From Rustic To Elegant: Flower Girl Basket Ideas For Your Wedding

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A flower girl basket is usually decorated with flowers of different colors and sizes. There is a variety of baskets available in the market, so it is vital to choose one that will look good on your flower girls.


The primary function of the basket is to hold all your flower arrangements at once so that they do not get damaged or crushed during the wedding. It is also an excellent place for storing any other mini items the flower girl might need at the wedding, such as paper goods or ribbons for tying up bouquets or streamers. Keep reading for more wedding flower girl basket ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you put in a flower girl’s basket?

From colorful flowers to ribbons to candies; anything that would make your basket rich and colorful.

What color should a flower girl basket be?

The flower girl basket can be any color, depending on the wedding theme or color of the day. When choosing your baskets, look for baskets that are lightweight and portable. Also, choose a design that matches your style.


Elegant Flower Girl Basket

An elegant flower basket is made from wood or metal. It also comes in different shapes and sizes. You can create them out of any material that you like best. But most brides prefer to buy them from stores that sell wedding decorations and accessories because they have all the necessary items available for you to choose from.

If you want to make your own elegant flower girl basket, you can either create them yourself or contact a professional artist who will design them according to your specifications.


Vintage Basket Ideas

Vintage flower girl baskets are becoming popular these days because they look great at weddings. Brides should decorate this unique flower girl basket with their wedding or event’s theme and color scheme.

You can choose any shape or design, as long as it is simple and elegant. You can even choose to feature different types of flowers in your flower girl basket to represent several parts of your life.


Basket In A Boho Style

A boho-style flower basket makes a beautiful appearance at Bohemian weddings. It looks super cool on the flower girl who rocks them as part of her wedding accessories.

This boho basket is also a beautiful way to display a bouquet for a wedding ceremony. The basket should have a natural wood finish and be decorated with colorful beads, green plants, and other decorative accents.


Rustic Flower Girl Basket

The rustic basket is a creative accessory to add to a rustic wedding. The design adds more color and style to the overall look of the flower girls.

The rustic floral design features a wooden base with a woven handle and a top covered with burlap. Flower girls can put ribbons, tiny pillows, and candies in their rustic flower girl basket and pillow to keep them busy. It will look pretty and delicate.

Basket For A Beach Wedding

If you are planning a beach wedding, you will want to be sure that your flower girls have everything they need to look beautiful while walking down the aisle, including their beach collection flower girl basket.

These baskets are beautiful especially if you design them to match the theme of the wedding. You could use a sky blue color to create a water wave on it or draw eggshells. These baskets will give your wedding guests something to talk about.


Wicker Basket For A Flower Girl

A wicker flower basket is a great option if you prefer not to use a plastic container. The wicker is a branch of a plant used in weaving baskets.

These wicker baskets are sturdy and durable, making them perfect for transporting flowers and other mini items during the wedding. You can find this basket at any bridal store or online. It is a creative accessory to consider for girls on your big day.

Burlap Basket Ideas

Burlap is a natural fiber that is often used to create baskets. It is strong and durable, making it a good choice for flower baskets. This basket boosts the appearance of your flower girls.

And the best part is that you can use this burlap fiber to create other decor items like centerpieces or table runners, to create uniformity and style. Burlap and lace baskets are a perfect addition to your wedding outlook.

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Lace Wedding Basket

A simple yet elegant wedding basket would look great if done in white laces. Lace baskets are perfect for weddings since they are not only pretty but also versatile. You can add tulle flowers to your flower girl basket ideas, especially if you want something unique. Tulle flowers are popular these days.

Sequin Flower Girl Basket

This beautiful flower basket is embellished with sequins. These sequins are small and round, which makes them a perfect choice for a bridal basket.

They can come in different designs, shapes, and sizes and are always a welcome sight at any wedding ceremony. Also, brides can add Rose petals to their sequin baskets for more color.

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A flower girl basket is a vital part of the wedding ceremony. Make sure to design it to be portable enough for your flower girls to carry and let it also match your wedding theme.