24 Brooch Wedding Bouquets That Will Excite You

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Are you looking for something different for your bridal bouquet? Have you considered an everlasting bouquet? Brooch wedding bouquets are making quite the splash when it comes to unique ideas for wedding bouquets.


An everlasting bouquet can be made of anything from dried flowers to fans adorned with pearls and other gems to stunning brooch bridal bouquets. They can last a lifetime if properly preserved.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bridal brooch?

Brooch wedding bouquets are bridal bouquets that are designed out of vintage jewelry such as a brooch, flowers, and other trinkets. Brooch bouquets are unique, fun, and personal.


Short Guide – How To Make Wedding Brooch Bouquet

Here is a quick guide on how to make brooch wedding bouquets

Items needed:

  1. Brooch (or other gemstone or bauble)
  2. Fresh, dried, or silk flowers
  3. Floral wire and tape
  4. Ribbon
  5. Other accents
  6. Hot glue gun
  7. Scissors & wire cutter


  1. Remove leaves and cut stems from flowers
  2. Arrange flowers as desired (you can use fresh, but it is best to use silk flowers if you wish to preserve your brooch wedding bouquet.
  3. Wrap the brooches
  4. Add brooches to the floral arrangement
  5. Add other accents such as pearls, crystals, gems, and rhinestones
  6. Wrap the stem with ribbon or bows


Wedding Brooch Bouquet Designs

Following are ideas for beautiful brooch wedding bouquets! The best part is you can personalize them to match your theme as well as your personality!


Brooch Wedding Bouquets With Pearls

Pearl brooch wedding bouquets are graceful and elegant. You can design flowers out of the pearls and add some baby’s breath. Or you can add some pink, blue or white flowers, and some silver or gold accents to design a stunning and classic brooch bouquet.



Brooch Bouquets With Cascading Pearls And Crystals

Want a bouquet that is the epitome of grace? These brooch wedding bouquets with cascading pears and adorned with crystals are out of this world! You don’t even have to use flowers to achieve stunning workout art. Of course, you can add your favorite flowers to the mix!


Colored Brooch Bouquets

How about something a bit more colorful? These colored brooch bridal bouquets are sure to stand out. Choose bright flowers such as turquoise, pink, and purple to make your bouquet pop with color and style! You can add fun items such as feathers, plumes, and colorful gemstones!



Classy Brooch Bouquets In White Colors With Rhinestones

Do you prefer rhinestones to pearls? These rhinestone wedding brooch bouquets are ideal for the bride who wants to add some bling to her bouquet! White rhinestones are best for colorful flowers while colored rhinestones can dress up a white bouquet. Tie your bouquet with burlap, lace, or ribbon and adorn it with rhinestones and silk flowers.


Whole Crystals Brooch Bouquets

For a boho-chic wedding, crystals are stunning. They also work well for a vintage brooch wedding bouquet for a more traditional wedding. It is best to use fake gems and silk flowers. Crystals are stunning and will brilliantly reflect the light. You can add pearls and other touches to dress up your brooch bridal bouquet.

We hope you are inspired by our gallery of brooch wedding bouquets. Use your imagination to create the most gorgeous brooch bouquet!