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Budget Friendly Wedding Trend: 39 Greenery Wedding Decor Ideas


Greenery wedding decor is the easy way to add nature and style to your reception. Furthermore, greenery wedding is popular and fashionable nowadays. Greenery is a wonderful alternative to florals, that will give a lush look for your wedding. This wedding trend use budget friendly and naturally beautiful foliage, greenery and plants for example lily grass, leather leaf, tree fern, galax, lavender, sage, monstera leaves, ivy, rosemary, cordyline, and eucalyptus. Look at the ways to use gorgeous greenery decorations for your wedding.


Photo 1-6: Greenery Wedding Table & Chair Decor

Source: The Edges Wedding Photography, Lauren Louise Photography, SMS Photography

Source: Krizel Photography, Christopher Duggan Photography, Anna Kim Photography


Photo 7-12: Green Backdrops & Arches Ideas

Source: Rachel Gomez Photography, Rachel HavelAlmond Leaf Studios Photography

Source: Holeigh V Photography, Katie Grant Photo via Instagram, The Flower Lab


Photo 13-18: Greenery Wedding Decor: Stairs & Sings

Source: Damaris Mia Photography via Instagram, Amanda Miller Photography, Hikari Photography

Source: WeFreeze Photography, Michelle Lange via instagram, Tamara Grüner via instagram


Photo 19-24: Greenery Wedding Reception Decorations

Source: Imaj Gallery Photography, donnaireneweddings via Instagram, Maxit Flower Design

Source: Riane Roberts Photography, Davy Gray via instagram, Hunter Ryan Photography



Photo 37-39: Greenery Decoration For Perfect Wedding Atmosphere

Source: Rachel A. Clingen via Instagram, Erin Blackwood via Instagram, stephanieveldmanphotography via Instagram

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