15 Tropical Wedding Bouquets Ideas

tropical wedding bouquets
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The tropics are home to some of the most exotic and beautiful plants. Combine them with the ethereal landscape and sunny skies, and they become a dream destination. Brides who cannot go to these destinations bring it back home in many ways. One of the best methods of evoking the tropics is floral arrangements. Little wonder the choice of tropical bridal bouquets is on the rise.

Whether you want a modern, boho, rustic, beach, or industrial-chic wedding, your tropical dreams are valid. Flowers like the protea family, orchids, astilbe, gloriosa lilies, clematis, hellebore, and greenery, exude elegance. Your wedding excites us, and we are here give you all the help needed with tropical bouquet arrangements. See our collection to get something fancy and elegant.


Brides often ask

How do you make a tropical wedding bouquet?

To make a tropical wedding bouquet, be sure of your theme. Then go for flowers you love while representing the tropics and summery theme. Consider flowers like Phalaenopsis Orchids, Birds of Paradise, and Pin Cushion Protea to give the size advantage. Then for an esthetic appeal, incorporate Oncidium Orchids, Heliconia, Bromeliad, and other dainty flowers. Work them into the size that suits your personality, and you are good to go.

What flowers hold up best in tropical bridal bouquets?

The idea for tropical bouquets wedding flowers is to make a bold and exotic statement. The uniqueness of tropical bouquets lies in their many shapes, colors, scents, palettes, and durability. Hence, only sturdy flowers make the list. Palms, greenery, tuberose, white plumeria, and white ginger will make something classic. Cascading orchids, tropical lilies, roses, birds of paradise, and more will evoke the exotic look that tropical arrangements represent. You can also substitute with tropical silk wedding bouquets for a less expressive affair.

What flowers should not be in tropical bridal bouquets?

One of the hallmarks of tropical regions is their hotness or high temperature. So plants without tolerance for hot weather mustn’t be in your tropical flower bridal bouquet. Unless there are ways to preserve these flowers, they will wilt and ruin your whole bouquet. Such flowers include hydrangeas, roses, tulips, maple leaf, chrysanthemum, and lotus. Others are iris, cherry blossom, golden wattle, knapweed, jasmine, purple heather, and more.


Elegant Tropical Wedding Bouquets

If your wedding date is in the summer or you love the warm vibe, a tropical wedding bouquet is right up your alley. Many flowers can create elegant bouquets, from greenery to succulents like Chinese evergreens and split-leaf philodendrons. Also, don’t miss out on the popular Areca palms to nail your tropical vibe and appealing aesthetic. Plus, tropical leaves all look different, so you can use multiple types to create an inspiring bouquet. Brides who want an elegant clutch can curate them out of orchids, Areca palm, Japanese aralia, and calathea. You can also use the palms as fillers merged with popping coral hibiscus or Chinese evergreens and ferns. For beach weddings, create a classic arrangement of paradise leaves, split-leaf philodendron, and white blooms.



Cascade Wedding Bouquets

Cascading bouquets are floral arrangements that pour downwards from the bride’s hands to create a trailing effect. This dramatic arrangement is a dated design that draws all eyes to the bride. Known for their excessive length, modern florists devised a means to make more petite cascades that highlight the bridal look. However, the cascade must reflect your style, especially for glam, refined, boho, or romantic weddings. If you take the traditional route, incorporate roses, stephanotis, and trailing greenery into your cascade. But for updated looks, fill your cascade with orchids, fritillaria, and clematis. Throw in some hellebore, blooming jasmine, or berries to give an extra pop. Encourage layers of texture by merging vines and stems with full blooms and soft petals. To make a statement, add some orchids, white freesia, Italian Ruscus, and some ivy.



Colorful Bouquets for a Bride

A colorful tropical flower bridal bouquet is perfect for coastal, beach, parks, barns, and everywhere outdoor. If you have an open-air wedding, then a tropical bouquet is your best bet. Consider flowers in red, green, yellow, and blue colors. Look out for succulents, greenery, zinnias, pampas, clematis, and proteas. Bring soothing scents with you to the wedding by carrying a bouquet of chamomile flowers. Dramatic brides can pump in the colors by blending ranunculus, astilbe, gloriosa lilies, peonies, sweet peas, and anthurium. If there are ways to preserve wilting flowers, then throw in some fringe tulips and spray roses. The bride who loves them big can curate peonies, ranunculus, thistle, gloriosa, pitcher plants, and scabiosa. Or consider a bouquet of dahlias, garden roses, and ranunculus. Add some sweet peas, lisianthus, hypericum berries, and jasmine vine for a delicate look. And to mimic the sunshine, combine roses with greenery, ranunculus, and raspberries.



Simple Ideas

A fast trend taking the wedding world by storm is the craze for simple flowers and bouquets by brides. The good news is that simple flowers are neither boring nor predictable, with many creative ideas available. However, there are essential tips for choosing simple flowers or bouquets. For starters, give depth to your bouquet by adding ferns, greenery, or baby’s breath. Incorporate non-floral arrangements or accents like silk flowers or origami. Having established these parameters, opt for a single stem large bloom, like the dramatic king protea. The long stem calla lily is another viable option to explore. Another alternative is the composite flower where you wire petals, blooms, and even buds together to create one large flower. You can also consider having one flower in two colors instead of a multi-flower setup.



Bouquets With Protea

The Protea plants, also called sugar bushes for tropical flower wedding bouquets, are a favorite in the wedding industry. They are natives of South Africa and are unique in their varieties, shapes, sizes, and colors. Our most favorites are the blushing bride protea, star-like king protea, and the unusual stringy pincushion protea. They have dramatic shapes that leave you awestruck and multiple appealing shades. We love the pink ones because they are popular, but the whites and reds are gorgeous. Proteas are versatile, working well when arranged into bouquets. So if you are a tropical, bohemian, or rustic bride, you can’t fail with them. Merge protea with eucalyptus leaves for understated elegance, and with pepper berries, gomphrena, and ranunculus, they become colorful. Work with feathers, protea, ranunculus, and air plants for an eclectic bouquet. But if you want something rustic, opt for the heart-shaped anthurium leaves, king protea, blushing bride protea, and foliage.

Tropical bridal bouquets are the perfect options for modern and contemporary brides. They mimic the summer, which evokes warmth, glamor, colors, and lots of fun. So if you love a summer wedding, choose tropical wedding flower arrangements for exotic touches. And if you need inspiration for curating them, this post will help you.