
  • Adding humour, don’t make fun of bride or groom. This is your best friend’s wedding, do not spoil it! If in doubt – use examples above, but by no means copy them. It is only a piece of speech to boost your imagination.

Wedding Speeches can be tricky to write, but we hope that now you have everything you need to deliver a perfect speech. A couple of jokes, a sentimental story, and letting your love for the couple shine is all it takes.

Save This Helpful Information And You Will Know What & When Say!

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