The Most Gorgeous Spring Wedding Colors For Your Celebration

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What a glorious season to get married! If this is your choice, then it only makes sense for you to take full advantage of this fabulous time of year in every way. This will include incorporating spring wedding colors in all of your décor and even in your chosen attire.


With just the right hues and shades, you can have a magical wedding with memories to last a lifetime. Come along as we show you what we have in store on spring wedding colors 2021.

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What are Spring Time Colors?

How to Choose Wedding Colors?

How do You Combine Wedding Colors?

Spring Wedding Pros And Cons

For a season that signifies new beginnings, springtime is a good idea for such a beginning as a marriage. However, there are two sides to everything, and here we present to you some of the pros and cons of a springtime wedding.


  • It is a romantic season to get married. From beautiful spring flowers to the natural pops of color all around. Add this background of pastel beauty to the fragrance of the season, and you’ll find it one of the best times for a wedding.
  • There are very few if any weather restrictions in the spring to your wedding gown. A long or short gown, with or without sleeves, so many options are open to a spring bride as there’s no extreme weather.
  • Springtime competes with very few holidays, and so it is a great time for friends and family to be able to travel down to attend if need be.
  • The balance in sunshine and cloud coverage this time of year results in flawlessly beautiful photos as lighting is crucial in photography.


  • The weather can be unpredictable sometimes, and where you hoped for an outdoor wedding bathed in sunlight and cherry blossoms, you might get pouring rain instead.
  • Springtime is also allergy season, so if you are prone to seasonal allergies, this could be a deal-breaker for you and the season. It is something worth considering not just for you, but for your wedding party and guests as well.
  • While there are many advantages to a springtime wedding, it is not a good period for a couple looking to wed on a budget. Price is usually higher in the spring when lots of couples have waited out the fall and winter, to wed in the sun.
  • With the unpredictable weather, an indoor wedding might be much safer than one outdoors, and this might be the complete opposite of what you had in mind for your dream day.

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Primary Spring Wedding Colors

After periods of such dark colors as mustard, black, navy, brown, and black; spring brings with it some freshness to revive everything around it. And so, the primary colors for spring include shades of green, pink, yellow, blue, purple, and pinkish reds.

Wedding Colors For March

While march might still feel a bit like winter, it still has enough of spring to qualify for the season. And with budding blooms around, it encourages colors of red and pink shades.


Pink, Green, Beige

If you need rustic wedding colors for spring, then this color combination might be your winner. The subtle blend of pink and greenery resembles all the soft parts of nature and will be a good touch for your bridesmaids. As for your décor, white table linens with green centerpieces and light touches of pink also make a beautiful picture. Other options to consider might be pink corsages, khaki ties, and suits, and more, depending on your tastes.

Silver and Fuchsia

Silver will always be a great choice for a wedding. Combine it with fuchsia and you have yourself a classy, elegant wedding with photographs that will surely stand out anywhere. Fuchsia wedding bouquets for bridesmaids in silver gowns are a combination that will work gorgeously. Also, you can include silver accents in your wedding stationery, from saving the dates to the wedding invitations. Don’t forget silver wedding accessories for the bride for a more complete spring theme.


White, Pink and Light Blue

Another wonderful color combination for a march wedding is white, pink, and light blue. From the décor to the bouquets, wedding cake, and even the bridesmaid’s dresses. When blended in style, these three colors can give you the wedding you always dreamed of.

Blush and Burgundy

For something completely different from the usual, try a color scheme of blush and burgundy. This particular option is bound to give you a beautiful monochromatic vibe. One of the choices for spring wedding colors 2019 and 2020, this combination is still great for 2021. With the burgundy acting as the backdrop for the blush, you could consider burgundy bridesmaids dresses with blush bouquets, burgundy corsages, blush stationery with burgundy accents, and so on.


Dusty Rose and Lavender

An elegant choice for march weddings, dusty rose and lavender is a popular choice of color combination in spring, and not without reason. With bridesmaids in dusty rose dresses and lavender flowers, table linens of pink with dusty rose accents. Lavender corsages and centerpieces, all make for beautiful color matches.

Wedding Colors for April

The showers of April encourage color schemes that resemble a beautiful garden on a wet and rainy day. Some of these colors include, green, blue, and rose shades.


Dusty Rose and Natural Green

These are some of the best wedding colors for spring. With the bride in a white gown and her girls in natural green dresses and dusty rose bouquets, it is hard to go wrong. And your décor will no doubt look elegant with touches dusty rose napkins, natural green table cloths along with accents of white.

Lavender and Sage Green

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, this color combination will be a gorgeous choice against a backdrop of nature. A vibrant choice of colors that are romantic as they are beautiful, this will also do for a vintage/modern type wedding.


Navy and Sage Green

Sage green bridesmaids dress with bouquets of white and deep blue, alongside table linen of these colors, blended with champagne and white accents. These wedding colors for spring make a beautiful match that will not disappoint.

Mauve and Natural Green

The natural, ethereal greenery that can be seen everywhere in the springtime is a great choice for rustic wedding colors for spring. Combine that with mauve and you have the makings of an elegant and story-worthy wedding. Step right into a fairytale world with these colors for your décor and bridal party attire. A great choice for a boho-inspired wedding, or even a modern one.


Light Blue and Gray

Not many people might consider this color combination, but if you’re looking to have a trendy spring wedding that spells class and style, then you should consider it. A great choice for any type of venue or wedding, but would be perfect for a seaside wedding, with silk table linens of hand-dyed blues and greys.

Wedding Colors For May

Some of the best colors for a May wedding are ones that can convey brightness, elegance, and whimsical romance. Colors that also represent the flowers in season, such as purple, peach, and blue.


Coral and White

A color combination that seems mostly feminine, this is a great choice for an outdoor garden or beach wedding. Coral bridesmaids against the backdrop of the ocean and table décor of pure white and coral accents. You could include silver décor for some glitter and complete it with your white wedding dress.

Peach, Lilac and Yellow

A spring sunset wedding would be glorious with these colors. The shade of yellow and peach with lilac is an unexpected combination that would no doubt surprise and inspire your guests. This combo is for the couple looking to make a statement. A warm and luxurious choice for a sunset wedding.


Red, Purple, White

Several shades that contrast with darker tones is a great choice to signify the change in seasons. This is why this color combination which would be lovely for a rustic, barn wedding, or vintage themed one, is a beautiful choice.

Blue and Yellow

A color combination that is both masculine and feminine at the same time, this is the perfect match for a May spring wedding. The warmth of the yellow introduces romance, and the bright blues add the dazzle to this color combination. Be sure to have yellows in your bouquets and blues for the attires; your wedding party to have this contemporary twist in the norms of wedding culture.


Powder Blue and Peach

Pretty colors for a pretty wedding. Delicate and feminine powder blue in beautiful contrast with soft peach is a magnificent combination. Great for your bridal party and venue décor when applied in good taste.

Some of the most inspiring and tempting color combinations ever used in this best of seasons. Choose whichever of these spring wedding colors would best suit the theme for your wedding.