Greenery Wedding Decor Ideas Guide for 2024

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Greenery wedding decor can add so much to both indoor and outdoor weddings. And the best part? It doesn’t cost a lot. And the right greenery can enhance the theme of your wedding and add some pop to your floral wedding decor.
There is a plethora of materials to use for greenery wedding decor from succulents as wedding favors to ivy adorning your backdrop, you won’t have to stretch your imagination too far to add greenery to your wedding venue. And the best part is you can alter it for every season!
We have taken the time to compile ideas for how to incorporate greenery wedding decor into your wedding venue and reception. Lush, brilliant greenery is a great way to bring nature to almost any wedding theme from beach weddings to boho chic to tropical themed weddings. Check out our ideas for greenery wedding decor for every season to spruce up your wedding decorations!


Table Decor Wedding Greenery Runner

One popular way to add greenery to your wedding decor is to use it as a table decor wedding greenery runner. A table runner designed with both flowers and greenery is romantic and beautiful for almost any table setting.
For your wedding reception table runners, you can use olive leaves, palm, fern, eucalyptus and rosemary. You can even incorporate pine and pine cones for a winter wedding. If you are concerned about allergies use faux flowers and greenery.
In addition to greenery and flowers you can add items such as candles, lanterns, pumpkins, pine cones, etc to your greenery wedding decor table runner. There is no end to the amount of breathtaking greenery and floral table runners for your wedding reception.


Romantic Greenery Wedding Décor With Candles

If you are looking for romantic greenery wedding decor, you can’t go wrong with candles! Candles, greenery and flowers will make a stunning centerpiece. As well you can have pillar candles on stairwells with greenery and wedding flowers.
Those concerned about open flames can use flameless candles in their greenery wedding decor ideas. Votives and tea lights also work well with the greenery theme. Candelabras with lanterns and hanging vines are the perfect addition for a romantic wedding.


Rustic Greenery Wedding Décor For Signs

Rustic signs are trendy, especially in boho chic or rustic wedding venues. Welcome signs with greenery and calligraphy or your favorite font are a perfect way to make your guests feel at home.
Rustic greenery wedding decor incorporates antique and vintage with modern and contemporary. There are endless options in addition to signage for rustic greenery wedding decor. You can use an old wooden door adorned with gorgeous greenery as a creative and elegant sign at your rustic themed wedding.


Wedding Aisle Decor Greenery

Another great way to add greenery to your wedding decor is to use it to decorate the aisle. You can place beautiful arrangements of flowers and greenery at the end of every seating row. As well you can use wood chairs adorned with vines for a boho vibe.
Wedding aisle decor greenery is a simple way to give your wedding a soft, romantic natural theme. Keep in mind that you can always use seasonal greenery and flowers to make your wedding even more meaningful and nature-inspired.



Wedding Decor With Greenery For Chairs

As we mentioned above, you can use greenery wedding decor to decorate the chairs at the wedding ceremony. You can carry this theme over to the reception venue as well. Decorate the guests’ chairs at their tables with flowers, ribbons, greenery and lace.
If you use faux flowers and greenery, these chair decorations can also be used as wedding favors. Your guests will remember your wedding fondly whenever they look at the gorgeous greenery wedding decor.

Greenery Wedding Decor Ideas For Centerpieces

Centerpieces are one of the best ways to use wedding decor with greenery. Centerpieces are a critical part of the wedding table decor. There are dozens of ideas for nature-themed wedding centerpieces using greenery, flowers and other items. You can even use small trees such as lemon trees. For a Fall wedding you can use pinecones, sunflowers and greenery for a colorful centerpiece. If you are getting married around the Christmas season, mini Christmas trees or wreaths are a must for green wedding centerpieces.


Simple Wedding Reception Decor With Greenery

You don’t have to spend a lot on simple wedding reception decor with greenery. Greenery is of course perfect for an outdoor wedding. But it is also a great way to bring the outdoors in for an indoor wedding ceremony or reception.
Ideas for simple greenery wedding decor include hanging plants, wreathes, potted plants, backdrops adorned with greenery and of course, nature themed centerpieces. Your guests will love the idea of nature inspired wedding decorations, no matter the wedding theme or venue.

Wedding Table Decor Ideas With Greenery

In addition to the centerpiece, there are plenty of other ideas for greenery wedding table decor. You can use greenery as part of your napkin holder or place votive candles or tea lights with greenery around the table. If you want to go all out, choose wedding china that is decorated with delicate flowers and leaves to enhance the greenery theme.
Now that we have given you ideas for greenery wedding decor, you can incorporate some of these themes into your own wedding. Remember you don’t have to break the bank on wedding decor. Regardless if you use fake or real greenery and flowers, your greenery wedding decor will only add to the beauty and elegance of your wedding day!