Flower Girl Bouquet Alternative For 2023 [Guide + DIY Ideas]

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A flower girl bouquet is a traditional and widely accepted method of sending flowers to a bride-to-be. But you can choose a flower girl bouquet alternative, something unusual and cute. Pay attention to floral pomanders or rings decorated with flowers. If you are looking for an idea for your girl’s alternative bouquet, this article will help you to make the perfect choice! Keep reading.

What can flower girls carry instead of classic bouquets at weddings?

Flower Girl Hoop Bouquet

Flower girl hoop bouquets are available in different colors and sizes, including mini versions for younger bridesmaids. This flower girl ring bouquet is a creative design that will suit any wedding and be memorable for years. This design can work well for any age because the younger girls will be able to carry it around and feel like they are not carrying anything heavy.


Flower Girl Pomander Bouquet

This style of flower bouquet is ideal for young girls who may not be able to carry large baskets full of flowers but still want something beautiful to hold anyway. The pomander style is also popular because it allows you to add more decorations like ribbons or bows, which makes it perfect for girls who love fashion.

This is how to make a pomander. It’s easy, watch this video to see.


Flower Girl Wand

The best thing about ribbon wand flower girl is that it can make from any material like wood, ribbons, and flowers. You can choose designs in colors to suit your wedding theme. A lot of brides like using greens for their flower girl bouquet, because it is so much easier than keeping up with many colors at their wedding.


Flower Girl Bouquet Alternative: Balloons

An alternative popular choice to a bridal bouquet is a flower girl balloon bouquet. The idea is to make a balloon that looks like a bouquet. You could use balloons of different shapes and sizes to create the appearance of several flowers. The best way to create this effect is by using lots of colored balloons and tying them together with ribbon or string or creating flower girl balloons tied to a basket.

Flower girls with balloons are the happiest, so this is a perfect bouquet choice for little flower girls.


Flower Girl Parasol

A parasol is a traditional accessory for wedding parties. It can also serve as one of the alternative flower girl bouquet ideas. You can buy a white parasol or an umbrella that matches your color scheme for your wedding reception or event. The girls who would wear them will look like they are walking through a garden on their way to their first dance.

Flower Girl Bubbles

Flower girl bubbles are a great way to add some fun and whimsy to your flower girl’s look. This flower girl bouquet alternative is perfect for summer weddings, especially when you want something that is not so stiff and formal. These little bubbles are perfect for a bride who wants to create a fun atmosphere for her flower girl during the wedding ceremony.


Flower Girl Sign

A flower girl sign is a simple way to let your guests know who their special flower girl is at your wedding. Old school here comes the bride flower girl sign, this is the perfect option. Another creative way that you can add some fun to your flower girl’s day is to find something that fits with your themes. Such as a cute saying about love or friendship. You can make it out of carved wood for boho and rustic weddings and out of plastic or tick paper for a modern or formal wedding.


The flower girl bouquet is an essential part of the bridal party. It will be the first thing that comes into contact with the bride-to-be, and it will represent her on her wedding day. Do well to pick the best flower girl bouquet alternative design, and be sure it is easy for the flower girl to carry around.