Unique Summer Wedding Ideas We Can’t Get Over

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A summer wedding is everything warm, bright, and gorgeous – the energy you need for married life. This beautiful time of the year avails you of stunning palettes for all summer wedding themes. The blooms are bright and open, and there are more fashion and outdoor wedding options.
However, with its beauty comes the high temperature and hotness, depending on your zone. Keep guests comfortable with signature cocktails like Popsicles in Prosecco, sangria, iced tea, or lemonade. Make their mouths water with an ice cream station or truck and naked cake desserts. Opt for greenery and hanging installations; remember tents, fans, and sunscreen. And get more summer wedding inspo here.


Brides Often Ask

What time should a summer wedding start?

The time a summer wedding starts depends on when the venue closes and if it’s indoors or outdoors. But it should start no earlier than 4 pm when the sun is less harsh.


Wedding Ceremony Decor with Greenery

Whether an indoor or outdoor summer wedding venue, greenery can infuse your ceremony with character. Infuse a rustic touch into your wedding arch with garlands of greenery wound around the frame. You can also create a monogram shrubbery topiary showing your initials at the venue entrance. Add flowery-accented leafy swags to the porches, aisles, porches, and chairs for a romantic touch. And for a bohemian feel, place pots of succulents in varying heights down the aisle.


Bohemian Wedding Decorations

Wedding decoration ideas for summer can’t get better than the bohemian theme. Install dream catchers in floral hoops or crisscrossed naked strings of light to create the boho spin. Adorn your tables with cacti and succulents and give them as favors to guests after the wedding. To curate the perfect ceremony backdrop, hang foliage tendrils above a bohemian-style rug. Or line the aisle with mismatched rugs. Finish by adding huge display elements like fruits, flowers, candles, succulents, geometric and traditional candleholders to create a natural look.


Calligraphy Wedding Decorations

One of the most creative outdoor wedding ideas for summer is the calligraphy wedding decorations. They are timeless and unique, giving off the classic love letter sentiments. The best part is that calligraphy works on almost every surface. For instance, you can create a minimalist look with a celling copper monogram framed in greenery wreaths. Other options include the Tuscan touch escort cards, scrawled table runners, and whimsy calligraphed balloons. You can also opt for laser-cut welcome signs, scripts on gilded mirrors, and calligraphed cake icing for and neon signs.


Hanging Installation Under the Tent

Tents are essential additions to an outdoor summer-themed wedding. But you can make jaws drop with your hanging installations. Pair the duo of hanging paper lanterns and birch trees as supporting beams for a rustic touch. Or wrap hanging crystal chandeliers with trailing leaves for a natural facelift. Complement your centerpieces by hanging pink paper floral halos for a romantic look. And if you are a fan of the rugged jungle, pair willow tree-inspired overhead installations with tall leafy centerpieces. Lighten up the whole place with floating bare light bulbs combine with greens for a natural and industrial aura.

Personalized Wedding Signs

Summer wedding decorations are incomplete with some custom wedding signs. They are perfect for rustic, indie-rustic, boho, country, industrial-chic weddings, and more. Separate your reception from the ceremony with directional wooden arrow signs and sign off with your initials. Include a sentimental quote that binds you together on a colorful cloth sign or set the wedding scene with a hand-lettered sign. Choose for copper signage adorned with wreaths or a romantic, rugged leather patina for an elegant look.


Coral and Peach Wedding Centerpieces

The coral and peach combination is a perfect summer wedding idea for the color palette. It is romantic, bright, free-spirited, and cheeky. Now incorporate this beautiful combo into your centerpieces for an upgrade to your tables. Bring vibrancy to your tables with seasonal blooms like sunflowers, orchids, and poppies. Give the florals character with colored candles, floral or patterned vases, and exotic fruits for a plush look. To complement the peach and coral palette, add some whites, subtle pins, and taupes for a serene elegance.

Bright Flowers For A Summer Wedding

Bright cheery flowers for the summer include stunning gardenias. Opt for the large sizes with strong sweet scents to serve as bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces. For a wildflower look, choose freesias in multiple colors and orchids for an elegant modern look. Irises, dahlias, cornflowers. Lisianthus, delphiniums, roses, carnations, and hydrangeas are other unique seasonal blooms. They are perfect for traditional, bohemian, garden-inspired, and more wedding styles, leaving a touch of nostalgia.


Trendy Summer Wedding Bouquets

Brides having an early summer wedding should opt for bright and cheery peonies. Combine them with roses and poppies in light shades of pink and yellow for bouquets, accents, and arrangements. If you lean towards rustic beauty, pair the happy sunflowers with gerbera daisies and roses. Or combine dahlias with ranunculus and greenery for a luxurious, garden-inspired floral arrangement. For the adventurous bride, opt for a natural wildflower collection. Match some Queen Anne’s lace with white poppies and orchids.

Lovely Naked Wedding Cake

Summer wedding naked cakes are suitable for desert, beach, garden, country chic, boho woodland, and barn events. They bring on the nostalgic and southern charm. Decorate your cakes with fresh seasonal fruits, greeneries, and blooms for barn weddings. In the mid-summer, choose naked sponge cakes with raspberries, purple flowers, strawberries, and meringues. Do you love a bohemian wedding? Consider a chocolate cake with berries, blooms, and greenery. If you love country-chic weddings, a naked cake with a pinecone, berries, lavender, and white rose décor will wow your guests.
Enjoy the colors and brightness of a summer wedding with these charming indoor and outdoor ideas. Turn up the heat at your themed wedding with hanging installations, naked cake, greenery décor, and more. We’ve put together a budget-friendly and affordable catalog to inspire you.